Sunday, 8 March 2015

Reading Highlight #4

So, continuing on...

It's the next morning. What I believe from here is that Katniss is getting closer to the arena. At the arena though, things change dramatically. Just before she is entered into the arena, her designer-type person guy friend or something is beaten to a pulp by two guards. Katniss bangs onto the hard glass, but no effect.

She is then lifted up into the arena. Around her is water, water. Water. And some other things too, like the Cornucopia, other tributes. When it starts, that's when I completely start reading quickly, to keep the suspense up. Finnick, who is some guy that knew Katniss from last year's Hunger Games, and from District 3, is with Katniss, who is completely not interested in him. But Peeta. To protect him, no matter what happens.

Some guy tries to wound Katniss and Finnick, and Hags, who was also there. The guy is speared, or tridented (killed with trident), along with his match, who were from District 2, I think. I don't know, the Districts were confusing.

Then Peeta is almost tackled by Finnick, almost as if Finnick deliberately meant it. But it was just "protection". Sounded wrong. Moving on. After a bit of a mess up near the Cornucopia, and in the water, the 4 (Peeta, Katniss, Finnick, and Hags) enter the land. The shore. Examining the plants, which could be poisonous, they walk through the forest-jungle-like environment-type place. Momentarily, Katniss sees a forcefield, which could potentially harm or kill a person who touches it.

Or accidentally walks into it. Like Peeta does a moment later. He drops onto the ground, almost lifeless. Katniss screams, crying. Finnick, on the other hand, does something that shocks me as much as it shocks Katniss. Finnick is pushing violently onto Peeta's chest. Katniss tries to stop him, but it's hopeless. And then, all of a sudden, Finnick looks as if he's kissing Peeta. Whoa. Although I don't think it was in the story, but that's how I remember.

It seems as if he's doing some technique on Peeta, which then works. Peeta is back alive, heartbeat pumping. That was weird, but I think he was doing C.P.R. But, important thing was, Peeta was alive and Katniss has now lied about how she saw the force field coming. "Hearing" the force field.

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