Monday, 16 March 2015

The Extension Table

On Saturday, my Dad, once again, set out to build another thing. This thing was a small extension to our dining table. It was, once again, for our church, because recently, many people have complimented our house for how big it is, the many activities (such as a pool table), and the food we provide after the prayer meeting.

It was in the afternoon where he started. Now, to be fair, and before I actually start, let me just warn you I am not good at my tools vocabulary. So, anyway, with the building of the table extension.

My dad was searched for his safety glasses. Momentarily, he finds them. After that little awkward find, he begins on getting the tools needed to build the table extension. Nails, screws (, I apologise), wood, sandpaper, a hammer, a sledgehammer, another hammer, an old power saw, a new power saw, a ruler, a measuring tape, a pencil...many things needed, if you asked me.

The Said Power Saw...
He starts off by using the wood to get the type of vision of the table extension he needs. Using our dining table. Making sure the wood and height is the same with the other table, he starts sawing the wood. My sister, who didn't know what a power saw was, or knew what it would do, stood almost too close to my dad, who had repeatedly told her to move away. As cheeky and as curious as she is, she doesn't listen and stays near the power saw. Then the power saw turns on... sister remained inside the house the whole day...

Moving on, my dad had finished with some pieces of wood, and takes a break. Oh, look who arrived, my dad's friend, who's daughter is my friend. By the way, her birthday occurred the day before. My dad has a conversation with his mate, and then the next thing I know I'm running to the friend's house. But I forgot I had a heart condition (it's a puberty thing, don't worry), so I wasn't supposed to run THAT much. At his house, literally losing my breath, literally, I see a few old friends, ONE who vaguely looked at me as if I DIDN'T KNOW I'D COME HERE, BUT DON'T WORRY OLD FRIEND, I KNOW WHERE THEY LI...I sounded like a stalker for a second, sorry about that.

Anyway, I power walk back home with a screwdriver (I think?) for Dad, which he needed (shouldn't have pointed that out), and he uses it to drill some screws in. Interesting fact for a second, did you know some or all screwdrivers have batteries? You can charge those batteries and then use them when the other battery dies out! Amazing!

What happened next? I don't know! I was too busy cleaning the rooms and using my netbook. Don't worry, the netbook was fine, I needed to blog something that totally gave a storyline and a warning to others.

But what I do know is that his other friend came by. He was staying with us for a while until his what my dad calls a "flat" was ready. He took a shower, and with a change of clothing, helped my dad with the table extension. One power saw cut after another, the sound almost filled the sunset. Then there was dinner. My dad prepares dinner and me and my siblings eat.

Gosh, wasn't he working hard at this point onwards. Practically running from one side of the backyard to the other, preparing the table extension piece by piece. A table leg here, a tabletop there. A screw from over here, a screw from over there. The cord over there, the charger over here. He was really getting intense.

Then, just as he was on a roll, he accidentally drops the screwdriver, and the top bit falls off. Oh no. But, with a bit of thinking and initiative, he simply puts the drill part back into the drill, where it almost works. I just had to hold the wood still while he pushed the screw in, with the screwdriver he was pushing also.

After a making the surface smooth with the sandpaper, he was quite done, if you asked me! And to make it clear, it wasn't that big of an extension table. But it did make the table a bit bigger than it was (obviously!).

So that was the extension table, going to be used later for the next prayer meeting.

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