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Maths Task: Writing and Solving Equations from Word Problems

Here is one of the maths tasks this week. This one is all to do about writing and solving equations for more word problems.

The picture here:

A Real Life Hero...

Here is a drawing about a hero I know. I thought a lot about this hero, and it is Ms Aireen, who is, of course, one of my teachers in the Kia Manawanui syndicate. Read the drawing and you'll find out why...


Autumn is here...

Frightened, and Lost...

My eyes flung open. I was awaken by the leaves that were blowing into my face. My ears, hurt. My head, hurt. I was laying on the ground, looking up to the sky. It looked like it was the afternoon. It could get dark soon. I staggered up, and looked around to figure out where I was.
I could tell I was in a bush-like environment, only to have multiple trees from one point to another. Then I try to figure out how I ended up here. Only hazy moments of me falling down could give some details of what I was doing. I blacked out. Another shows figures almost flying past me, showing only small details I couldn’t make out.

And now here I was, in the middle of probably nowhere. A slow, yet breezy gust of wind blew through me, some leaves have flew up and down. I took a few steps into a direction and started to walk. But in doubt. Passing a bush, I heard rustling from the leaves. Cracks and snaps from the twigs I had stepped on.

After walking for what felt like an hour, I stopped to take the time to …

The Amazing Race!

It was on a Thursday. The twenty-sixth. Of February. Two-thousand and fifteen. Morning. The whole senior syndicate was going into the hall for what was thought to be Technology. It was, sort of, but with a twist. And a good twist is was. The twist was that it would be a version of the Amazing Race. Year 7 and 8 style. First, we went into our groups, which would be our groups, which we would have to work with.

We were rewarded points on completing a task fully, using encouraging words, working together (or using teamwork), and using T.R.U.M.P.

And then there were the first tasks for each group. My group, no name, had the task of going to the old art room to compete a puzzle, then colour it to match it with the other completed piece of art.

We were talking about a strategy. It was so serious. Nothing could interrupt this group moment. Until Ms Aireen yelled "Go!" and we ran outside like groups of rats going for the rarest cheese in the world. I enter the old art room and alrea…

Reading Highlight #3

So...without delay...

Katniss must've thought that there could be a number of uprisings occurring in the other districts, and why would she have thought that? Well, later in the book, she is getting ready for a wedding photo shoot, I think, and while getting the dresses on, she finds out about why there wasn't any...I don't know, food from District 3...uprising...why no lighting from District get the idea, but those are examples, not the actual events...

Then, after something happened, something happened. She is out of the district she was in. She's in the forest. Wearing her mockingjay pin (the result of a bluejay and a mockingbird "getting together"). She comes across two other people, females, who are said to be an aunty and a niece, who had come from an explosion that happened in a different district, I think.

The two females approach Katniss. One shows a biscuit-like thing that has the mockingjay on it. They tell Katniss about a distri…

Wacky Web Tales!

It's thriller time in this Wacke Web Tale.

And this is probably one of the wacky stories, that actually made sense. Enjoy reading!

Try it for yourself! Click here!

Riddle Me Wednesday!

Here's another Riddle Me Wednesday! I should start this! Hopefully! Anyway the answer to last week's riddle was......"Happy Birthday." This song can be sang with anybody's name in it.

Now, for this week's riddle...

What is a word made up of 4 letters, yet is also made up of 3. Sometimes is written with 9 letters, and then with 4. Rarely consists of 6, and never is written with 5.

No question.

Just think.

Develop Your Comprehension: Inferencing!

Here is one of the reading tasks. "Developing Comprehension". This type of comprehension the class was focusing on (at least I think it was the whole the class.....get it? hehe....) was Inferencing. Inferencing is a type of comprehension that involves "looking between the lines", or, to make it simpler, finding out what the author really said in the text.


I think this is the post I shouldn't have done.....

Scroll down.....this is just wrong.....

Techno Guy!

Da-da-da-dah! It's Inquiry-Heroes time!

Today we were focusing on making our own superheroes. From the title, you already know what his name is, so here he is!

Current Events T1W5

Here is another Current Events presentation from this week. And with the help of William, friend, this was finished quickly!
The article's about ice-cream that glows in the dark! AMAZING!

Current Events T1W4 (delayed)'s the presentation! The article, which hopefully you heard in the "vlog" (and if you didn't, this will help), was about the Hamilton father who admitted to killing his once eight month old son last year. His lawyer said he changed his plea from non-guilty to guilty.
This was done last week...

Vlog 2: Current Events

Welcome to this vlog! Sorry for my voice!

I had just enough time to make a short summary about a Current Event presentation article that is to be posted shortly after this. So, basically, this is a mini-sneak peek about the article.

I keep picking dark articles. But I will choose a happy-type article after this, I will stop with these "sad" articles now.

For now.

Adverbs and Adjectives!

Hello reader, good evening to you!

Today for grammarnastics, the class was studying 'adverbs' and 'adjectives'. Now I shouldn't explain too much about it, because it'll ruin part of the DLO I did. It's exciting because this is the first time I used it. Ooh...

So, (exhales) here it is!

Created with Padlet
It's a "Padlet". I don't know exactly know what it is, I'm guessing it's a cross between a tablet and a pad? But how would that relate to...wait...argh, when in doubt, Google help! Be right back...hehe...
Oh, wow, it's an online bulletin board. Drag-and-drop sharing. Thought it was more than that, but that's okay! At least I know!

The Pool Picnic

It was mid-February. Sunny morning. The whole school was preparing for the Pool Picnic/Fun Day at the YMCA Pools in Panmure, to set a family-like scene for all of us for the year, to bond with each other. Of course family were coming, silly. I was feeling pumped, excited for the day..

Room One came into the hall. They were the Year Eight’s buddy class. I didn’t have one, exactly, but I did go with Stanley. I sorta felt uncomfortable. I didn’t know why, but after a quick picture, we went off with our buddies to the bus, and the bus we were going in was a bit farther than previously thought. The invisible invaded my nostrils as I walked past.
In the bus, seated, we take a picture once again. I was literally almost steaming. So hot. Subsequently, we are on our way to the pools. Waving at people who weren’t paying attention to us, we were getting excited by the minute. Arriving at the pools, we changed into our swimming material.

Outside, in the hot sun, we were boiling. I was cert…

Penguin Jump

Not again! I tell you, Mehi is using black magic to win all the games, and causing bad luck for me, sadly. I swear I was not struggling, I was just...figuring out what 3 x 8 was? Sorry, I confuse my 3 times tables and my 4 times tables because 3 x 4 = 12 and 4 x 3 = 12, and 3 x 8 = 24, and 4 x 7 = 24, and because they have the same answer...I get stumped...
Anyway the game was, according to the title, Penguin Jump. A game where the player is a penguin jumping to ice things, which are answers. Correct, you jump and land on another one. Wrong, you fall in the water and retrace your steps a few moments ago...
And I was versing against Cavhyon, TJ, and Mehi. Gosh, she keeps beating me! Now I need to practise MORE! Nah, just kidding, it was nice for a while, until it actually broke me. Me doing worm dances and weird noises...because I lost..
Ah, here's some highlights from the games we had...

Playing Cards (Maths)

Right now, or just a minute ago, me, TJ, and Mehi, friends, played with some playing cards for maths. Right now they're online, playing math games. It was a bit hard with the playing cards, with all the confusion and stuff, cheating and learning at the same time.

And Mehi won. Boo. But good for her, that means I have A LOT to do to beat her, as a friend...

I seriously hope she doesn't read this. Oh, yeah, I took a selfie. At least I think it was....

2 Weekly Post (16th Feb - 20th Feb)

Onto this week...

Monday was a pretty slow start to the week. I don't why I said that, but moving on. I could almost tell that I was going to get my charger today. And from that note I should skip into lunchtime, where I followed Paterita, friend (fake cousin too), take a fellow young man to the Old Tamaki Intermediate Hall, or, from now, the New Sommerville Special School Hall, which, by the way, and amazingly, my brother goes there.

Then later on in the day, there was a Duffy Assembly, with such an amazing theatre play with a great message. How I loved those. Such a sad this could be my last one. Hopefully it isn't.

The next day...

Tuesday was out of line. In the middle block a couple students and I went to Room One to help design a hero costume for the junior students. Now, we all know who I was going to go sister. And let's face it, as a brother looking at his sister at school, who yells non-stop when near her and practically doesn't listen...

That's …

2 Weekly Post (9th Feb - 13th Feb)

To start off this week in the fortnight before, it was a Monday. Obviously, and the Whanau Conferences were coming up. Although, something's changed. Instead of goals related to learning, it was goals related to the T.R.U.M.P Key Competencies. And I'll explain it again, Thinking, Relating to Others, Understand and Using Language, Symbols, and Text, Managing Self, Participating and Contributing. There.

So anyway, I had just finished my presentation, and Ms Aireen had checked it for the colours last night (8th Feb). The presentation, if you didn't know, had colourful matches and complementary colours in parts of it. At this point I was onto doing the T.R.U.M.P t-shirt. Which was a bit of an issue, considering the fact that the internet was slow. But oh well. I'll strive to succeed a t-shirt.

Then there was another task I desperately needed another talking of. The Heroes title page, which I was SUPPOSED to finish (and now that I said that I should get going with it), was …

An Inspiring Quote

Good day to you, reader, and welcome to this one thoughtful yet almost inspiring post. I started this blog a couple years back, 2012 mainly, and that year was the same year, obviously, I had my netbook, which is with me on this day. In 2012, also, I was in Ms Aireen's classroom, which was known as Room 7.

A lot's changed over the years when I was in different classes. But there was always one thing that never changed. It was that one, little, easy, yet also thoughtful saying, which I can now say could now be a quote. Well, hopefully. It's three words.

I put a picture of her looking seriously-like, in a serious-like pose, with the serious quote, and a serious trademark-thing-like thing at the bottom right. First time doing this, I'm giving things a try this week. I was bored so I went through the Pool Picnic Pictures and found this, and so I added a quote, the picture, placed it here, and....bam! Quote picture-thing!

My Library Book!

Today Kia Manawanui's Year Eights were in the library. The Year Sevens went before us. Of course, we did some work. Recount planning about the pools yesterday, which I WILL finish once I find a way.

But even with that going on...ahem, excuse the video...ahem...

Sorry about the poor audio, but I had to do it. Wanted something new. But anyway I said "As you can see...the Year Eights are here. I don't know why I'm going this...". Explanation? I still had chlorine in my system. Making me say the wrong things and see the wrong things.
Moving to the point...I went for a new library book. The first one this year! Although, now that I think about it, I guess it was a random pick, because SOME people can't resist taking a book out. But luckily, just like most random choices, this one was a good and lucky one, because this book was a totally different kind of genre. Although, I didn't quite know what exactly the genre was.
At least the first few pages got me...

I a…

Riddle Me Wednesday!

Here is a riddle found online. And don't cheat, I know at least 3 people will...

So, here we go...

A poor man is sitting in a pub. He sees that the man next to him is extremely rich.

Poor man: I have an amazing talent; I know almost every song that has ever existed.

The rich man laughs.

Poor man: I am willing to bet you all the money you have in your wallet that I can sing a popular song that includes a lady's name of your choosing.

The rich man laughs again.

Rich man: OK, how about my daughter's name, Joanna Armstrong-Miller?

The poor man goes home rich.

What song did he sing?

Be sure to comment in the...comments section!

Answer's next week! Be quick! Or take your time since it's just a week away, I mean, you could do a lot in a week, like, let's see...

Blog Commenting T1W3

Hello, and good day to you. Or, almost good evening. This post right here is all about blogs. Oh, no, sorry, commenting on blogs. Different kinds of blogs, you see. See, as in, see in the presentation. The posts I commented on were absolutely great, and I am so lucky I "stumbled" upon those blogs. Let the comments, BEGIN!

Reading Highlight #2

Onto the next events that followed the previous post.

So, if I can remember without looking at the book itself, Peeta must've came along to Katniss' house. And made some biscuits that have butterflies or flowers. I don't know, but to think of the imagination I have, it might've been amazing to look at. But in this situation, I tried not to, as President Snow is in the household.

They talk about a subject I forgot...oh, yes, her mother offered a bath. Sorry, I just took a quick glance at the book and saw the words bath and mother together. You don't see those two together in a sentence. Although I, I haven't, seriously. Moving on, the Victor's Visit (still forgot actual name) was getting closer (apparently), and Katniss' designer or "readier" if I can call it, was with her, and they agreed with a time to pick Katniss up. Noon.

The people who got her ready, or if I can say, readiers, were, yes, readying her for the Victor's Visit.…

Reading Highlight

Good day to you, my blog. Or good evening.

Typing this down. On my netbook. Finally charged! Thank goodness!

Celebration time later, but this is an important matter.

I achieved something in the holidays. I didn't just go places and not read. I only read one book. And one article. And watched a whole lot of videos on different articles. But didn't read them. The video hooked me in, then lost me.

But ANYWAY! I achieved a reading achievement during the holidays. I read The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. The whole book. In four weeks. I think it was four weeks...don't know, because I was too busy reading my mind off! I don't know where to begin!

Except for where Katniss (the possible main character) is at her home. District 12, I think. And from what I believe was the last time, she had won The Hunger Games, with this guy (Peeta), who she had to pretend to like and then actually liked but then lost touch with him because of this other, affair...anyway, this other g…

Just a Reminder...

Forgot to post this on Valentines Day, but...

Sorry. Couldn't resist it. Thought it would be a good joke. Get it?

Characteristics Tree

The drawings are back in motion!
This particular drawing is my Characteristics Tree. A tree which includes my characteristic traits. Some of the traits include reliable, tall, hard-working. Try and spot some more, because surely from where I'm looking, I can see most of them...

Current Events: Blooms Taxonomy T1 W3

Here is this week's Current Events. Looks different, right? Yeah, that's because the hats are gone. No, just kidding. From now, the Current Events presentation will take an approach on not the 6 Thinking Hats but the Blooms Taxonomy: Remembering, Understanding, Applying, Analysing, Evaluating, and Creating.
Sounds cool, now right? I'll answer for you, since I can predict from now that SOME people may say no. So I'll say it anyway. Yes, it is cool. :D
I shouldn't spoil the whole thing, but the article I've chosen for this task is about an accident that occurred in Wellington earlier this week. Enjoy reading and I hope to read your feedback!

10 Fast Fingers

Right now I decided to get a comeback. I once again practised my typing skills and how many words I could type in a minute with 10 Fast Fingers. Many have tried, and many have reached probably below 30 words, but some would prevail. By prevail, I mean actually play this "game" more often. As said some times before, I would've played it with a colleague of mine, but this time I did it by myself.
Took only two times to reach only 65 words. It just feels so good to find over 60. Or at least over 40.
To play this online challenge, click here.

Superhero vs Real Life Hero! Meaning Battle!

Here is probably my first drawing for this year that I've blogged! Yay! I've hit a new epiphany!
Anyway this drawing is about the differences between a superhero and a real life hero.
Also, I used this to do a Meaning Battle with Cypress. He won. Boo.

I Just Mailed to Say I Miss You

Here is a short song I did to the tune of "I Just Called to Say I Love You" by Stevie Wonder. I was basically emailing people who weren't actually online, and then thought of this...

Notes: This was from 2014...

No more Year Eights
To graduate
No more chocolates, lollies, or random cakes
I can't believe
My eyes deceived
That this is the last time I'll them anyway

No more Year Eights, no more headaches
No more seeing Facebook pages everyday
I am mailing
This song to sing
'Cause now I've hardly got anyone to come pla

I just mailed to say, I miss you...
I just mailed to show that I'm still here...
I just mailed to say, I miiss yoou....
And I hope you do read all the other parts...

The Prayer Meeting...

Good day to you, reader.

Earlier today my family was having a prayer meeting with the church we have. I had exactly no idea it would happen, even though I knew some clues throughout the few weeks before we had the meeting. Dad built a pulpit (the stand a preacher goes to to conduct a sermon), and other signs that I should've known.

As for me, I was upstairs throughout the entire meeting. Why some could ask? My brother. I will not explain it, because I think I mentioned the reason in the holidays. So moving on. I had to make sure he didn't disrupt the prayer meeting, because we all knew what would happen. Simple:

- He would go down the stairs one by one
- He would continually stare at everyone, and then
- The church will look at him
- I come down
- Bring him upstairs
- Realize Abby has followed...

And we all know what happens there. Yells. Disturbing the meeting and the church goers themselves. But don't worry, that never happened (thankfully). What really happened was, me …

Loop Cards (Surprisingly Hard)

Okay, so earlier today, during maths, my group, or, if I can say, two other group members, were doing this loop card game.
It was hard at first, because yesterday was when we started the loop card game, which I regrettably chose, that moment we were getting somewhere. We knew how many months were in January, how many months in a year and a half, all that.

But then we were stumped when the loop just...looped. But it looped the wrong way.

You see, the question we were answering answered an answer, but the answer, weirdly, was what we started with. So, without argument, we started the loop game again. And then again. And then again. And kept starting again up to breaking point. Which was then deciding to do it the next day.

Which was today.

And today, it was challenging. But. We pulled through. All because of a change of seasons. Yes, the seasons. APPARENTLY, the game does not revolve around New Zealand's point of view, where in December it is Winter, so, making a change, t…

My T.R.U.M.P Goals Presentation!

Here is my now finished T.R.U.M.P Goals Presentation for the term/year! Later on today I am going to show my Mum (hopefully) this presentation, and it's been hard work! Enjoy!

Speedy Subtraction

The title says it all. And goodness, I will never look at subtraction the same EVER again after I've finished this learning game, focused on subtraction, of course.

The learning game starts with the player choosing what they want to do. Specifically, they choose how many questions they think they can do in how many minutes.

I chose 15 questions in 2 minutes.

But then it came to actually playing the game that...that...made me really confused and lost, because there was this...uh...well...I don't really know how to explain it. There's this thing with all the numbers, then there's the, uh...

Urgh, you'll get what I mean...(picture below)

By the looks of it it doesn't look like I didn't make my target on my goal.
I didn't. :/

Ordering Fractions

Another game, I mean, maths learning game I played recently was the classic Ordering Fractions. This learning game involves the player into, well, ordering the fractions, of course.

Luckily though, I strived through and made it through the whole game, then after a while of ordering too much fractions, I decided to go onto another learning game.

Meteor Multiplication

Wow! This game is intense!

For maths learning online - a task for the new maths tumble for the new maths groups in Kia Manawanui (8 groups in total). This maths learning game - Meteor Multiplication, is a partly pressuring and mostly fun learning game involving the player being a "meteor destroyer" of some sort, answering multiplication problems, while also destroying meteors as it reaches the player.

It gets weird when none of the questions relate to the answer.

I recommend this game for times when you want to answer questions while being at risk of exploding. Just kidding. It's fun when you reach the next level.

Headache Haiku

A haiku related to what I feel right now. I found it on the web.
Think it's a headache?
Your mind lies to you, it's not...
What is it really?

2 Weekly Post (2nd February - 5th February)

Now, onto this week.

Monday was fairly well. Yesterday I had done a weather report, and so far, it was...exactly as expected. Sort of. I need to stop lying. The most horrible thing happened to me today, and thanks to my sister, I bet this will happen everyday.

I was late. Late. I haven't been late since last year, and that was just a couple times. I guess SOMEONE didn't want to get up early this morning...and luckily my sister won't understand what I'm gonna say next, so...

She was fussy with the morning and I ended up having to make her run to her classroom, OUTSIDE my classroom, and then walk back into the office, down the hallway, and then into the hall. Embarrassed by my lateness, and I find out that there are arranged seats. I sat at the back. I guess I know why...

I speak too much about unrelated topics and always muck around in work and had never completed a single task in my own learning time, and, and, an-okay, I guess I got a little self-doubted about myself. …

2 Weekly Post (27th January - 30th January)

Hello, reader. Or readers. Reader, hello, reader.

The 2 Weekly Post is back in action, and by action, I mean school. See what I did there? Back in action? Back in school?

Anyway...I entered the school gates, naturally. Buildings still getting built, and if you didn't know, there's gonna be the new classes for Room 1 (Kia Kaha) and Room 10 (or, Kia Manawanui), a conference room (I think), a satellite classroom for Sommerville Special School, oh, I just can't wait to get in there!

But classes weren't ready yet, so Kia Manawanui were in the hall, and Kia Kaha were in the one of the old classrooms.

Moving on, one of the new students to the school was my sister! And wasn't she excited! She clinged onto me, and looked around the area she was in. My mum was there, as well. She told me to watch her, always come to her class, all that. But a little note slipped by...

Do not "baby" her, Willy. Don't.

No, seriously, I did think that. As she is 5 years old. And s…