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2 Weekly Post (24th November - 30th November)

Now on this week, it was the last week of the season of spring. To start off this week of probably some misfortunes, as it was always the last week of a season that bad things would suddenly burst out, before springing into a new season. Now anyway, I was first sick again from another nightmare, and I still went to school.

I hardly moved because I was light-headed this time. I was excused from P.E in the last minutes so I could rest, and thank goodness I did. I was tired from just running!

Tuesday came along and, again, something bad happened. My netbook was a meanie, and died on the spot, and apparently, chargers have suddenly became unavailable. Great.

At least some work was done to a high standard.

Then there were some after hour speech work! It was by coincidence, I'm sure. I just wanted to do my speech. And I did, with the help of two helpful people.

Well, I would call them 'helpful' if the other one did help me. Oh, well.

Wednesday came along, and, with no surprise, …

2 Weekly Post (17th November - 23th November)

To start this off, I'll say hi.

Hi. How are you? Good, good, okay.

I was really groggy at the start of the week. I had a nightmare. Intensity: Hard to sleep. I was drowsy, and it was a miracle that I could actually walk to school. And not fall down. But school was great, and also, after school, my so-called 'sickness' disappeared! Amazing, to be said!

Tuesday was a bit of a normal day. A bit. Because half the school was racing! And who wouldn't want to race if they were terribly sick the previous day? Me! But I still ran. Not only that, but another thing happened. A mixed team for a touch tournament went for the day, and I was never informed. But there were signs. There was the notice about, the talk about it, but do I listen when I'm sick? No, not really, sadly.

Unfortunately, the should I say this...uh...lost. Sorry for anyone who went there and are currently reading this. But hi anyway!

Besides from that, they did their best, at least that's what …

Miss Barlow - Acrostic Poem

Another poem, this time an acrostic. About Miss Barlow.

M -  Miss Barlow, the week we had
I - Inside your classroom
S - Seriously so much fun
S - Some funny moments, too

B - Birds flying around
A - A  time for all of us
R - Realistically, we hardly worked
L - Laughed around
O - Oh, ‘twas a fun time with youse!
W - Week we would never forget

In Room One

A little class diamond poem about my experience in Room One.

In Room One
Students Hyped, crazy Running, yelling, telling Quiet, creative  Classroom

Week Two - 2 Weekly Post

This week was hectic. Lots of the Year 8's and 7's were off to camp on Tuesday, and according to the posts I did this week, I didn't go.

Speaking of posts, I forgot to mention I reached my 600 post milestone!

Yeah, amazing! Anyway, moving on, for the whole week me, Mary-Jane, and her cousin/a best mate of mine Kereama, stayed in Room 1 to do our work, yes, but also, help with them for anything.

It was better than I thought it would be. I thought the three of us would just be in the corner, doing some work, whispering, but I was so wrong! It was fun, yes, fun with little children. The funniest things come out of their mouths sometimes. Now I have a full, clear picture of what Abby would be like next year.

Tuesday. The day of the Teddy Bear Shared Lunch. Me, MJ, and Kereama were helping with the preparations for the event, with lots of food and drinks. And if you think preparing it was hard enough, because me and Kereama practically walked the whole school area 6 times just …

Week One - 2 Weekly Post

This week...on the 2-Weekly Blogpost...
Monday started off as being so sunny and joyful. Lots of people were off to a touch tournament, and with that happening, the remainders of Room 8 went into Room 7 for the morning block. It was pretty challenging, but exciting as well. Division, Morris Gleitzman, the news, it was a handful.

But luckily we all got on it, had an idea of it, and, well, did it!

So, that was Monday, and it ended with a team I believe came 3rd or 1st from our school. Forgot, I mean, it was a couple weeks ago!

Tuesday was back to normal, but not for long. Homework was not quite as I expected it to be, as I was hardly on it. But! It was because of a mishap with my netbook.

As I said before, my netbook is going through some things right now. But it's still good.

Anyway, no more buts. Moving on with the week.

Wednesday was interesting, as we were choosing or suggesting topics for next year. It was hard, especially the topics! I was busy eating an apple while trying to figure …

Thinker's Keys: Ridiculous Key

Today I had to justify this statement: All children should stay at school until they have finished all their work.

Here is what I wrote:

We should have all children stay at school until they have completed all of their day's work.

It's simple. This strategy will show more of the self managing side of our school, and with that there, we have less people 'procrastinating' on them social network sites, and we both know that that affects their learning. But that's not all.

We all like to talk. Talking all day long, to others we know and love, but we know that most of us cannot talk WHILE also working, and the more they talk, the less work they finish. That's also why we should have ALL children stay at school until they've finish their day's work.

ALL CHILDREN. Especially the ankle-biters in Room 1. I know by research some of them don't usually finish ALL their work, and we know that if they start 'unworking' now, they will grow up to being all:

Another Moment while working!

Hey Blog.

Another free post over here.

While working on my recount about my weekend for writing, I realised something in the corner of my eye. A sleeping bird outside, while the rain eases down. It looked so amazing, I couldn't help it but smile the whole time and saying "Aww..." for 10 minutes. I completely lost focus on the work and focused on the pigeon. Its head down on its body, blinking ever so slowly.

The Lonely Pigeon.

But after a while, I went on with my work. The sun shined on us after the pigeon flew away.


Current Events!

Current Events for now! I did this task with the help of Mary-Jane and Kereama. This story is about the historic landing made by the space probe launched in 2004.
Amazing when you see their faces. Especially if you have been there at about 5 in the morning...

Decimals and Percentages

This is a presentation about decimals, fractions, and percentages. I convert decimals into fractions and percentages!
Easy enough! Because I've done this before...

Thinker's Keys: What If?

Here is one of the Thinker's Keys, the 'What If' Key. What if Tamaki Primary did not have any computers or netbooks? That's the question, and with that question comes the effect and consequence, and hopefully you can see at least 3...

My Wednesday...other than that bird post earlier...

Another thing happened other than a pigeon flying into the class of Room 1. Today was also the day of the 7th annual Manaiakalani Film Festival! 7 years...amazing.
It occurred at Hoyts Cinemas Sylvia Park, and we, we as in, most of the school (because some are off camping), watched some of the many films in the almost 2 hour sitting. Back at school, we did blog commenting in Room 4 (me, Kereama, and Mary-Jane were and are in Room 1 for the week) with the others. Well, Kereama and Mary-Jane were partners, but then M-J went on to be with another partner, who was a junior, and was in Room 1, and so Kereama was by himself.
Okay, moving on to the point now, sorry for going onto the other side.
I don't know why I just said that.
Okay! Now I was with a little boy named Dane, and he, to be fairly honest, because let's face it I am honest most of the time, he was TALKING through the whole event! I bet that almost everyone heard him.
Moving on from the festival, we were in Room 4 for co…

A the classroom

Hey Bloggy,
This week in Room 1 has been sensational. Shared lunches, some other stuff. This morning, a couple minutes ago, a bird was found flying across the classroom. Literally, a the class.
And guess who had to save everyone? Ahem, me...
Dang that pigeon. Flying everywhere. Scaring almost everyone. Especially the teachers (and I do apologise for anyone reading this, I just wanted to say it). It was flying into the window, and I tried anything to get it out. Sitting down and waving at it didn't help, so standing up and waving it was the net thing to do.
It was scaring us all, and I needed to get Mr Fepuleai to help. But guess what happened?
I ended up with a stick, practically poking the bird outside.
And it was finished, and I learned my lesson. When a pigeon casually walks in your classroom, don't play nice...

All a Dream: Mad Lib!

Here is a Madlib task me and some friends helped with. Picture one shows the process of the making of the story, and picture two shows the final product.
Pretty interesting what the outcome became...

Greater than > < Less than

Here is a presentation about greater thans and less thans. Now, I am always getting frustrated with this kind of maths, as I always do 'greater than' and not the 'less than'. Or maybe the 'less than' is already there with the 'greater than'? Or could the 'less than' be separated from the 'greater than'?
See what I mean?

My 600th!


I just want to say I feel grateful to say that this is my 600th Blogpost.

It took a while, but I made it. My next goal...700! And who knows when that'll come up!

What a great journey this has been so far, blogging new stuff, like that Movenote video I did last term. That was quite fun, having a few laughs at my mistakes, and then starting again, and again, and again, and a...anyway, I enjoyed a lot, and my year as a Year 7 is going particularly well.

Yeah, my charger's broken.

Yeah, my netbook's dead.

Yeah, I'm using another netbook that someone gratefully offered.

But still, I am here today to celebrate this event. Quietly, as this is being posted in class with no one but me, but that's because it's lunchtime.

Oh my, I don't want this feeling and post to go away. But unfortunately it has to.

Oh! And I almost forgot in the last post about a new milestone, I forgot to mention that I'm halfway to 1000 posts! Well, not any more, as this is 600 we'r…

Technology Challenge T4W4

Today, for this technology challenge, the class were split up into groups for another challenging challenge. It was to make the longest bridge that could stay stable, and be able to have a mini car go through, from one side to the other, and then back.

My group were stuck at first, but thanks to Teina and Starr, we were able to make the simplest design. Cards made and cut longer to make sure it was long, and the sides bent over so the car wouldn't fall over.

After 2 tests done, we were halfway there for the actual test. I, for one, was excited, whereas some were hopeful and faithful, and another one explaining the possible outcome...

We would lose.

But thankfully, and it was a miracle, our bridge made it. Over 120 centimetres and it was still good. And then 140 came, then it failed. But we did it.

Then the last team came along, and beat us by ONE SING CENTIMETRE!

But still, we came second. A great accomplishment, even though we didn't come first, but at least it was good fun.

De Bono's Thinking Hats Current Events

Here is the Current Events for this week, with an article from today and 'yesterday'.

2 Late Post


I forgot about this!

Mostly because my netbook was left at school. But that won't matter as I will just explain some parts of what happened in the last fortnight. Speaking of night, Halloween shadows were in the air, and some people who I knew came to my house. Unfortunately, we didn't have any lollies to give, but that was because there was SUPPOSED to be practise for church, which is Christmas, but then, at last minute, half the youth decided to go trick-or-treating, and I was left at home, with no costume planned or made in time.

It was sad. Especially when people read the sign saying "NO TREATS HERE" because "Sorry, No Treats Here" wasn't good enough, according to some people. But anyway, it was more annoying when Abbie kept opening the door to people, who then said "Trick or Treat!" and then I would have to say "Sorry" and then, when they ask me questions, I cut it short, closing the door, with the sign clear on the front…