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KiwiCan! Term Three, Week Two!

This week it was the first session of KiwiCan for Room 10! It would've been in Week One, but if you remember back there, the Whole School Boot Camp/Whole School Reveal occurred. I was a little late, but thankfully I knew what was happening. The focus was emotions and feelings. We talked about how our attitudes and feelings could affect a situation. Once the discussion was done, and the deep thinking was shared.

To skip an activity, we had just sat in our different places. Then, there was this smart activity that had everyone going in their own direction. I think. The activity was that Mr. M (one of the teachers of KiwiCan, alongside Miss Latoya) would play some songs (appropriate ones for the activity) and everyone would get a piece of paper. Once there was a song was playing, we all had to draw or write what we felt from the song.

The picture below...uh...I know it's quite hard to see the picture, or to see what I drew, but you know! It's very hard to take a picture at ni…

Growth Mindset Reflection!

NOTE: The posts about Growth and Fixed Mindsets are not in any order.

Here is another task about Growth Mindsets and Fixed Mindsets. This post is linking to mostly the Growth Mindset, which is what most students in Room 10 would want to develop, or have. This is the reflection of the whole lesson, describing what a person with a growth mindset looks like everyday, the differences between a successful person and an unsuccessful person, and some other parts.

Maori Language Presentation: This is the first one...

Hi. This is the FIRST activity to do with Room 10's learning for Maori Language Week. For this FIRST activity, we had to watch the three videos on the first slide, to learn the days and months in Maori. Then we had to list them down. In the slide, I DID look at the names of the months and days to make sure it was the right spelling.
For the two tests, I got these scores...this is the first test, about the days...

You can see that Tuesday was incorrect, which makes sense. I forgot about Tuesday...
Now here's the, this is weird, because the test had a different range of maori names for the months, and I had only learned the other version, which, comparing the two versions, was easy! I had to learn them also, and still forgot...

Yes, actually, most of it was by logical sense. The test was going to go from January to December, and luckily, for some questions, I DID think about the months in Maori. What's more weird was that when I got it right, it had said someth…

Place Value Partitioning...featuring Multiplicative Thinking...Part Three....

Hi. Here is another part of the questions my group (Divide 10) had to complete and answer. We had to make a D.L.O about how we solved the questions. This, if you read the posts before, is the third. I learnt how to use place value partitioning to solve problems like these. It's so easy once you have Multiplicative Thinking!

Place Value Partitioning: Part Two...

Hi, again. Here's the second D.L.O of me showing my thinking of a maths problem. It's not as spaced out or as big as the first one, but at least this time I added the word problem. I was learning how to use place value partitioning to solve problems like the one in the D.L.O. Enjoy reading.

Mining Mindsets!!

I thought it would be a good time to blog this now. This is one of the tasks that I started on the other day about Growth Mindsets and Fixed Mindsets. This is focused on the Growth Mindset, which I'll explain in a later post, but for now this D.L.O will show you what a Growth Mindset "sounds" like, or at least, feels like. Some more posts about Growth Mindsets and Fixed Mindsets are coming so...stay tuned!

The Importance Of Correctly Pronouncing Maori Words...


This is the SECOND Maori Language Week Task the class did today. Well, most of it, some were out of class helping with another class with bikes and there was the band.

I know, I know, the first task hasn't been blogged yet. But, trust me, as soon as I'm more organised and develop small goals everyday (GROWTH MINDSET!), you will see the blog being updated "regularly". Once a day, probably.

The remainders of Room 10 watched a speech of a student from Kapiti College (now if you can read that saying kah-pih-tee, then you're probably getting the next point) talking about the importance of how people in New Zealand should pronounce maori words and names correctly. It was quite, "straight to the point", but it showed some good points. Read the presentation below to see the points I/we put down...

Place Value Partitioning!!

Today for my maths group, Divide 10, we had to use this maths strategy called Place Value Partitioning. From what I heard, it is taking something from a number, then putting it back again. And, it's all about place value. So, there. The word problem was:
Patosina owns 6 bike containers. There are 142 bikes in each container. How many bikes does Patosina have altogether?
But, really, I just got the main numbers I needed, which was 6 and 142. So, it was 6 x 142. Enjoy the drawing! And, if I'm fast enough to make the D.L.O, there will be another one on it's way. Stay tuned!

Bloom's Taxonomy Current Events Follow Up Task!

Here is the Bloom's Taxonomy presentation I worked on with my friend Brodie. It is about an article my reading group, Brilliant Inferrers, did and is about two social media stars becoming involved in a campaign to promote a safer web journey for teenagers, and to fend off cyber bullying.

Technology - Food Technology - Follow And Methods

Here is the drawing about the separate brainstorms my Technology Group made up this morning for Technology. We were talking about following the recipe, and the methods we can use from the recipe. Notice how I've sort of separated the two brainstorms, one having a yellow background, and the other having a purple background.

We were learning the words that related to both "follow" and "methods".

Technology - Food Technology - Food, And Food Technology...


The first session of Technology happened today. My group is now in Food Technology, and if you remember from last time, it was quite fun. At least that's how I remembered it...

"My group, which was in Food Technology last term, was now in..."

But first of all, there was yeah, it was the first week, it might as well be. Instead, we all discussed about food technology as a subject. Man, wasn't it like class...if only there was a picture...

Anyway, the drawing you're about to see is the first thing we did about food technology. We had to define it. We had to make our own definition for food technology. For help, we brainstormed about "food" and "food technology".


But if you're still wondering where the food part came in...milo and toast...ohh yeeah...haha!

Multiplicative Thinking

Here is the drawing about my current development on my Multiplication Thinking. At the moment I am at Stage Seven. But, I need to reach further, I need to get to the next stage which is Stage Eight. In the drawing I have done what I can do to move up. Hopefully, if I strive to succeed, and have a growth mindset; not give up.

Riddle Me Wednesday!


The first Riddle Me Wednesday of the Term!

Finally, the time to roll out the mind blowers and mind challengers that are the riddles. Pretty nice how I've gotten this far...thought I would stop at one riddle in 2013, but here I am, reviving the old riddle-a-week here. So, here was the riddle from last time, and hopefully some readers have thought about it...

A monkey, a squirrel, and a bird are racing to the top of a coconut tree. Who will get the banana first, the monkey, the squirrel, or the bird?

Now let me give you moment to think about that if you haven't already...

*pauses for probably five seconds*

Okay, done. the answer was...No one! There's no bananas in a coconut tree! Haha! Good one. I've been saving it for two for this week's riddle...

Practicing Peaceful Play! The Big Reveal...

Here is the presentation about the Big Reveal that happened at school today. It was a bit tiring, since it was like a boot camp (in a fun way!), and it was hot. Who would've known it would be so hot! But with the great exercise, I bet everyone had a great time, and had tonnes of fun! This presentation shows my reflection about that today!
I think I said that again. Oh, well.

Happy Birthday Mehi! Posted Late For A Reason...

Okay, so, since Mehi did a post about my birthday, I might as well do one for her. And, I mean this one. Happy Birthday Mehi! The day you were born, and the day we thank you for your gracious deeds!
What a true friend! To me, that is...

Term Three...

...Two terms to go...
...Five months left...
...A couple weeks before the next school holidays...
...It's back to school...

Manaakitanga: How Do We Show It?


Now, this may look familiar, but it was a last hope. I mean, better get ready for work by working!

But this was an easy task.

I worked on it with Mehi and Stanley (familiar?).

Okay, if you want to hear the truth, click here.

Gracepath Talk - Sunday 19th July (Finale)

After almost three weeks after the Coperteen Road Dairy robbing, and a week into the founding of Nicole Smith, and a couple of incidents occurring during the school holidays, Gracepath Police have made an arrest overnight into four individuals, whose names cannot be released for legal reasons.

Police were said to have approached the household, having checked CCTV footage of the last time Nicole Smith was alive, and the footage of the Coperteen Road Dairy the day of the robbery. By then, they had suspicions of the fact a group could have done it.

Clothing in the household matched the clothing in the security footage.

The four individuals then admitted to actually running over Nicole Smith near the Damla River, thus placing her body near the Damla River, on Sunday the 5th of July. They are "so sorry".

They had then, in the FOGGY early morning of Monday the 6th, they had allegedly tried to get rid of Smith's belongings, and instead smashed the front window of the Coperteen …

Church! And I Got A Haircut Yesterday!


Yesterday, I got a haircut...

Yeah, it's quite different to the other ones in the past. I think.

Today, so far was a great way to start off the last day of the holidays. I went to church! If you're wondering how that's such a big deal to me, I usually have to stay at home....for good reasons, not the bad ones. Involves my brother, but anyway, I went to this combine where a couple of churches come together for one big programme. My dad told me this would've been an opportunity for a post because a lot of people would be there.

He was right. There were a lot of people, I mean, A LOT, and now here I am, typing this down...

Me and my Mum were coming in and it seemed to have already started. I don't know if that sentence made any sense, but it already started, to my suspicion. It probably was-OH come on, let's get along with the story, Willy. Okay...

Songs were sung and the "congregation", a new word I heard a lot during the programme, meaning (from Go…

(Still Not That) Current Events! Bloom Taxonomy Based!


Here's the second Current Events for this week. No, wait, not that current. It was current on Tuesday. But, anyway, the article I did this activity on was from the New Zealand Herald. Fleeing driver crashes into police car was the article. Summary: a motorist tries to get away from police, but is soon caught in the end. Result? Charges for the motorist, and a police car has been bumped hard into.

The presentation...

Gracepath Talk - Friday 17th July

There has been a major breakthrough in the investigations behind Nicole Smith, whose body was found near the Damla River in Greystone, and the Coperteen Road Dairy robbery that occurred last Monday, resulting in a man robbing a house in Maxwell Road, who was told by people he vaguely knew (from an assault a couple of days ago).

So far, police are reaching out to the people behind the robbery to step forward if they have any kind of information that could mean vital in the investigation.

Overnight, a party that started out as “quite quiet” from residents, ended in a brawl caused by two individuals, prompted by suspicions, about a failed attempt of an exchange from the week before. No details of that particular incident were released.

Although, with this going on, police are still making the robbery their first priority. This has the neighbours and people related to the incident a bit concerned.

“They ought to fix this case, then move on to people they can actually seek.” says a relativ…

The Will To Work… | The Conversation 2!

“oh yeah thanks guys for helping me out on this thinker’s key…” I typed, out of the blue, while we were hard at work. That then started a whole new conversation

After that, believe or not, Mehi started talking about her upcoming inspiration (or what was currently, because she did a presentation about him), Michael Jackson. The fact for today was, interestingly, about a supermarket that one of Michael Jackson’s friends owned, and had closed it...just for Michael to shop around and buy some stuff, like a normal person, but the thing was, if he WERE to shop normally, you know, the fans and stuff would bombard him, causing many bad things to happen.

But while Mehi was explaining the one fact, Stanley wasn’t quite in the “listening” mood…

“DO SOME WOERK” Stanley typed in big (sort of) letters, while Mehi was still striving to write the whole thing down. I was laughing out loud, as some could say, and when you’re laughing at what is nearly midnight, then you’re destined to keep online.

If I…

I Wasn’t Angry...I Just Made Tea… | The Conversation 2!

What happened here, before, was that Mehi and Stanley were joking around and arguing, and apparently thought they made me mad, which was evident from the long “silence” I gave them. “Where’s Willy?” Stanley asked Mehi,
“He’s probably angry…” Mehi replied.
“Okay now Mehi,” Stanley began, “let’s shut up now, and let Willy talk, okay? Me and”
“Okay.” said Mehi, in which sounded like an approval-like ‘okay’, not like, a bored ‘okay’.

While they thought I was angry...

I was actually going upstairs, after packing up some stuff, and then came back. “OKAY SORRY, I was somewhere else. What happened” I typed down, rushing. The actual message had more incorrect grammar in it. Well, not that much. Nevermind. I came back, and after a few moments of epiphanies and undeserved apologies, we were getting started! Yay! Finally after almost thirty minutes of procra-

“Quick, I am getting sleepy.” Stanley typed down.

A Certificate! It Looks Familiar....

Mehi made a certificate for me celebrating my 900th post.
It looks familiar, but I just can't put my finger on it...

Yeeaah, I can't really put my finger on it. Didn't work. I just kept touching the screen...

It’s Close to Miiidnight...And Three Friends Are Still Lost And In The Darrk... | The Conversation 2

SEE STANLEY THIS IS EXACTLY WHY I DON’T EAT IN FRONT OF MEHI!” I say after a few minutes of being interrupted and complaining. If you didn’t know, this is my perspective of the Thinker’s Keys task that me, Mehi, and Stanley completed together. At this point, where it was almost 11:00pm, we were still having our little conversations…
See the presentation below to have a taste on what was happening…

By the way, that was a reconstruction, because the actual thing would be confusing. For help: I am green, Mehi is blue, and Stanley is purple. Wow, that sounded pretty awful. If you don’t get it, that’s good. But, moving on, the task. Now, in my post, I said-
Now, uh, heh. The three of us kept forgetting the task objective, so we came up with...this…
Well, I wasn’t lying, wasn’t I? And, just so you know, I did become frustrated (but yet laughed, thankfully) when my TEXTBOX WAS BEING DELETED. Gosh! And Stanley was the main person doing it. Mehi was too, but she didn’t do any more after that. Aft…

The Conversation Two: Willy, Mehi, and Stanley!


Some dialogue in this series has changed, but is still what we said.

Now, his post is going to be about the first ever work I’ve ever collaborated on in the late hours. Late, as in, after ten o’clock. It was me, Mehi, and Stanley, that decided, “Hey! Let’s do something together!”. And, unsurprisingly, I thought it would just be a normal work session, but just at home (because obviously we weren’t at the same house, we were at our OWN house, or at school). At this point, a little bit after 10:40pm, I shared the drawing. They arrive, and I completely forget everything I was going to do.

We started chatting.

The name of the drawing, just so you would know, was: KING STAN.
Now, Mehi was telling Stanley about her (what was) her recent experience at her Youth Camp. Check out her blog perspective here.

If you ever get to the parts where it said “raining and cloudy”, or read her comment where Mehi said, “...everybody wanted to go home it was cold…”, well...that’s basically what Mehi was talki…

Don't Stop Me Now! 'Cause I'm Havin' A Good Time!

Hi, person reading this!

As of Thursday, the 16th of July... my 900th post! Huuuuuzzzaaahhh!!!!

I think this is the first time I reached a milestone in a school holiday. Wow!

I love these kinds of achievements! What a time it's been...a day in the life of a Year Nine, the bike track, Pink Shirt Day, that KidsCan Parade, recording a song! Parody, though. Many things can happen within 100 posts. And, to celebrate, knowing that I'm just one hundred posts away from one thousand, you know what...I like a bit of Queen...

Watch the video with caution and maturity. Or, logical sense. Because, the video has a word that is quite sensitive to some readers, but please, ignore it and bask! Into how I feel right now! Not the ecstasy part, no...

Don't stop me now, distractions!
One thousandth post, here I come!

Throwback Thursday (just a one-off, might not do it again) - Villains Vs Martyrs


Welcome to a Throwback Thursday. This is probably one of the only times I'll ever do this. Usually, in this case, i'll get at least one piece of work I forgot to blog in that work's period of time. For example, if I were to blog something from a term from last year, for example, Discoveries and their Impact, I SHOULD have blogged it during that term, but accidentally, and amazingly, didn't.

For this one, I have a drawing that was not blogged (at least I hope it wasn't, because if it was, then this is awkward) in the term that was Heroes. That means, it was from Term One that I was supposed to blog this. Anyway, here is the drawing here...

Explanation. The drawing shows the differences between Villains, and Martyrs. It shows me and Tioti's (I worked on this drawing with him, who is at another school now) opinions on the matter. A villain is someone evil, planning misery on people, but, they can be a martyr based on their backgrounds. A martyr is someone inno…

A-ha! Achievement!!!

Hi, there!

I may be a bit tired! But guess what?! I got this marvellous score on the Ten Fast Fingers website! Excuse the big use of exclamation marks! It's just feeling SOO GOOD!!

I was PERSEVERING TO GET AT LEAST OVER SIXTY WORDS (excuse the use of caps lock), and during the minute, I was just getting through the words almost swiftfully, because some of the words were a BIT rushed, and trying to type as much words as you can, can be a bit challenging if you're like me. Hands that keep getting cold on cold days, hands that are strangely bigger than you think.

Here is the extraordinary screenshot of my score I got.

The fact it says that I am better than 91.5% of all users, and that I am at the 12563th place out of 147751 people, is amazing!! I mean, yeah, that's a BIG number, and not really in the Top 100 list, but hey! I'm just a teenager, haha!
Also, I did it again, and though it was a word down...

It's still remarkable I am into the 50-70 words a minute part!

Gracepath Talk - Thursday 16th July

Witnesses, in a group, have finally given new information about what happened to the Coperteen Road Dairy in the morning of  Monday, the sixth of July. Gracepath Police at first were restraining the group outside, until they had “spilled the details” from the robbery.

Down the road from the police station, heading into the Shopping Centre of Gracepath, an almost silent protest was held by some locals, residents, and some of the suburb council, holding signs in support of the police, while also sending messages out to motorists.

“To find the thief will be a relief” said one sign,
“Robbing a dairy is hard to carry” said another sign,
“CATCH THE-” the rest of the sign had a pretty suspicious word in it, in which was decided to be censored.

“We hope police will find the person behind this, or the people behind this, even.” said one of the public passing by.

The protest received support by motorists as they beeped their horns.

But, can this actually help police?

That's all for now...

The Conversation......2....


The Conversation...2!


The Second Part of the Movenote About Signs of Sick...


Below is the second part of the Movenote about me, who, from a simple idea, talks about some of the couple (or many, I don't actually know) of symptoms that could be a signal, that I forgot to say in the Movenote, means that you are developing something, either a cold or the flu, it really matters on how bad it is. Really, the symptoms in the Movenote are the symptoms for both the cold and the flu, and were also the obvious ones...

Dang it.

But here you go, here's the first one...ohh, wait. It's a video, I just downloaded it...

But, it was made WITH Movenote!

My Movenote About Symptoms For Being Sick (Not Specifc, But You Know What Sick Is!)


Below is the Movenote about me, who from a simple idea, talks about some of the couple (or many, I don't actually know) of symptoms that could be a signal, that I forgot to say in the Movenote, means that you are developing something, either a cold or the flu, it really matters on how bad it is. Really, the symptoms in the Movenote are the symptoms for both the cold and the flu, and were also the obvious ones...

Dang it.

But here you go, here's the first one...ohh, wait. It's a video, I just downloaded it...

But, it was made WITH Movenote!

Also, there's a bit of a mistake in that video while I'm speaking. Instead of 'yesterday', I meant, 'the other day', which was Monday...or Tuesday, I forgot, okay...

Gracepath Talk - Wednesday 15th July

For today, the body of the twenty-nine year old woman, whose body was found near the Damla River in Greystone, was identified as Nicole Smith. Those who recognise her to report their perspective of what happened on Sunday the fifth of July, more specifically, what happened between the hours of five in the afternoon, and at midnight.

The man assaulted yesterday has been released by Auckland in a normal condition, and has reported to police, with better memory, of the people that assaulted him. He was apparently kicked and bashed near Gracepath’s Shopping Centre, after midnight.

Police are announcing that they believe that the death of Nicole Smith, whose death is now a homicide and accidental, COULD be related to the robbery.

Knowing that Greystone is small and almost “experimental” to some locals in Gracepath, Gracepath Police Station is not only the local police station for Gracepath, but for Greystone, too. Police have a plateful of cases, involving the body of Nicole Smith, and the…

(Not That) Current Events!!

Hi. Down below you will see a presentation. From the title, this is (not that) Current Events. Now, make sure you actually read this description, for this is important. The following presentation contains a word, which is censored (sort of, it has *** covering the part) for obvious reasons. This presentation is to be read with caution, and maturity.

And, since it is still the school holidays, there'll be more animations. Sort of.

Gracepath Talk - Tuesday 14th July

The body of a twenty-nine year old woman was found in the Damla River at Greystone this morning, confirms police. The woman was easily recognised by a couple of the locals, who told police that the woman was apparently leaving the suburb of Gracepath, going off for her “Overseas Experience”. She will never go now.

Back in Gracepath, the man responsible for the recent burglary on Maxwell Lane, was assaulted by who it seemed to be, “people he used to know”. He has been taken to hospital and is in a stable condition.

That’s all for now.

Gracepath Talk - Monday 13th July

Police had recovered new information about the dairy robbing in Gracepath last week, where it has been confirmed that a significant large amount of money was stolen by what would be a person, “who was told to do it”. The man who robbed a house in Maxwell Lane had confirmed to police that he did not intend to rob the house in the first place - he was told to.

The person responsible may have been between the ages of sixteen to twenty five.

The robbery took place between five o’clock and eight o’clock in the morning.

Hardly anyone comes out in the morning in cold conditions like these. Especially in cars. Traffic doesn’t come in until nine to ten o’clock in the morning, so the robbery was most certainly planned. This suggests the robber was not alone in the planning.

And, police have found even more shocking new ideas of what happened, but had forgotten about it, and the man was released with a warning, shocking residents.

"See? Told you. The police are naive." the same residen…


I forgot to talk about this, but last week I decided to make a start on learning what ratios are. I, remembering back to last year (I think), went to, and practised some ratios, looked at a video showing the basics of ratios, and then examples that the person (or teacher?) solved step by step, in which I would learn from it.

I wrote my learnings on an old book of mine, which helped a lot, really.

And below those pictures, are screenshots of some of the questions I answered

Learning can still happen during the holidays!

Gracepath Talk - Saturday 11th July

Police have caught a 45-year-old man, who has admitted to being involved in the home robbery that took place in the early hours of yesterday.

The man stole several personal items close to the home owners, and were returned to them briefly after the arrest. Police have interrogated the man, asking if the man had connections to the dairy robbing in Gracepath earlier this week.

It took a while to get the man speaking. Police have had countless tries making negotiations with the man, the biggest one being that the man would not need to pay the fine of less than five hundred dollars. None have worked so far.

Can police get to the truth?

That’s all for now.

Gracepath Talk - Friday 10th July

A house in Maxwell Lane was robbed in the early hours of today. The owner’s property, such as their flat screen television, laptop, and other personal belongings were stolen. Neighbours reported ‘suspicious’ smashing and crashing from the household in the early hours, and one of them have informed police about a vague description of the person who might be responsible.

Wearing a high visibility vest with graffiti-like drawings at the back, the person was said to be between five foot and five inches to five foot and ten inches. They were said to be walking outside Maxwell Lane, and into Coperteen Road.

Police have asked locals and residents if they know this person or individual is in their sights. They may have acted with a group, not by themselves. Police say they may also have a connection to the current investigation about the dairy robbing earlier this week.

That’s all for now.

Gracepath Talk - Thursday 9th July

The following is fictitious.

Police have closed off the dairy in Gracepath, after more than thirteen people were said to be trespassing onto the scene late at night. Residents who lived near the area have been told by police to keep a wide eye out on the streets at night.
The dairy was robbed on Monday morning, with surprisingly no witnesses to be found...yet.
But when told by police to keep an eye out, some residents had the slightest urge to share their two cents.
“It’s almost a sloppy investigation.” one resident says in a statement.
“Predictable end to this incident,” another resident says, “an utter fail.”.
Police did not release a statement upon the comments made earlier today.
That’s all for now.

Loop Cards! The Online Way...

Hi. Today I was practising my multiplication for a little while, experimenting some games and seeing if they were actually a benefit to learning and practising multiplication. Some games I played...nooot so good, they were mostly running games, collecting coins, and if a question popped up, it would only be either a basic times table (like 5 multiples, 10 multiples, 2 multiples), or, a repeating question.

Then, out of the loss of hope, I went onto the games that were sort of basic, but would still help me practise.

So here is the loop cards, online....

Gracepath Talk - Wednesday 8th July

The following events in this post are fictitious, meaning not real.

Locals have gathered at the community centre of Gracepath to discuss the future of the suburb. After the robbery that took place at a diary on Monday, there had been speculation going around, especially through Gracepath Primary, about a vandalism attempt in the school grounds after hours, or even, in a different suburb.

Residents and the council shared ideas this evening about the suburb, and many problems surrounding it. Youths invading the area through the nights, causing trouble wherever they go, they said.

With the residents, locals, and council discussing in-depth thinking about multiple issues surround Gracepath, outside there was major disruption from unidentified individuals, who mercilessly yelled and chanted inappropriate sayings.

Will the locals find a way?

That’s all for now.

My Manaiakalani, Learn Create Share Cycle, Tamaki Primary Ambassador Speech!

Hi, everyone!

Today I can finally reveal to you, because I didn't know the videos of the speeches were on the document of our speech script, and I should've blogged this before, my Manaiakalani Speech about Learn, Create, Share, representing my school!

Now I shouldn't hold you here, so here is the link to my speech. I think this is the first speech, and I (along with all the other ambassadors) may be doing another presentation. So, thanks to this, I can improve on some things, for example, if I cough (spoiler alert!), I should at least say "Excuse me" straight after.

So, here it is, my speech. click here!

My Corrugated Art! Finally Done!

Here is my corrugated art that I completed just now. Thanks to a lot of time thinking about what I could do on this task, I finally came with the signs and images you see here. And it took a long time to get it through my head, what signs can I use for this?

And to explain the "What It Might Look Like" part, the whole sign is a peace sign, the colourful flowers going in a circle, the hands pointing inside the circle are in the places of the peace sign, with the bottom one having two hands hold a butterfly, the relationships with everyone.


My Learn Create Share Speech...Coming Later Today...

The link to the video goes up today...

The Speech Video...

The video of my speech, amazingly forgotten to be blogged about, to be blogged TOMORROW.

Gracepath Talk - Tuesday 7th July

The following events are fictitious, meaning it isn't true...but is made for reading pleasure...well, hopefully...

The investigation of the recent Gracepath dairy robbery have slowly progressed, with two individuals coming out with new information about the robbery. Although, the information wasn’t what they actually wanted, nor needed. Most of the new information were about previous robberies in Gracepath, which were unsurprisingly already brang up by police.

Police are urging those with any information, any at all, and relevant to the robbery, to come forward as soon as possible - before another break in occurs in the suburb.

That’s all for now.

Sky Chase - During the Game...

Record and upload audio >>
Hi. Here is the recording of the Sky Chase game I played with for a little while, whiiile sick. Even though I was sick, I still pulled through and played in an almost erratic way or style. Enjoy listening to my almost nasal voice...

Sky Chase - Before the Game...

Hi. The recording above is me talking before a game of Sky Chase,, wait, I'll leave the explaining for the next post...
Record and upload voice >>

The Last Second Term Last Day...


I didn't forget to blog about the last day of school of the term. Because it was hard to think about it, really.

I was sick and almost forgot parts of the day.

But, here's what happened on Friday, the 3rd of July...

A sort of sunny day for a sick person such as myself, who went to school without Abigail, because the night before, she got another case of sickness by other children. And, she coughed on me, so what a surprise that I would be carrying the sickness. And going to school. Isn't that a plot or storyline.

So, anyway, I was at school, finally there before the bell, and I realise that I forgot the netbook I was borrowing at home. Gosh, dang it. And I didn't know we were doing work, still! On the last day! That sounds...actually good, for the blogging and stuff. But, yeah, I forgot it, because of THIS SICKNESS!

Everyone was working. Especially me, because I was using Sulaiman's netbook (he didn't need it anyway, he was doing some artwork) to complete t…

My Locker Label!!

Yes, I did get this idea off of Mehi and Patosina. Here is my locker label. Now...well, I didn't plan this part. All I wanted to do was to post this finished piece of work from last week. Ahh, I've got it. The label you see here before you shows the music notes, which represent my love for listening to music. Not singing, because my voice is cracking a lot...
Moving on, the peace sings represent my continuing peace I bring wherever I go sometimes. I always end up being happy. The multiple pictures of hands holding the world...that, represents my blogging style, I guess?
My friend told me to do that anyway. I listened, knowing that would look good! Moving on, the hibiscus flowers represent my culture, Samoan. And, if you've looked closely, the letters of my name "Willy" are in different styles. Showing, my different tastes, and how I don't stick to just one thing.
Oh! And the blue sky with clouds in the background represent my admiration of sunny days. So, th…

Gracepath Talk - Monday 6th July

The following events are fictitious but were made to kill some time. Read along, if you think it's interesting, to see the little suburb of Gracepath.

A robbery and break in has taken place in the suburb of Gracepath. More specifically, in a small dairy. Money has been stolen, thousands of shattered glass near the counter, broken freezers and graffiti almost everywhere. 
The dairy owner is, in a statement, “speechless and distraught”. 
A spokesperson for the Gracepath Police Department has said investigation for this incident has begun.
They are looking for any witnesses of the incident, and to see them in person if they have any connections to the incident, the person responsible, or had witnessed the event in person.
That’s all for now.