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April Fools....

The one day where smiles are deceiving...April Fools...

My Bio Poem...

Good day to you, reader. This is my bio-poem. Possibly my last one for Tamaki Primary...sorry. This is what the class was doing for the classroom to display on the walls. The ones I read are pretty good! This is my one, really, uh...I don't know, informative?
Intelligent as he can be, wittier than the internet, creative with paints and words, taller than the school Son of Mel and Fili, brother of Martini and Abigail Loves life more than the next guy, new journeys, and school Who feels mostly tired after running, happy in several moments, and calm when perfect Who needs his mind in learning, his humour in fun, and his words for inspiration Who gives his all in everything, witty sayings to his friends, and advice for help Who fears a world of darkness, heights, and cruelty Who would like more peace in the world, a change in people’s spirits, and forgiveness for the incidents in the past Who loves perfect moments, funny and unexpected events, and jokes that no one gets but adults! Aspires…

Term One - Heroes - Reflection

Good day to you, reader. the end of term reflection, for this term. Wow, I realised I haven't done these in a LONG time! It's always because "something" happens and I miss my netbook. In fact, this might be the first one in like, a year. Don't judge me! I help people! A lot...oh...
This term's topic was "Heroes". More specifically, real life heroes, and fictional heroes.
Enjoy the presentation.

April Fools...

School ends on April

Anne Frank...

Hello everybody, MY name is Abraham Burnley, and this, is WIlly's presentation (which I presented myself, because Willy was a bit too shy!). It is to do with his hero which he had done for the term (Inquiry Topic's Heroes), Anne Frank. This presentation was a bit good, if you ask me. Go on, ask me. No, don't. I can't, sorry, the presentation.

This presentation shows the outcome of his LOONG and painful research. I tell you, he did ask for help from a few people, and not only that, he was helping people a lot for most of the given time. And this is the final product.
Because of me (sadly), he got a merit. Sorry, Willy.
Anyway, enjoy the presentation! This is almost like a Sequel to his last presentation that he did last year all to do with the World Wars One and Two.
-Abraham Burnley

Step It Up Brick


Malama Honua Experience Presentation!!

Hello, everybody, my name is Willy and I experienced one of the most rarest things in my school life. Te Malama Honua Voyage visit that happened yesterday. There was the name for it specifically, but I forgot. Sorry. It was a great time there at Point England Reserve, but there were a few regrets. Probably made myself get noticed. A lot.
Hope you enjoy the presentation! It's quite dependent!

Riddle Me Wednesday!

This is the last Riddle Me Wednesday for this term.

Last week's riddle:
There was a green house. Inside the green house there was a white house. Inside the white house there was a red house. Inside the red house there were lots of babies. What is it?

A watermelon. Geet iit?

Anyway, this week's riddle...

Two men are in a desert. They both have packs on. One of them is dead. The other man has his pack open, and the man who is dead has his pack closed.

What is in the pack?

The answer will be given on the first Wednesday of Term Two. Hopefully...

To give a guess, comment below!

Riddles are not my own, but the internet community's.

2 Weekly Post (16th March - 20th March)

So, Cyclone Pam was on New Zealand, and there was a huge amount of rain that came through Auckland at midnight. How swell! I couldn't sleep that much on Sunday night!

Monday morning. I woke up, looked out the window, and what a surprise. It was raining. Yaay...and what a bigger surprise that I had to go to school early. Yaay...but what was more weirder than the fact that it was raining continuously, was the fact that I was quite literally, the only person outside on the courts at school when I arrived. Literally. Only me. Outside. I could've just walked inside and waited, but a moment like this only happens once...every year.

I admire the school by myself for a while, until Maui shows up. Way to end the minutes in the rain, Maui. Then all of a sudden, everyone showed up! It was like the moment by myself had completely vanished before my eyes. I walk inside in confusion on what just happened. Then Mehi comes through the door. Bags in lockers, it's not 8:30am. Better get out…

2 Weekly Post (9th March - 13th March)

Wow, this week was a bit of a hard and weird one...

We start with Monday, and luckily, I come close to early in the morning for the Breakfast Club. Tanisslous is there, with his brothers and that, looking as if they were waiting for me. We wait a while, talk amongst ourselves. Cavhyon's brother comes near me and I ask where he is. He was SUPPOSED to be here by now., he wasn't. Dang it.

After a moment of talking, I open the office door, and before you know it, the door shuts itself, locking the other guys outside. Oops. After that awkward moment, we head for the hall. Breakfast Club is on after all. Great. Just hope the others show up.

Mehi does. As always. Only this time she's late (weird). Toast is out and some Milo is served. Miss Thompson and the three of us talk about stuff. La de da. It was going so well. But the fun ended when I had to go back home after........just to pick up my sister, gosh, who thought something bad when they thought that?

And with that I…

Bloom's Taxonomy Current Events T1W8

Here is the Current Events presentation for this week. It's about an elderly man who accidentally shot himself with a cannon type shotgun. I was learning how to analyse a news article or news story.
Hope you enjoy!

Riddle Me Wednesday!

Hello, good day to you reader, and welcome to another edition of Riddle Me Wednesday!

To start things off, here's last week's riddle and answer:

In a one-story pink house, there was a pink person, a pink cat, a pink fish, a pink computer, a pink chair, a pink table, a pink telephone, a pink shower– everything was pink!What color were the stairs?

Answer: There weren't any stairs, it was a one story house!

You possibly already got that if you kept reading onto this week's riddle...

And it's a classic!

There was a green house. Inside the green house there was a white house. Inside the white house there was a red house. Inside the red house there were lots of babies. What is it?

To have your say, comment below and guess!

*This types of riddles can be found on the line. Visit But don't cheat!

Reading Highlight #5

If we can move along, they were heading into the night. Something awful happens, like, for say, a poisonous fog enters the forest. The four run off, affected, and to make things more worse, Mags kept falling off each and every one of them. To save them, she sacrificed herself, running into the poisonous fog and dying straight away. Sad for Finnick, she was his mentor. Oh, by the way, Mags kissed Finnick before literally running into her death.
At day, the THREE now have seen another couple of people being stranded on the beach closeby. Katniss knew them, of course, and so they help them. They're now allies at this point, I think. The...uh...six (I think) are making their way to the Cornucopia, where all of a sudden spins out of control. Most of them have almost been thrown off the Cornucopia. Most. Only one of them, named Beetee (male), was out in the water.
The Cornucopia stops spinning, and already other tributes from other Districts have tried to kill them. Wiress (Beetee'…

Aroha's Typical Day (Grammarnastics Task)

This is the grammarnastics task all to do about past tense and verbs. Or verbs used in past tense. The writing below shows present tense, and the task below shows my thinking and working around past tense. The blurb at the bottom is my create task, which is to make a paragraph about what I did yesterday. The past tense verbs were done by my friend Sulaiman.
I usually get up at 6 o’clock and have a shower. Then, I go for an early morning jog in the park. After that, I have a big breakfast and I drive my car to work which usually takes me half an hour. I start work at 8am. I eat cheese and crackers at interval. I never have lunch. I finish work at 4 o’clock. I’m always tired when I get home. I usually cook a meal in the evening and then watch TV. I don’t usually go out at night. I go to bed at about 10:30. I always sleep well. Yesterday was a typical day for Jenny. Write what she did or didn’t do yesterday. Highlight the verbs in the paragraph above. Remember to change the verbs in to th…

Visitors! Events taken place (Part Two...)

I walked to the hall, talking to myself about coincidences and synchronism, and how I'll never escape the perfect-time moments that STILL happened after this. Although, when I reached the entrance to the hall...Mehi wasn't there...that was weird...she wa...she was right there, behind me...that was weird, was all I thought. But, there was no time to think, when there was visitors clearly there! So, without any warning, Brandon asks me to be his partner. Because there must be more than one Student Councillor guiding, am I right?

So, we set off with a few teachers. Starting off with the artwork outside the hall, in the corridor/hallway. Took a few pictures, then we set off onto the old Room 4. Or Room 5. I don't know, the classes are still mixing me up. Anyway, we walk around the class...wait, I walked around the class while Brandon casually asks some students on what they were doing. The visitors are observing the learning environment.

We exit and then go on to the new Room …

The Extension Table

On Saturday, my Dad, once again, set out to build another thing. This thing was a small extension to our dining table. It was, once again, for our church, because recently, many people have complimented our house for how big it is, the many activities (such as a pool table), and the food we provide after the prayer meeting.

It was in the afternoon where he started. Now, to be fair, and before I actually start, let me just warn you I am not good at my tools vocabulary. So, anyway, with the building of the table extension.

My dad was searched for his safety glasses. Momentarily, he finds them. After that little awkward find, he begins on getting the tools needed to build the table extension. Nails, screws (, I apologise), wood, sandpaper, a hammer, a sledgehammer, another hammer, an old power saw, a new power saw, a ruler, a measuring tape, a pencil...many things needed, if you asked me.

He starts off by using the wood to get the type of vision of the table extension he needs. Us…

Word of the Week - Perseverance

This is the other world of the week. The word is "Perseverance". I think I've done this word before...I don't know. Might as well say it. I persevered to make this, and it only took over 3 hours. That is, because, I haven't used my netbook during that time.
Hope you enjoy reading!

Word of the Week - Militant!

Here is another word of the week task. Oh,, sorry, I'd just done a very PeCuLiAr test. I'm puffed out. This...thi...this word is "Militant" the drawing to find my analytical results of the word.
Please do not mind the illustration of the word. That's what Google said.

Word of the Week - Philanthropist

This is one of the words of the week, "Philanthropist". At first, I thought this was like a doctor thing. you see what I'm facing here! Seriously though, this was a good word once I analysed it. Thank you, Word of the Week! And the people behind the task!

Rain Only Means One Thing...


Autumn Promo Picture...


Word of the Week - Fortitude...

This is my last word of the week...for the week. This word is 'fortitude'. Read the drawing and you'll get some idea of the word, if you didn't know already. I was learning what this word was, of course, but I was learning how to analyse and make some sense of what the word means...

Word of the Week - Tribulation!

Here is another word of the week, this one being "tribulation". I was not only learning about a word I don't know, but I was learning about analysing a word into four different areas, definition, examples, illustration, and synonyms.

My 700th Post!

Hooray! 700 BLOGPOSTS!


Yeah, just from that picture, just imagine friends and other people in the background...

Anyway, this is my 700th Blogpost! Wow! And from past milestones, these probably happen every three months.

So, if my goal is 1000...

Well, better get started! But seriously, I LOVE BLOGGING, and it's great that I receive feedback and feedforward from readers or friends or classmates on my blogposts, which, I should say, have gone strangely more like me actually speaking.

Compare this moment to when I started, eh?

No, this is amazing. 800, here I come!

Visitors! Events taken place (Part One...)

So, without further ado...

The visitors had just came into the hall, well, before that, the Kapa Haka group were beginning their powhiri, and with some of the student councillors leading them in, I think (and in case you were thinking, I wasn't one of them, I was standing by the side), I could only say the arrival of the visitors was truly not to forget. Although I was standing on the side with Mehi, friend (you probably already know that by now), I was getting a bit prepared for something that were to happen in a few minutes.

After the powhiri, the Kapa Haka group went off in a very neatly way. If only the whole class were like that. Haa...but, I had to focus on the main event at hand, the visitors. Me, Mehi, Ma'asi, and Cypress were told we could take a bite or two, mix and mingle with the visitors. Although, I was bad at that. Luckily, on my trusty side, Abraham Burnley was on to take over the course.

There was a short (thankfully) video demonstrating Learn, Create, Share. …

Amazing Game! Not Amazing Partner!

Today there was this game, that happened to be more than a game. It was " Online Practise" or something. I don't know. It had the words "free" and "rice" together, I can tell you that. This lives up to its name, though, paragraph, first...

So, basically, you're playing a game, answering questions, and with a question right there are five grains of rice donated to starving people, so they eat rice. Sounds unbelievable, am I right? Well, to make it short, it's true. You're playing a game, and donating at the same time! Amazing!

I was at first practising my comprehension, because I had no idea what it was. THEN, when it actually made sense to me (because Whaea Petra told me and Tanisslous), I was practising multiplication and addition, if not, division and subtraction. I did this alongside Tanisslous (mentioned him a few seconds ago), and wow...wasn't he FAAIR...

He covered my screen and asked me questions he A…

Riddle Me Wednesday!

Another Wednesday, another riddle! And the answer, of course, but mostly the riddle, too...

Last week's riddle:

Who makes it, has no need of it.
Who buys it, has no use for it.
Who uses it can neither see nor feel it.
What is it?

The answer:

A coffin! Sorry. that was a bit dark, but moving on...

This week's riddle:

In a one-story pink house, there was a pink person, a pink cat, a pink fish, a pink computer, a pink chair, a pink table, a pink telephone, a pink shower– everything was pink!
What color were the stairs?

To make a guess, comment below!

*Riddle not made by self, but found online. DON'T CHEAT!

Visitors! Well, the events prior...

Hello and good day to you, reader,

Half of today was a pretty full on experience. Sort of. Took almost two blocks and I ended up having an injury. Thanks to a CERTAIN SOMEONE, WHO HAPPENED TO BE A SQUID, EARLIER THIS YEAR! But I'll talk about it later on in this post.

So, anyway, morning. Wow, it is even more hard to remember what you did in the morning than an event two weeks ago. Wow. Uh...let's see...woke up, slept in, woke again, slept in again, then it was eight something in the morning, and I was sitting in bed. After getting ready, it was about, uh, quarter to nine, perhaps?

At school, I think it was a while before nine o'clock. Bag up, netbook out, lock on, key down. Then the Student Councillors went to the hall to set it up with Ms Aireen and Mrs Micic (school librarian, also an awesome person with a great personality). Tables out, sound system out, dongle (can't spell it) with me, giving it to Ms Aireen. Then back to class.

I was back in class. Maths time. Ju…


Good day to you reader,

I have a short announcement to make...

Quick explanation: This is Abraham Burnley. My alter ego. As said from the picture. He is the more serious, more talking type of personality, that has now become a human. His first appearance was when he was involved in the Cyberbully Debate last week. He was debating about the good side of things of how a new law could be made good.
His motive: To speak for the people and to speak his thoughts whenever possible, whether it is appropriate, or even inappropriate. He shows up rarely. Hence how he's been introduced now.

2 Weekly Post (Part Two To 2nd March - 6th March)

Wednseday now, and there was a Math Test. I think I talked about it in the other part. Yeah, two minutes left in the test, that test. Yeah...

But after the test was where things got interesting. For the Bloom's Taxonomy, our focus article was about cyberbullying and the new law coming out about teachers now having more control in the student's learning, by comfiscating a student's phone or device if they are suspected of cyberbullying/s#xting. Sorry, language like that, not on here.
There was a big dabate about this, mostly with Tanisslous, friend, Cypress, friend, and myself. I was on the side where it was a good thing, whereas thy were on the sad where it might've not been a good thing. Most of the Year Eights chose my opinion, but there were some still on the "no" side, like Brandon, for example. What I thought was a simple arguement, then went outside the class. And then all of a sudden, I think I surrendered!

My alter-ego, Abraham Burnley, does NOT surre…

Blog Commenting T1W7

Here is the blog commenting task for this week. I went on different types of blogs. From now on, not only on the task, but I will TRY to comment on as many blogs as I can. It's nice to start a comment section. That is, if people look at it...
Anyway, here is the presentation. Enjoy!

Word of the Week - Sacrifice!

This is one of the words of the week. The word is "Sacrifice". Sorry if there is one thing that sounds pretty not good, but it was Brodie, friend, who wrote that. No, wait, he just told me it was an idea, which expanded into a sentence.
No controversy included.


Moving on from subtraction, I'M gonna talk about money. In a learning-safe way. Gumption was the game my group, Equals 10, and let me tell you, it's quite the game to get with in maths. I was the bank, and while typing these words down, I'm also trying to get with my addition, adding the numbers of bith dice. That's easy, but then there's the money (here's the part). So far, I'm giving out money constantly. And I sent Tanisslous to court, and took $500 away from him.

Sorry, Tan. But anyway, right now I am losing a bit of cash.

Charity case?

I think Brodie won the game. He's the, this post turned horrifyingly realistic for a second...

Subtraction Time Game...(forgot name sorry)

Just about now for maths my group, Equals 10, were doing maths games online. The game included three of my weaknesses.

Subtraction, time, and thinking.

But it all paid off at one part of the game, where I amazingly had easy questions, and had SO many answers, and points, if I can add.

I was learning my subtraction...and using restricted numbers against time....

2 Weekly Post (2nd March - 6th March)

I was late to the Breakfast Club, for the first time, and in an attempt to get through the morning with no disturbance, well, let's just say the "my sister sleeps really late" part in my "About Me" column was really standing out. At school at about five minutes to nine, and wouldn't you know, a writing test was going on. Briilliant. We were recounting about a reminiscent time. No more explaining. I think I did well. I don't know, it was hard remembering what I did when I was five, gimme a break.

After the writing test, however, there was a it of fun. A bit of Jeopardy, decimals edition, with Danisha, friend, and Brooklyn, friend (I think, no offense Brooklyn), and while it was a challenging game, because I was never good with my decimals (you'll see why on Friday), it was also humorous as well...

NOTE: Not exact words said:

Danisha: Okay, Willy, don't interrupt me this time, 'kay?
Me: Alright, okay, geez...
Question: 0.0004 x 10 000
Me: Okay,…

Reading Highlight #4

So, continuing on...

It's the next morning. What I believe from here is that Katniss is getting closer to the arena. At the arena though, things change dramatically. Just before she is entered into the arena, her designer-type person guy friend or something is beaten to a pulp by two guards. Katniss bangs onto the hard glass, but no effect.

She is then lifted up into the arena. Around her is water, water. Water. And some other things too, like the Cornucopia, other tributes. When it starts, that's when I completely start reading quickly, to keep the suspense up. Finnick, who is some guy that knew Katniss from last year's Hunger Games, and from District 3, is with Katniss, who is completely not interested in him. But Peeta. To protect him, no matter what happens.

Some guy tries to wound Katniss and Finnick, and Hags, who was also there. The guy is speared, or tridented (killed with trident), along with his match, who were from District 2, I think. I don't know, the Dist…

2 Weekly Post (23rd Feb - 27th Feb)

It was a bit fuzzy, but I'll get there.

Monday 23rd February. It was a day of normality. Maths first, reading second. For maths we were doing simple tasks, using our number knowledge to figure out problems, not to forget word problems, which have absolutely been a pain in the past, but thanks to Ms Aireen for a tip last year, I was sure to know what I was doing. There was one task that seemed almost weird, as it was to write a story. In a maths worksheet. See what I mean? This is the exact kind of weird I get everyday. Anyway, the task was to write a story that included the feelings. The feelings throughout this story were to be:

- Excited at the beginning onwards before the middle
- Sad in the middle onwards before the ending
- Happy (not excited) at the ending.

Here's how my story came to be, and just to clarify, this was out of the top of my head at the time:

At the start, a woman is walking in a park, where she drops her scarf. A man comes along to pick up the scarf, give i…

Developing Comprehension - Making Connections

This is this week's Developing Comprehension. This skill this week is Making Connections. This task took a while to finish. So much reading...
The next task, making a DLO for this task, will be posted later on. I just need to figure out what to do...

Word of the Week - Heroism - Willy and Mehi

Yes! I won again! Only this time it was not fair for her! This is the third drawing of the Word of the Week, which to think of it should be Words, because, you know, more than one word, but for this post, the word is "Heroism".
I worked on this with Mehi, friend. We were learning to analyse a word, like, what words relate to this word? Can we illustrate this word? What about a sentence or 3?

Word of the Week - Subjective

Another part of the activity, this time, again. I lost the race to Mehi, friend, again. Gosh dang it! The word we're focusing on is "Subjective". Take a look at the drawing, and I'll be back...

No wait, I won this one! Yay!

Me and Mehi - Word of the Week 1

Here's the word of the week for this week. There are more to come. I did this with Mehi, which we're having a race with...ARGH! I need to hurry! Stay tooned!
By the way, I lost the

Riddle Me Wednesday!

Welcome back to Riddle Me Wednesday! First of all, last week's question...

What is a word made up of 4 letters, yet is also made up of 3. Sometimes is written with 9 letters, and then with 4. Rarely consists of 6, and never is written with 5.

The answer:
Correct, the word 'what' has 4 letters in it, 'yet' has three, 'sometimes' has 9, 'then' has 4, 'rarely' has 6, and 'never' has 5.

Ha, gotcha. Just to point out, these were found online, because I don't that kind of mind to think of an interesting question. Now, onto this week's question...

Who makes it, has no need of it.
Who buys it, has no use for it.
Who uses it can neither see nor feel it.
What is it?

To give a guess, comment below!

Just an Experiment...

Don't read this, this presentation was an experiment to see if I was still manageable while sleepy.
It proved well. Sort of....

Comparing Heroes!

Here is a drawing comparing the two heroes I chose and blogged earlier. The heroes were, of course, Ms Aireen (real life hero) and Batman (superhero, fictional). These are the differences between them, and then in the middle, hopefully, are the comparisons between the two...

The Conversation (2/2)

On 22:15, Mehi says:
"hey this is the superhero i've made its oceanias half brother i like to have the colours matching nd stuff so yeah i need a name though" Here's the hero...

I had to come up with a name. Now, backstory time, again, when we were naming our first superhero creation, Mehi asked me for one, because her first one was a female superhero who was blue. I thought she was purple, so I called her "Purpilipilous". Yes, that is the exact name I called it. Pur-pi-li-pi-lous. Then she declined it, naming her Oceania instead.

Now, back to the story, the second hero (image right), he was blue. So why not...

On 22:17, Willy says:
"bluepilipilous?"  On 22:18, Mehi says:
"OMG  NO!" On 22:19, Willy says:
"oh.......but isn't it amazing that I still remember how to say it>" On 22:20, Mehi says:
"NAH BRO BUT OMG IM DYING ONLY GOT 30MINS LEFT" So now Mehi was running low on battery life. Soon her netbook would, as …