Sunday, 22 March 2015

2 Weekly Post (16th March - 20th March)

So, Cyclone Pam was on New Zealand, and there was a huge amount of rain that came through Auckland at midnight. How swell! I couldn't sleep that much on Sunday night!

Monday morning. I woke up, looked out the window, and what a surprise. It was raining. Yaay...and what a bigger surprise that I had to go to school early. Yaay...but what was more weirder than the fact that it was raining continuously, was the fact that I was quite literally, the only person outside on the courts at school when I arrived. Literally. Only me. Outside. I could've just walked inside and waited, but a moment like this only happens once...every year.

I admire the school by myself for a while, until Maui shows up. Way to end the minutes in the rain, Maui. Then all of a sudden, everyone showed up! It was like the moment by myself had completely vanished before my eyes. I walk inside in confusion on what just happened. Then Mehi comes through the door. Bags in lockers, it's not 8:30am. Better get out.

Now, let me talk about Maths. It was surprisingly hard. I couldn't believe it. And the fact that people needed my help when I was also, talk about another sign of misfourtune.

And I tripped down the stairs while we were cleaning up. Bad luck, I SOO dislike you worse than before now!

But before you start thinking the hard Maths work was finished, there was a survey. Now, this survey will probably be the best...survey...ever...done. Everyone was so confused! Even I was! There was a game, some measuring, uh, questions. Weight questions, such as our school bag!

At least Monday ended with a visitor from Australia showing his culture to us and showing what his culture does, representing it with dancing and chants and songs and interactive plays...amazing, then there were visitors from somewhere (I forgot, sorry), and wow, they were interested.

Monday was great, but some of it was weird. Should've saved it for Wednesday.

But Tuesday came along, and boy, maths sure was hard! Again! Bad luck, you can go now! Ohh...and, to make the luck worser, Ms Aireen wasn't at school. Ohh...

Yeah, I shouldn't talk more about Tuesday. Let me just say that some people were mouse looking for the cheese. Unlock that code, and you'll know what I mean.

And that group of mice, or pair of mice, continued to follow the trail to the cheese they desperately wanted. But while the mice were doing that, the house owners had "no idea" that the mice were actually there. No such idea, that they are continuing with their on-going lives, and complete some "word" on a "topic".

The End. Oh, by the way, the mice were trapped on the mousetrap later on. The End for now.

Thursday! Because Wednesday was an amazing metaphoric story that was completely made up! This day was supposed to be the day where the Student Councillors would have their first afternoon meeting (I possibly mentioned this last year, but it's also possible I didn't), but it was soon canceled. Dang it. At lunchtime, though, it was quite interesting. Abraham came for a brief period of time to defend his case about the slap-cam outbreak, happening around the class.

It ended with Whaea Petra slapping Stanley. TEACHER BRUTALITY! Haha, just kidding. We didn't actually see...

There was no Technology (!) because Ms Aireen was not at school again (more boo!). Information rised that she had been sick. Dang it, the bad luck's gone worse. At least the class did some art, and a test, too. Weird test, but if that's the type of test where you need to look and listen and read carefully, sure, I'll do it.

Now, another Metaphoric Mice Story thing...

The mice were in a, they were in a mousetrap. And the owners, without noticing, walked past the said mousetrap. The mice were alone. The two, exhanging thoughts with one another. Then, out of the blue, they were out of the mousetrap before you knew it! They had disappeared! But, one mouse, in curiosity, decides to come back for another round at getting the cheese. The owners had now noticed the lonely mouse, almost scared to death by the surprise of the creature. One of the owners, out of bravery and ignorance, said to the other, "Hey! It's just a mouse! Don't be scared!" and the owners ignored the mouse, leaving the mouse lost and confused to where the cheese would be. So, the mouse retreats...

The End (for now)

Now, onto Friday. (laughs) Sorry, it's so amazing how I can use some sort of metaphor to translate a day into a story that is completely cryptic, and then let you try to figure out what it's about. So cool. Not really, but at least I could write metaphors! Or maybe the metaphor I used were not good. Oh well.

Friday. At least Friday ended with honesty from everyone. But, you must always remember when seeking the truth...

"Everyone wants the truth, but no one wants to be honest." -WikiHow, 2015.

Have a great next week, everyone.

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Petra Lawrence said...

You have written another in-depth and descriptive account of the week that was Willy, I am sure Miss Aireen does not feel like she has missed a thing!
I have been asked a few questions about your comment "It ended with Whaea Petra slapping Stanley. TEACHER BRUTALITY! Haha, just kidding. We didn't actually see..." perhaps you could elaborate a little more, and save me a trip to the Principal's Office! :-)

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