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The Market...

Near the high mountains in the morning, I see a market close by. Blues tents are set up as many people scramble around the market to find and buy lots of food. Caravans parked up nearly block one side of the market. I can smell the gas, even though the vans were off.

The voices in the market are calm, as many people buy tonnes of many food items. The smell some barbecue food were served to the people behind me. I see people just standing around, looking at the many choices of food. Nearly everyone waited in patience as the food are sold to others. Some got lost, not finding the tent or food they were looking for.

The fresh air coming from the trees also made me calm. Sun rays came down on me, making me thirsty. I smell others with body sweat on their heads and more people getting lost, so they went to the people who sell food for directions. I wanted to rest under a shade, like the trees or the tents. After a day in the markets, it was done, every one packed their tents and stuff. Crow…

The Scratch

I was walking through a place where it was so scary, I wanted to go back outside again, but sadly, I couldn’t. It was stormy outside today, so this was the only place. I heard scratching but couldn’t see through the darkness. Only the light guided me through the path, so I was lucky. There were spiders on the ceilings and cobwebs on the sides. I smelt the air in the abandoned place, and it was terrible, it smells like someone died in here. I feel the ground really lightly, almost feeling like I might fall. The scratching was moving further away, echoing, but I wasn’t worried. I would find that scratching noise somewhere.

Feeling a bit brave, I moved normally through a small room, but I was staying alert still, looking out for any bad stuff that would happen to me. Closer and closer, I looked up, and then CRACK!! I fell right through the floorboards. I didn’t realise that ditch when one of the lights weakened more. “Help!” I yelled, but no one was there. I was all alone. More and more,…

Gracepath Talk - Monday 17th July

A woman is in hospital after being mugged at a local park in Gracepath earlier today.

Police say that she was mugged at around 12:30 pm by who she described as a female teen wearing black clothing and obscuring her face as much as possible, wearing a hoodie and glasses.

She says she was being hassled for money and when she didn’t comply with the teen’s instructions, she was hit over the head. Her black leather handbag was taken from her.

Police are appealing to the public to come with any information regarding the mugging as soon as possible. In another effort to reduce crime rates in Gracepath, the Suburb Council have teamed up with police to track down attackers and assailants faster and quicker to increase the chances of capturing them and putting them to justice.

But they are once again too late.

That’s all for now.

Gracepath Talk - Saturday July 15th

An altercation at a construction site has left two teenagers and a man in Point Verdonda Hospital.

The Deceived Villages

A piece of writing I didn't post back in 2013.
Yeah, I'm sure this was written in 2013. Or somewhere around that, I'm not sure, my memory's fuzzy.

Gracepath Talk - Friday 14th July

Police are looking for a teenager in relation to the Wildegate superette incident that took place three days ago.

They are now reaching to the public to be on the lookout for a female possibly between 15-18, who was last seen wearing a black beanie with a black jumper and black jeans. She may have brown hair, but it’s not possible. She was last seen by police during the chase on foot two days ago, but escaped the chase by hiding in a bush, sources say.
In other news, the Gracepath Suburb Council have begun their plan of reducing robbery and burglary related crimes, beginning with the Coperteen Road dairy installing cells as a barrier between the clerk and the customer, in an attempt to reduce any chance of money or any other items being stolen or taken, and to reduce the chances of the clerk being injured in a robbery/burglary.
That’s all for now.

Behind the Talk... (14th July)

Hi, again. Heh.

Gracepath Talk - Thursday 13th July

Bad weather across the country is adding more worry to local businesses in the light of the recent robbery and assault that took place in the suburb of Wildegate.

It rained and became windy after 1 pm thanks to the wintry storm going across the country, causing traffic havoc for motorists and making an impact on people outdoors. But dairy and shop owners have had to face the cold with otherwise open doors - in order to stay open for customers.

Troy Peters (48), a clerk at a supermarket in Gracepath’s centre, doesn’t mind the cold, saying “I’m used to it, really. I laugh every time I think about how I remain collected through this cold mess.” He did comment, though, that the fear arising from the Wildegate superette incident has added a bit more paranoia to his daily routine as a supermarket clerk.

Locals of Gracepath, when questioned about the matter, agree. “It’s 2015 all over again.” said one local, reminiscing about the Coperteen Road dairy robbery.
The weather report for tomorrow …

The Magic Carpet

Another piece of writing from 2013.

It was a sunset over a dessert, and everything was calm. The moon was as skinny as a stick. There was also a quiet carpet in the sky. It was named Carl. Carl was always happy. He would always fly across the sky as fast as a jet plane at a time of a sunset. The breeze would go through him as he flew across. “Maybe I should fly again.” said Carl the carpet, so he went out into the sky, soaring like a bird for the rest of the night.

Gracepath Talk - Wednesday 13th July

The group responsible for the robbery of a superette in Wildegate and the assault of the superette clerk were caught after a short pursuit on foot by police.
An anonymous tip by a Gracepath local lead police to the group of individuals behind the Coperteen Dairy, and this lead to a chase on foot for several minutes.
It escalated when a police helicopter was called into the chase and flew above, following and monitoring the group. They were eventually caught in and dragged out of a household.
The group will appear in court in a few days’ time.
That’s all for now.

Behind the Talk... (11th July)

I went for a walk down to the dairy today to buy some milk and bread. Dad couldn’t do it because he was busy with the car - we crashed into another car the other day.

As I walked to the dairy, I noticed the change in the weather. Just ten minutes ago it was raining, as it normally does during the wintertime, but as I was sunny! If you took away the sight of the wet ground and the muddy grass, it almost felt like summer! I couldn’t believe it!

And it was getting a bit hot, too, so I hurried to the dairy on Coperteen Road to get the two items. Mum gave me enough money to buy at least two milk bottles and two loaves of bread. The plastic bag’s for free, but a friend of mine told me a week ago that sometimes the clerk changes the price of the plastic bag to around, say, 10 cents. Sure, that’s not that big of a deal, but still, why put a price on something free?

I walked in and the first thing I noticed was the clerk talking with a man quite older about smoking. I clearly saw t…

Gracepath Talk - Tuesday 11th July

There has been a robbery at a superette in the suburb of Wildegate, a neighbouring suburb of Gracepath.

At around 11:00 am, witnesses recalled seeing a group of what looked like a group of individuals with black clothes on, with their faces obscured by animals masks, run in the Wildegate superette located not far from Esterway College, demanding money and other items from the superette clerk.

The clerk, despite doing what he was told, was struck in the head, and fell unconscious. He is currently in a stable condition at Point Verdonda Hospital.

The group of individuals ran off, taking the money and other items with them.
Wildegate Police wouldn’t comment at this time.
Gracepath locals may have seen this event countless times, the darkest moment being the Coperteen Road Dairy Robbery in 2015, where a group admitted to careless driving which lead to the death of a 29-year-old woman, and breaking and entering the Coperteen Road dairy in the early morning. They pleaded guilty to all charg…


Here's a piece of writing from a while ago.
I forgot when I wrote this.

Gracepath Talk - Monday 10th July

Robbery is one major problem Gracepath is facing.

Behind The Talk... (9th July)

The following is a spinoff series relating to Gracepath Talk. It is also fictional.

Gracepath Talk - Sunday 9th July

The following is fictional.

There has been a car crash on Coperteen Road, the main road of Gracepath, this morning.

The crash happened at around 10:15 am, and blocked off the main road through Gracepath for around half an hour. The spectacle drew attention from residents nearby as police blocked off the road to get both vehicles towed off the road.

“Was making some breakfast for myself until I heard this big bang,” a resident commented, “It happened just outside my home. Can’t believe no one’s really hurt.”

“I can’t see how this crash could’ve happened. Completely avoidable.” said a commuter who joined a line of other commuters as they waited for the road to be cleared by police.

The road was eventually cleared and one of the cars was towed off.

Miraculously, no one was seriously injured.

That’s all for now.

How the Girl Broke the Otter's Curse...

I'm not sure if this has been posted before, but if it hasn't, then here it is, reader, a myth I wrote with two other friends, Chasity and Jennifer, from 2014...

Little Shop Of Horrors - An Edgewater College Musical

I remember back in February where Mr. Holmes (Music teacher) advertised the musical (Little Shop of Horrors) and announced that auditions had begun. I didn't audition because I was pretty shy and worried for some reason, and well, performing on stage? Oh, boy, that would be pressuring.

But, then, during May, while I was sitting next to Connor and Sam (two classmates who are really great in Music and two classmates I've mentioned in separate posts last year), Mr. Holmes asked the three of us about whether or not we were interested in being the puppeteers for the musical. We would dress in black and go into these plant puppets that were in different sizes. The first puppet was a hand puppet, the second would involve putting one's upper torso inside and controlling the mouth with their arms, and the third one would involved someone standing and pushing a lever to open the mouth to talk. We'd have to memorise lines, but we wouldn't say them out loud, we'd just open…


At school, it's been going really well.

I got a Merit for my Algebra test earlier this week. That made me proud.

I mentioned before that I was part of this year's school musical. The actual nights are coming soon, it's Tuesday to Friday night from next week. I can't wait! Everything's falling into place and i just can't wait for everyone to see it!

The musical is called Little Shop of Horrors. It's about this guy who has this plant that feeds on blood and things reach a climax at the end. I'm one of the puppeteers that manipulate the plant to match the actor's voice.

So far it's been going swell, reader. Just a few days ago the puppet I'm manipulating was going under repair, and I was worried that it was going to...well...not work...but, just today it was fixed. Apparently.

But yeah, other than that, I've been quite busy lately. I haven't been this busy in a long time.

And there's quite a few things to do. Quite a few things to w…

Apology Post

Hi, reader.

I'm really busy at the moment, getting caught up in work and the upcoming school musical that's happening next week Tuesday through to Friday starting at 6:00 pm. I'm in it - a puppeteer.

But, yeah, I'm busy at the moment, and can't find time to post about my school day. I apologize.

Today At School - Wednesday 24th May (Part Two)

Wow, I haven’t done a two part post in a while. At this point of time, the class was focusing on algebra. I can’t really explain much about how I did the math work on the board - it pretty much felt like any other time I did the math work on the board.

Today At School - Wednesday 24th May (Part One)

I came to school at 7:31 am.

Today At School - Tuesday 23rd May

I was surprised to see that it was cold again this morning. For a moment I thought Monday started again and I was given a second chance to experience the cold frost going through Auckland again. Dad dropped me off to school and I walked to the spot I got to in the morning, and this time, there were these men working on the football nets. I walked back and forth before coming across Connor (mentioned him in an early TIL post), and we talked a bit about some stuff that happened yesterday, and then something about the football posts (or soccer posts), and then began this joke that parodies guys who belittle their younger brothers when at school.

In History, the class went over some more stuff relating to our new assignment related to the 1981 Springbok Tour. I was glad, I learned a bit about this last year. The whole issue was that South Africa’s rugby team the Springboks were coming over and New Zealand was divided after having an apartheid country come over. Mr Prentice then talked abo…

Today At School - Monday 22nd May

I was wondering why it felt colder than usual when I woke up early this morning.

Information Report about Plants (from 2012)

Yet another post in which I never posted from 2012. Here's a basic information report about plants...

GBW Update: Fake News

'I AM NOT GIVING UP' Odrastan Chancellor Stanley blasts rumours of surrender
May 19th

Odrastan President has released a statement of anger towards the Ustwynsian Prime Minister Willy, after a story published by the Ustwynsian Press regarding rumours of surrender by Odrastan surfaced. Below is the full statement (okay, since this is all fiction, the comment this post refers to has been altered to suit this blog series) given by the Odrastan leader:

"I am not giving up. I am still striving to win this war, even though I am a bit low on ammo and the requirements for war and such, that does not mean that I will give in. The reason why I am not giving up to Patosina and Willy, is because Jarryd Hayne also never gives up and he inspired me to never give up and strive for my goals. No more comment."

The Ustwynsian Prime Minister hasn't released a comment on this new update just yet.

Same goes for the Apolsna Premier, Patosina.

-The Ustwynsian Press

GBW Coverage: Is It True?

-May 19th

It's not official, but the Ustwynsian Press believe that the leader of Odrastan has surrendered amidst the violent Blogging War that begun on May 1st. Reports suggest that lack of defense and offense military may be the cause behind the white flag waving of Stanley.

Meanwhile, Ustwynsian Prime Minister Willy is in a struggle with Apolsna Premier Patosina, who was left fuming after the lack of support regarding the beneficial option to force trading sanctions on Odrastan after the attack on Ustwynsia on April 18th.

On May 1st, the Apolsna capital was strike by a missile, sparking the whole conundrum.

No statement has been given by any other newspaper companies regarding the matter of false news, but it's come to knowledge that Willy has been informed of this rumour.

-The Ustwynsian Press

The post this update refers to: Avenger? | The Blogging War

Today At School - Friday 19th May

First off, again, before I get to the actual post, I’m also participating in the Whanau Art Competition. My whanau is Ngata, if you didn’t know already. It’s quite different this year, the art competition. Last year it was a pavement art competition, where each whanau would use chalk to illustrate their whanau values and artistic ability.

So the day started out good, I spent some time thinking about some stuff at my usual spot for thinking whenever I come to school early. Sometimes I think, and sometimes, like this time, I just gaze up at the sky and watch the clouds go by as the sun slowly rises to shine that middle-of-the-morning light. At 8:02 am I walked off and headed for History class.

The class starts at 8:30 am but I get there early to avoid traffic during the 8:00am-8:30 am period.

To cut it short, History went well. Throughout the day, throughout the periods (Music, Social Studies) it went well, there was work done here and there, and I had my weekly guitar lesson. We’re cur…

Today At School - Thursday 18th May

Forgot to mention in yesterday’s post - but I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before - I’m learning guitar as part of taking Music as one of my options.

Summary of School Lately...

Okay, I apologise for not blogging a lot about what’s been happening at school, reader. I apologise. I’ve been busy with schoolwork and stuff and really haven’t focused on the blog. And I feel bad about that because that’s kinda out of my character. But anyway, what’s been happening with me lately…

Well, a few months ago (back in Term One) at the beginning of my Music class, my Music teacher (Mr Holmes) asked me if I sing. I didn’t sing that much at the time (well, at least when other people are around, I guess), but I replied with something along the lines of “Yeah, kinda.” Then he asked me to stay behind a bit when the period ended for the break. The thing was, he wanted me to hum some notes that he would play on the piano. I thought I was going to do badly...

But, it turned out that I was doing an (incredibly successful) audition to join the school choir! I mean, isn’t that great? Oh, and I’m a bass singer.

There was also the Sports Day that I’ll actually really literally seriously…

Mother's Day '17

Shower your mum with love today, reader,  she deserves it.

GBW Coverage: One Week On...

9th May

It's a week since the Great Blogging War between Odrastan and Ustwynsia (translation: between Stanley and Willy) was declared. Many events have occurred to the point where the news coverage has been inundated with countless reports from the front line.

Propaganda popped up in a few reports, with videos of the Ustwynsian leader calling to action being repeated on screens in public, encouraging people to join and help with the soldiers on the front line. Posters have also popped up, in Odrastan, directed at the Ustwynsia Prime Minister.

No word from either side has surfaced - only their actions on the fields, causing havoc amongst the two countries.

Also, Apolsna (Patosina) joined the battle, against both Odrastan and Ustwynsia. After the strike on May 1st, the Apolsna leader had become furious with the two nations. It's been a week of terror for everyone in the three countries, going ahead against each other.

In other news, tragedy has struck t…

GBW: Transcript

Below is the transcript of the phone call shared between Odrastan Chancellor Stanley and Ustwynsian Prime Minister Willy.

9:35 pm - News reports all over Ustwynsia state that Apolsna's capital has been struck by a missile launched by Odrastan Chancellor Stanley.

9:37 pm - Ustwynsian Prime Minister Willy rings Odrastan Chancellor Stanley, marking the first time they have spoken after the April 18th attack.

9:41 pm - After seven attempts, the Prime Minister reaches the Chancellor.

ODRASTAN CHANCELLOR: I can't believe you had the audacity to call this number! Who gave you this number! All of this is because of you, Ustwynsian Prime Minister!

*silence for three seconds*

ODRASTAN CHANCELLOR: Are you even there?! I'm not wasting my time with you any longer.

*more silence*

PRIME MINISTER: Wait, hello? Wait! What?! I need to speak with you this instant, Chancellor! Hello?! Hello!


PRIME MINISTER: (talking to someone nearby away …


'Odrastan Leader may start Blogging War' says government official
-May 1st

This just in, a government official from Ustwynsia has released a statement that war is 'highly likely', and that residents in populous cities in Ustwynsia should consider evacuating in case of an attack.

This comes after a week of threats and a war of words between the leaders of Ustwynsia and Odrastan escalated after the missile strike on Ustwynsia on April 18th. At least 560 people have since died from the initial attack or from injuries in the aftermath. Reports surfaced before showing Ustwynsian military training on private beaches, leaving many to speculate whether a war was imminent showing its power and its strength, leaving many to speculate whether a retaliation strike was in the works.

Reports of neighbouring countries beginning sanctions with Odrastan have just begun, after many days of prompting by Apolsna, who has tried to de-escalate the heated verbal war going between Ustwynsian …

GBW Coverage: Ustwynsia Preparing for War?

This is a 'Great Blogging War' spinoff series, with the blogging war visualised as a fictionalised war. All events and characters are of course fictional...

Perspectives on The Czechoslovakia Crisis and the Munich Agreement

First off, before I get to the actual post, the links in my "Five Years" post are fixed, so if you couldn't access the documents, you can access them now. Hopefully...
So, for my History class, after the Dawn Raids topic, we were focusing on the Origins of World War Two. I'll do some sort of DLO to showcase my knowledge about the subject but for now, here is my completed assignment: I had to write two diary entries for two people, Winston Churchill and Neville Chamberlain, set in 1938 related to the events that occurred during that year.

Diary Entries of Neville Chamberlain

FEBRUARY 20TH: Over my course of being the Prime Minister so far I’ve made quite the stir in Parliament, especially with the foreign secretary Anthony Eden, concerning my policy of appeasement. Just now, I’ve been informed that he has resigned from his position.

Cracks have started to show concerning my policy...

MARCH 20TH: Earlier today an MI6 agent came into Parliament and spoke about German Chanc…

GBW Coverage: Brief Introduction...

The following is fictional and is a spinoff of another fictional blogpost series: Blogging War. Characters do not resemble real life people.

April 25th...

I recently found out that there is a smaller number of people attending the Gallipoli ANZAC Dawn Service this year, the reason being probably because of the chance of a terrorist attack.
Now, I wanted to compare large crowd numbers coming to Dawn Services without the fear of terrorism, so that we stand united, to the ANZAC soldiers who strived through those gruelling eight months, yet not showing any sign of giving up or fear during the Gallipoli campaign.
But I just can't seem to get the right words....
We shall not be afraid. We shall remember them...

Social Studies: Religion Assessment - "Examining Islam"

Hello, again, reader!
This is my "completed" presentation examining the faith of Islam. Basically I was studying different areas of this religion and had to make a presentation that covered these three areas:

Social Studies Term One Trip Experience

This post is about the trip I went on during Tuesday, the 11th of April. I went along with 10E, my Social Studies teacher Mrs. Scott (she's also the Year 10 Dean) and her other class, Level One World Culture Studies. For 10E, the excursion was related to our main topic for Social Studies: Religions in Asia. So, for the first part, we bused to a Hindu temple in Papatoetoe. We took our shoes off when we got in, and I sighed in relief that I picked socks that didn't have holes in them.

What a relief. But hey, it would technically count as holy, right?

In the temple, this man talked a little bit about Hinduism and the gods that we were looking at, directing at one god after the next, and then we were able to move around a bit to look at the statues of the gods and we were also offered fruit! I got a banana and I was thinking to myself: Wow, I might as well eat it now! And so I ate it...

And halfway through eating I looked around at everyone else who had a banana and clearly saw th…

Throwback Thursday: Ghostwatch Reading Response

“Ghostwatch”, directed by Lesley Manning, is a drama film, where viewers witnessed television personalities venture into a “unique, live investigation, into the supernatural”, and end up upsetting viewers all over the United Kingdom. Two aspects that I admired and enjoyed (sort of) from this film was that it gave off the impression that it was “live” to viewers unaware that it was a drama film, accidentally fooling the viewers, and the reaction from the viewers after the programme aired.

Throwback Thursday: Ghostwatch Reading Response Introduction

So I was digging through the NZ Herald yesterday and I came upon this article:

Now, when I read the headline and looked at the picture, I smiled quite a bit.

Isaac Jack and The Two Pirates

Here's a piece of writing that I never got to post. Written in either 2012 or 2013, I'm not so sure...

Back in the old times, there was a teenage boy named Isaac Jack. He lived in a cold, bare cottage with his mother and father. His family was poor and they had no money. His father would spend his days hunting for wild animals for his dying family, while his mother was trying to find some spare stuff to decorate their inactive home. Isaac was feeling sad every time he looked at his soft parents, so he demanded himself, “I need to help my family!” so he went down to a stranded beach, which he had never seen before, because it was his first time ever that he was outside, and he kept on searching, and searching, until he could find something that looked like something he could spend for himself and his poor family. “Here, money, money, money, here...” called Isaac, but then he tripped over something shiny, and golden. “Wow! That looks cool.” exclaimed Isaac.

But! That’s not the en…

April 3rd 2017

Hi, reader.

Today was my birthday.

Information Report about Kumara

A post I never posted from 2012. Really weird, the things you dig up from the past. I just said that because this post relates to a vegetable that comes out of the ground.

It's some good writing, I gotta say. I bet in this case, I shouldn't forget where my sense of writing came from, y'know, I shouldn't forget my roots.

Oh, boy, those two puns weren't plant.

Okay, here's the piece...


A kumara is a vegetable. The english translation is sweet potato and a kumara is healthy. There is no healthier vegetable than it. A kumara is in a plant family called “Convolvulaceae”.

Kumara comes in different shapes and colours

They have smooth, unbroken skin, that could be used in varieties or salads. There are different types of kumara like black kumara, yellow kumara, orange kumara, and golden kumara. There is also another one called “Taputini” kumara, which grows on the ground and looks alot like a carrot. A taputini kumara is also the same size of a carrot.

Kumaras Habit…

New Blog Look


If you've been in and out of this blog, then you might have noticed something about. The whole blog layout has been changed. I felt as though I needed a bit of a change after five years blogging.

It's quite a bit step, since I've never done such a thing like this before. I might be a bit late, and some of you may have already gotten where things are and how things work, but this post is just to remind some other readers who may not know where things are, or...well...the major changes to the blog.

Now, this is just temporary...for a while...if you want to, you can comment some thoughts about what you think. It's quite a different, simple look. But, I mean, if there are no issues with how the blog looks, I might keep this look as it is. But I've got a copy of the old template in case there are calls for a change.

Running Day

To mark Whanau Sports Day that happened today, I decided to post this piece of narrative writing I wrote in 2013. The image is from 2015.

Walking on the greeny grass. It was as sunny as summer. All the house groups (Alamein, Tripoli, Tobruk, Benghazi) were lining up, singing their chants across the field. We all sat in our gazebos of the fields. The wind pushed my face gently. It was like a million people were cheering and screaming. I was a boiling egg, sitting outside the gazebo. 5 year olds went first. Pompoms were all over the pace, tangling peoples feet. I hear a bang. They run like cheetahs through the winds.

Screaming students were sitting in their giant gazebos. It then went on to the 8 year olds. I started to get worried. I kept hearing the clapper go “BANG!” each time people were racing. 9 year olds. My heart was pumping a million times a second, even though I haven’t ran in a race yet. 10 year olds. I started to feel a little bit sick. Then they said, “11 year old boys”.

I lin…

Wednesday 15th March - Today I Learned...


Monday 13th March - Today I Learned...


Social Studies: Clothing in Asia

WALT - research the different clothes different countries wear in Asia.
Okay, so for Social Studies (I should mention for some reason that my teacher is also the Year 10 Dean, Mrs. Scott) 10E is studying Asia in a cultural and religious perspective. One of the tasks was to make a 'Clothing in Asia' document, showcasing the different clothing people wear in different countries of Asia. I had to research these four countries: JapanRussiaIndiaPhilippines The screenshot below this blurb is final result. It's a bit rushed towards the end, but at least I finished it.
Enjoy! And if you want to, leave some feedback and feedforward so I know what to work on and improve. Thanks!

Wednesday February 22nd - Today I Learned...


The Bush

A piece of writing from 2012 that I never posted...

There was once a 20 year old named Guy. He lived in California, America, where the shining sun never went away. Guy was a little boring and ordinary. He hardly did anything besides watch TV and go shopping for food, though he was almost broke. He lived by himself in his one-storey home. He was a lazy pig, sitting around. Sometimes, when he sat on his couch, the shining sun made Guy stick to the fabric. He was jealous about nearly everyone in his family was on the news, except for him.

One day, Guy began to get hungry, like a fox, and there was no food in his kitchen, so, he went outside to go fishing at the nearest bush forest. In the lake, he heard nothing but the sounds of birds flying as fast a jet, but they looked all black, flying individual. “This is SO boring.” Guy exclaimed. He kept fishing. Hours later, he caught a bite. The bite was pulling the line, pulling it until it made the row-boat move. Faster and faster the boat went.…

Five Years Blogging

So back in January I realised that March 1st would be the five year anniversary of my first blogpost.

I really didn't know how to celebrate it, so I resorted to making a document dedicated to each year.

So here you go.

.... .... .... .... ....


.... .... .... ....


Perspectives on the Dawn Raids (Level One History Assignment #1)

Hey, reader.

Prepare yourself for a long read.

Now, I mentioned in a TIL not long ago that I had been going to Level One History as an additional class. I felt like I should've taken the opportunity of having History as an extra subject since it would give me something to wake up early for - because last year I had many days where I came late. And there's not a day gone by where I've come to school past 9:00am. I mean, it's working, reader!

Anyway, for History the class focused on the Dawn Raids that happened in New Zealand during the 1970s and part of the 1980s. Then, after reading and discussing and going through lessons about the Dawn Raids and its effects and consequences, we were introduced the first assignment of the year. The main part of the assignment was to provide two perspectives of two different people clearly showing whether they were for or against the Dawn Raid policy. Now, if you've been reading this blog during 2015, you'll find that one of the p…