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Another Padlet! | Digital Citizenship: Cyberbullying

Hi, reader!

It's been a while, sorry.

But, just recently, 9E had gone through three Digital Citizenship lessons about cyberbullying. Everyone watched this video about cyberbullying. I watched that video before - it was for Pink Shirt Day last year. Oh, boy, Pink Shirt Day last year was such a feel good event. Basically there were girls online telling this one girl really mean things online, and when some other girls finally notice what's going on, they defend her. Three of the bullies are then caught by a teacher and then the video ends on a talk about Pink Shirt Day.

The ending was nice. Now, onto the padlet. If you can remember back to a post that the Year Nines did about digital learning. I made a clear note that the padlet was going to include some things that might have been relevant to the actual padlet, but I guess that's what you should expect when people have different tastes. This padlet wasn't very different - I mean, sure, yes, there were answers to the que…

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