Sunday, 8 March 2015

2 Weekly Post (2nd March - 6th March)

I was late to the Breakfast Club, for the first time, and in an attempt to get through the morning with no disturbance, well, let's just say the "my sister sleeps really late" part in my "About Me" column was really standing out. At school at about five minutes to nine, and wouldn't you know, a writing test was going on. Briilliant. We were recounting about a reminiscent time. No more explaining. I think I did well. I don't know, it was hard remembering what I did when I was five, gimme a break.

After the writing test, however, there was a it of fun. A bit of Jeopardy, decimals edition, with Danisha, friend, and Brooklyn, friend (I think, no offense Brooklyn), and while it was a challenging game, because I was never good with my decimals (you'll see why on Friday), it was also humorous as well...

NOTE: Not exact words said:

Danisha: Okay, Willy, don't interrupt me this time, 'kay?
Me: Alright, okay, geez...
Question: 0.0004 x 10 000
Me: Okay, Danisha, I thin-
Danisha: NOO!
Me: No, really, I d-
Danisha: NOO!
Me: Trust me, I'm a Student Councillor...c'mon...
85 Seconds Left
Danisha: Urgh! Okay, but don't let me get it wrong like last time, alright?!
Me: Okay...uh...
Danisha: Hurry up!
Me: Well, it's 40...
Danisha: Is it?
Me: Yes-
Danisha: Are you SURE?
Me: Yes! C'mon, you can trust me, I'm a Stu-
(Danisha gets the question wrong, the answer was 4)
Me: (snickers, then guffaws)
Danisha: Okay, that's it!

And she didn't need me for help...ever again. And besides, Brooklyn won, anyway, except his name was just so inappropriate it was hard not to laugh out loud again. Although, I can't really show you his name due to it being racist somehow. Don't worry, it was for fun. Not saying racism is funny. It's serious. Don't do it.

Sadly, though, with the laughter going on, I laughed a bit louder than I should've been, leading the whole of the Year Eights to stay in. Luckily we didn't, ye-ah! After Morning Tea, there was another test, and I forgot to tell you, we were using this thing called "PAT". I forgot what it stands for, but we are using this from now on. No more E-asttle Math or Reading, instead it is PAT Comprehension and PAT Mathematics (I think, not sure).

So yes, the Maths Test. Crike, wasn't that hard! It was just's the word...I'll say risky...RISKY! There were 40 questions and 45 minutes, and because of spending so much time on such an easy question, I ended up in panic mode when I was on Question #27 with only 12 minutes remaining. Luckily, though, I had 2 minutes left when I finished. Phew. This would be NOT WORTH IT if I got a low score from that!

Skipping to Tuesday, because the rest of Monday was sorta normal (ha!), I was late...again...gosh dang it, sister! Thanks to you and your sleepiness. I bet it'll wear off in a year or two. As for me, I was helping Ms Aireen along with some other people with doing the maths cupboard. It was confusing, but at least I could organize SOME stuff. Cutting stuff out...meh, not my good side of things, but good enough.

A huge part of the class were at the AIMS Softball Tournament for the whole day. And it was Stanley's (friend of mine) birthday. Sadly, I didn't say "Happy Birthday" to him first. Apparently, Mehi, friend, said that first. Gosh dang it.

Anyway, back to school. Just 15 minutes before Morning Tea. Me and Danisha, friend (who forgave me for making her lose on Jeopardy: Decimals, were assigned a task that was the most humorous yet a bit frustrating yet. First, it was to find the letters to "Learn Create Share". That was a tad hard. But eventually we found it, with only 5 minutes left till Morning Tea. The task was to find staples. That was a tad hard, and frustrating too, because Danisha SHOT ME!! WHAAT?!?! Yes, I was shot, in the arm, with a staple gun. A staple to the arm. NOT GOOD. MAN DOWN.

Then, with just a few staples left, we start stapling the wall. Just when we were about to leave, SOMEONE shows up to make sure we stay in for a little longer. A little bit of this, a little bit of that, it was just, time-consuming, you know?

After Morning Tea, we were back, and just when you thought we were finished with the "Learn Create Share" task, there was more to come. There was already a sign with the words, and comparing that to the one we did, it was probably for the best if we through our version away. Aww. Then, after doing the other sign, we had to staple on the Learning Cycle. Aww. But it was too big. Aww. And I "accidentally" shot Danisha. Aww.

But I was testing it, anyway. Or was I? Nah, I was...

Moving on, lunchtime. The most discriminating time in my life. Three girls doing work, cutting paper out, cutting arrows out, while 1 guy, absolutely tired from working, cleaning up the whole half of the classroom. By himself. Sound fair enough to you? Didn't think so. Because that's exactly what I said. But did the three girls (including Danisha) listen? Noooo, they were woorking, oon impoortant stuuff.

But on forwards, there was the almost completed Learn Create Share Learning Cycle, and then the day was done.

Wednesday now, an-Sorry, another part of the 2 Weekly Post will continue...

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