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If You Can Scan It Well...


One Night in 2009...

Hi, there. These are one of the broadcasts by Abraham Burnley made in 2009.
A little clue to help you for when you need to think about something.

Term Three's Last Day...The Last Block...

Lunchtime's finished. I went on to help Ms Ellison in her class. She was a new teacher whose been with the school for a while, if you didn't know. Anyways, I went to help her put away those classroom library shelve-thingies. I couldn't find a picture but hopefully you get me. It has those wheels that make it easy to transport.

It wasn't a long walk. I was still sick, unfortunately, so I was feeling woozy after the walk from Room 3 to one of the old relocatables. Mrs Manuyag, who happened to be in the Art Room at the same time, asked if the library shelf thingy was going to be used at all. We said, "Probably not." or something related, and she took it. Because it's no use to have something to sit's best to have someone else use it.

After a brain fog, I realised that these skinny blue things that were left in the relocatable that we were in, was actually what Ms Ellison needed. I couldn't believe that they folded out to be reading shelves…



A picture of the supermoon now taken. With me in it!

Sure, the moon may look a bit...sun-shaped? I don't really know how to describe that shape but it's still a supermoon! If you're wondering what a supermoon is, click here for a post I did last year on the Tamaki Primary School News Blog. I need to start updating that blog, it hasn't been updated in months!

Months! If you want to see a previous post about the moon, mostly about the lunar eclipse that happened just before, click here.

The Goddess of the Volcano...

Hi, there. This post is going to be one of two stories that didn't make it into the final cut of the production, but, was still practised and done during practises and Performing Arts practises. Enjoy this first myth about the Goddess of the Volcano, a myth from Hawaii.

This myth is called ‘The Goddess of the Volcano’. Kilauea was a fun and happy place to live. There was enough food for everyone to have full bellies and the people spent their time making music and singing and playing different games like ball games and races. There was a massive volcano in the centre of the island - this is where the Mighty Volcano Goddess Pele lived.

Kahawali was a young and brave chief who lived on Kilauea. He was the fastest and most skilled at the sled races the men took part in, racing down the side of the mighty volcano in the middle of the island. He liked to race all the time to show how he was the best on the island at racing.

One day Kahawali was approached by his friend Laka…
“Aloha Kah…

In The Morning...

It's alllll fiction, by the way...

Term Three's Last Day...The Middle Block...

I went to watch Stanley play a game. Don't judge me! It's not like I would choose "watch a friend play a game" over "watch a cool movie" all the time. This is one of those times...but anyways, I watched Stanley play, and he was pretty good at it! But other guys around the other side of the room (there were two sides, the movie side, and the free time side) were being loud every now and then, and I had to, because it was a habit now that I did it at the production (believe me, I had no idea I'd do this all the time now), quiet them down. With the momentary help from Stanley and others.

I was laughing myself out at some moments during his "gameplay". There was this cell that had a recurring name that would be meant rude, but sounded funny. Really funny, and to believe, even now, that it came first. It came first. I laughed so much I couldn't contain myself, I had to turn away and tell myself repeatedly to stop laughing, because then I'd …

Term Three's Last Day...The First Block...

On Friday, the next day (although this post has no relation to the posts about Production) after the Production Night, it was the last day for Term Three. The thought of having one more term left before I leave wasn't on my mind that much. I actually forgot that this would be the last day! This is beginning to happen every so often, and it's weird. I went to school with my sister, late, as always, for personal reasons that seem pretty private to say for my sake.

Going upstairs into class, I put away my bag and the netbook. And, netbook case, which had the netbook in-urgh, I'll just get to the point. In class, some people got some chocolate and lollies because they brought their forms back. I was one of them. We were only to eat it after packing up. Poor Stan. He was standing behind a chair, looking on at the lollies, looking at Ms Aireen then pointing at the lollies.

"Is someone near me?" Ms Aireen joked.
Hi, everyone!I would like to introduce my friend, Stanley. …

Malaga Fifia Pasifika - A Tamaki Primary School Production - Part 4: Intermission!

"Enjoy the intermission."
The words I said before the intermission began, and I went off to talk with some people.

Big Things Happen In A Small Suburb...


Malaga Fifia Pasifika - A Tamaki Primary School Production - Part 3: Showtime!

Ten minutes passed by. The seats were full of family members, people from the community and school, and some of the past students of Tamaki Primary. I had stood at the pulpit or stand, where I would say my parts in the production. While waiting, I talked a bit with others about my look. One person asked me jokingly, "Trying a new look, huh?". Hah, I never knew a lot of people would like that look.

If you need a description, and hopefully there'll be a picture or video showing me, I was wearing a lei around the neck, a lei around my head, the new aloha shirt, and people said it suited me! Well, the leis on me. How nice! And then, after waiting for the audience to settle down, and getting the nod from Ms Aireen, I begun the evening with a beginning speech. It was about laying some house keeping rules and adding an extra rule at last minute about the baskets that, if any parents would wanted to give some money at any time, would place.

Or the people on stage, either was goo…

Malaga Fifia Pasifika - A Tamaki Primary School Production - Part 2: Backstage!

Hi, again. These series of posts are going to be about that one night that happened on Thursday the 24th of September. Obviously, every school holidays I've got to find one story to put into parts, so luckily this happened recently!

From where I last went off, Quitah, myself, and Ricky had brought over some trays. I went back inside the Sommerville hall, and sat in the audience chairs. I was really tired, by the way. After all, I had just ran through the school. Well, power-walked. It was between those two stages. There are seven six stages of leg transport in my world:

Dead Walk (a walk done after running) --- Walk --- Power Walk --- Jog --- Fast Jog --- Run --- Sprint
no, not sprint, nooo...

After a while of recovering, I went to Ms Aireen, who was adding a little blurb at the beginning of the script. It was about welcoming them, of course, and laying some house keeping rules. Nice name for it, since a lot of people were coming, so rules would be needed. One of them was about be…

Practising Peaceful Play - Thinker's Keys - The Reverse Key


Down below this description, is the D.L.O for this Thinker's Key, which is the Reverse Key. That is what that says in the title of the drawing, so I hope none of you get confused when you read "Reverse Key" in reverse. Got that idea from a friend, who had reversed the Thinker's Key logo. Read the drawing to find out what the objective was!

The task also said for 16 ideas. I'll come up with 8 more ideas in a next drawing, though it will take a lot of thinking, DEEP thinking, because the eight ideas shown below was typed down a LONG time ago (probably back in July).

Malaga Fifia Pasifika - A Tamaki Primary School Production

It took many weeks.
Over a month.
Probably two months.
Maybe more, I forgot. It was probably a term.
It took a term.
Many people were involved in the school production, some were last minute. There were some sacrifices made for time, and many mistakes were made, but in the end, it was all worth it. Yesterday, Thursday the 25th, it was the day of the night of the T.P.S School Production Night, the title being Malaga Fifia Pasifika: A Happy Journey Around the Pacific. I was having one of the main roles...
The Narrator! Or, as said in the script...Narrator. So by then, most of the time I was called "Narrator". I would say that this would've been one of the beeeessssttt nicknames foor meee.....
But moving on from my "nickname", I was all dressed up for the role, with a NEW aloha shirt that my mum had brought just earlier. Thanks! 
To skip a few confusing minutes of running in and out of the school, I ran into the Sommerville Special School hall (or, if you want me…

Practising Peaceful Play - Thinker's Keys - Variations Key

Hi, there! This is going to be a start of a bit of Thinker's Keys coming in the way. Thankfully, I can blog these as they require thinking, but also are a good time making a D.L.O for. For now, I did the Variations Key. We (or I) were (or was) learning to develop different ways of encouraging others to have appropriate behaviour. Though the drawing may not show the message or say "encourage" in one of the three ways, it is best to infer to find the main message.

I hope you enjoy the D.L.O! Comment below to give me feedback and feedforward!

Concrete Poem - The Serve...

WALT - write a poem about a type of sports game (I didn't know the actual WALT)

Hi, everyone! Nice to have you read this post, about something new I tried! Room 10, for the past few weeks, worked on writing a poem based on a sport we liked. Thankfully, I completed mine just in time for presenting. But, luckily also, I didn't present!
By the time I post, my teacher may see this. Aw, geez. Oh, well, at least I'll post something. So, anyway, I picked one of my favourite sports, tennis. Yes, even though it involves running, it gets the blood running! And even if I'm bad at remembering where the out line is, at least I can hit the ball! The drawing above shows my poem. It's a concrete poem, the first shape being a tennis racket and the second being a tennis ball. 
It was a bit hard to do, but thankfully I can blog it now!

A Sort Of Throwback Thursday!


This is probably the first Throwback Thursday that is quite literally a throwback. Not just a few weeks ago, not even a month ago, not even a few months ago, but a couple years back!

It was back in 2012! Wow!

Filled with a bit too much animation, a bit of confusing information, unpredictable words, and images, this presentation was done by Patosina, Briant, and myself. It was when we were studying about something and stuff, and had to make a presentation. That's all I remember. I remember having Briant come into our group, because before him it was just me and Patosina working on the presentation.

I can't really talk more about it, only at the fact that our choices of words (seriously) were really mind-boggling!

Riddle Me Wednesday! Second To Last One Of the Term!

Hi! This is another Riddle Me Wednesday post! Yes, I know I missed a week, but that was because I kept struggling to find out what the last riddle was on the vocaroo recording. Finally i did it, coincidentally on this Wednesday.

Last week's riddle was: I can be flipped and broken but I never move. I can be closed, and opened, and sometimes removed. I am sealed by hands. What am I?

The answer...a deal! Get it, because in the end, a deal is sealed by hands...

Now, for this week's riddle. If you are reading this right now, I really hope that you can take the time to try and solve this week's riddle. But if you can't, that's okay, this is only the first time I've tried this.


Iron Tamariki - Identifying Key Ideas (Throwback Thursday)

Hi. This is another Throwback Thursday. This is a task that was supposed to be posted last week, or even a while ago. Cue the harp music!
-------- WALT - identify key ideas of a text.

On Monday Room 10 read a text together. As a class. I had came into class late, and so, while being confused to what was happened, I read the text closest to me. "Willy, that's ours..." said the person whose paper was currently being used and read. "Oh, yeah, yeah..." I reply, "Just wait a moment...yeah, there you go..." I give it back, reading only half of it.

I did read all of it in the end, I just forgot that this post was lying around in the dashboard, so, what do you know, here I am typing this down.

Below's the task.


I believe that in the text it showed parts of faith and self-belief between the main character (Mana) and his family. Since there was a big goal for Mana (the main character of the story) was to do the IronMÃori Tamariki, a lot of faith and self…

At Least I Did One Task! | Novel Study Task: Composing a "Song"


This "short" post is about the one Novel Study task I completed in a short amount of time. My reading group had read The Hobbit. The book. I couldn't believe that the trilogy (as in movies) were made from the one book! Wow! But, anyways, me and Mehi, friend, had done some other stuff out of class, which I can't really reveal for now in respect of the person in and Mehi had to read the whole book, a week after the group had started. And then ended.

That is what amazed me. They finished the book in probably less than a week. The reading was tough, since it was rushed, but at least I remembered what happened in the book!

I woould tell you the whole thing, but, thanks to this one task, I made a song. Well, it's a parody of a song, from Madonna! And great timing, as well!

Here's the lyrics below. The recording will come very soon...

Like A Hobbit
Bilbo was a boring old hobbit
Who loved his home and his carpet
He was just a small guy, who was tr…

Timeline of Tag Rugby (or Rippa Rugby)


Finally I'm on a roll with the blogging. Lately I haven't blogged that much :(

But it's going to be worth it, just you wait!

For this drawing, me and my buddy Brandon, who frankly I haven't worked with much lately, except for Student Councillor stuff, but anyway! We did a timeline about the small history of "Tag Rugby", a sport that has those velcro-tag-thingies and you have to rip them off the person who is on the opposite side and has the ball. Of course, this was hard to complete. There was something that I was doing, and it got in the way of the research.
I'm just glad WE did it! Yes siree, we did it together. It wasn't like Brandon did 70% and I did 30%.


The drawing's below. Click on the image to enlarge it.

Food Technology - Week Seven

This is a presentation that I worked on with Cavhyon, McKoy, Charlie-Ray, and Mana. They're also in my Technology Group. We made Corn Beed and Noodles, with a bit of vegetables in the mix. It was nice! I couldn't think of what we would add more or take away, I mean, I ate the whole thing, and practically licked the plate..bowl...thing!
Enjoy the presentation!
And I did a lot of puns during the session as well. Note: Saying too much may spoil your chances of getting a laugh, hehe.

Father's Day...

"Ask mum." "I don't know..." "HUH?!" "What's this?" "Can I use the bathroom? Ugh, I mean sink..."
Words have never been more straightforward and subtle....
Happy Father's Day.

Riddle Me Wednesday!

Record music with Vocaroo >>
Hi! Here's another vocaroo for this week's post! It was the fastest option to, really. If you want to give a guess below, wait until Tuesday then post your guess. It helps a lot, you might get mentioned, you might get it right, who knows...
And no cheating! Just a friendly note...enjoy this rushed but "punctual" recording for this week's Riddle Me Wednesday!

Tuakana Teina Day - Coner! A Game With Little Kiddies!

Yes! Finally! I've got something to blog about! And it was a stroke of luck too, since I did my speech a bit before. I walked to the court from the Old Tamaki Intermediate staffroom, and arrived on the court. It was a thrill seeing that our game was being played in real life! Such a thrill! Yes, indeed, then it ended.
We went inside and after looking at my attempted-neat-writing-not-neater-than-I-thought writing, we did this task. I worked on this presentation with my group, and since I'm rushing to get through this really quickly! I might as well say that you may need to read the presentation to get some detail on what happened.