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My Family Metaphor

Here is a description of my family (which hopefully makes sense) using metaphors.
My mum is a train, Because she’s running all day long. My dad is a handcar, Because he’s always pushing us forward. My sister is a car, Because she speeds and is noisy, And my brother is a bike, Because he’s at the same place most of the time.

Current Events!

This week's Current Events is...

Impaled head like 'gruesome Halloween mask'
By Lynley Bilby, Herald Sunday

What happened? A man approached a gas station calmly, surprising workers and the gas station owner himself. Backstory was said that he was approached by a bunch of people, and was punched repeatedly to the face and was then struck by an iron bar, which became impaled in his head. He drove to an open gas station. The iron bar was later removed from his head in hospital and was finally airlifted to another hospital.

He is currently in Waikato hospital and may be returning home in a few days.

Who was involved? The people involved in this event were Katikati Caltex owner Lester Gray, the female cashier that was approached by Adam Armitage, the man with the iron bar impaled, and phoned an ambulance, local men, who took pictures of Armitage to show what it looked like, and the unknown people that caused the problem.

When did it happen? This event might've happened


New Years Eve 2014

One week on from Christmas, and it was settling down. The year was coming to an end, but we did not forget that another great year was to begin in hours. Earlier in the day, Dad went to a friend's house not so far away, and the weather was starting to get a bit rainy.

Spitting, as it looked.

So guess what Mum told me to do?

Run, or walk, in my perspective, down to interrupt the nice barbecue, few people chatting, music playing, and pull my dad away for a moment, then after, walk straight home! At least I got to catch up with a few people, for a short amount of time, and swing on a tree swing, but then an arm cramp occurred, and so Destiny did it and she was SWINGING HIGH ABOVE THE GROUND.

I wasn't jealous at all (!).

After a while, Dad comes back with a plateful of food, mostly barbecue.

Cut some time off, and we're only 3 hours away from reaching 2015. Mum, Dad, and Abby were, again, getting ready for church for the new years celebration, and it was clearly obvious they w…

New Years Eve Promo

With Christmas being just over a week ago, 2015 was getting closer..

Christmas Eve (3)

Now with what is happening with Dad, he was, as I would say from his perspective, walking a long way. Because our church was a bit far for walking, and it would take, like, I don't know...half an hour? So, I waited that long.

Then it was past 11:30p.m.

He still wasn't home...


I start to get worried. What if, he doesn't come back? That was not a risk I was gonna take, so before I start thinking of running outside to the left and then just finding Dad, I take a lie down and listen to some tunes.

Midnight. It's dark outside, not to forget cold. Still watching the television, witnessing the curtains still flying from the windy air. I wish I would close it, but, it was just refreshing, especially when you're alone by yourself and somehow you're sweating...

It was Christmas. Day. Morning. Early morning. And soon I would say "Merry Christmas" and all that kinda stuff. I would give hugs and kisses and give gifts to many. So, knowing that this was goin…

Christmas Eve (2)

I save myself from anxiety, knowing it was my uncle a the door, knocking.

I rush downstairs, and before he even calls out my name...
The door opens.
I greet him and he greets me. Then his girlfriend (okay, seriously, she might be engaged, I don't know for sure but I'll just mention her as the girlfriend) greets me, and I greet her in an excited mood. I tell them that Mum, Dad, and Abby would be back after midnight.
This was going to be a long night. It was 10:20p.m or something, but I knew it would take forever if we stood around, so, my uncle's girlfriend took a shower, my uncle went for the salad, I...walked upstairs into the room to eat the muffins left over. There's four.
Thanks a lot, Martin. Now I'm gonna get hungry at this point.
My uncle calls us both down (Me and Martin) to have a little chat. 
"What are you doing down here?" my uncle asks. "Just watching TV" I reply. "You going to college?" my uncle's girlfriend asks. &qu…

Christmas Eve (1)

It's Christmas Eve.

It's night.

Almost 9:40p.m.

What happened at this point was Mum, Dad, and Abby going to a church Christmas Eve party. Don't know when they will actually be back, but I know it'll go through midnight and longer. Uncle's coming to check on me and Martin, I was told.

And before I knew it, they were gone. I guess SOMEONE wanted to go so badly (I'm talking about Abby), and what was I left with? Muffins. Sure, they'll get me through the night (!).

After watching the television for about 5 minutes, I decide to go upstairs, because Martin was up there by himself. Alone. In the dark. In his room. I check the windows and doors, turn the security lights on, and just to make sure, I turn off the lights downstairs. All of them. The only light left on was the upstairs one.

Upstairs, where a movie was on, I settle myself on the bed in my parents and Abby's bedroom. I start eating the muffins while I'm relaxing. Relaxing as in hearing alarming f…

Christmas Eve Post Promo

Here is a little visualization of the Christmas Eve post, the post to be posted on, well, watch the promo thing.

Seriously, I became bored and so this happened...


Happy New Years, Everyone!