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Halloween Blogpost

Hello People reading this blogpost right now,
As you have heard, and probably knew since you were young, Halloween is coming any day now (because this post is from May 25th, scheduled for Oct. 30). I absolutely adore Halloween, the children wearing costumes, whereas for some they put on a mask that looks scary and start walking. The worst part of it is giving the lollies. It's like a game, where the rules are: You cannot eat any lollies, unless it is 10:00PMIf it is past 10:00PM, you WIN!If it is not yet 10:00PM, and the lollies are finished, you LOSE!No cheating, such as:Having the lollies extremely early (e.g 4:00PM)Putting up signs saying, "No lollies here."Lying to trick-or-treatersNot answering the door, then having them walk awayTelling people before Halloween to not come to your house5. Winning prize: Lollies! 6. Losing Prize: Nothing....beside food you usually have
I hope it's better than last year, an estimated 8 people in total came for lollies, which means.…

Challenge Reflection

This week for the Technology Challenge, the second one of the term, the class was divided into seperate groups, who then had to design a tower (made of marshmallows and toothpicks) that could withstand a heavy item, heavy as in, a plastic bowl, that was then filled with slightly heavier stuff until that creation fell, or in this case, just...fell, that's the word I was looking for.
I wasn't there to witness the "testing", but I heard who won, or whose group had won. Stanley's group. Just wait a while until he says they cheated, like last time...sorry I just couldn't believe my group lost (even though we knew we'd lose anyway).

Here is the reflection I did with, again, Chasity and Ma'asi.

General Knowledge T4W2

Hello there, another working collaboration, this time, with Chasity and Ma'asi! This week's country for General Knowledge was Madagascar! I say, it's more marvelous than you think, reader. Lots of parks and such amazing activities to do there. Enjoy the presentation!

CyberSmarts Activity

Today for Cybersmarts, the class learnt about viral videos. There are some viral videos that usually make positive opportunities to people. For example, a video of an 11-year-old girl dancing to "Anaconda", which landed her on the Ellen Show. She was from New Zealand.
Although, sometimes viral videos lead to bad consequences, like a viral video that included two men from Tegel (one performing, one filming), with one of them on a conveyer belt. This landed them to getting fired. They were also from New Zealand.

Current Events!

Today I did Current Events with a friend...again. This time we did an article about a killing of two people back in 2006 or 2007. Enjoy the presentation, with parental advisement

2 Weekly Post - Week Two (Week One of School)

Hi, again.

This is the second part of the 2 Weekly Post. This week was the first week of school. It was pretty good at the start. People complimenting my hair. I just missed my amazing dreams about amazing things that looked real. I mean, on Sunday night (Sunday 12th) I just dreamt of flashing lights and lasers. I mean, why?!

I loved those vivid dreams!

Now, back to school. It was 7:50am maybe when I left home for school. It was because there was a possible chance of Breakfast Club happening on the first day of Term 4. I saw Mavis the moment I walked out. Like, I walked in the school, dropped off the black netbook bag, then walked out the other way. Then I saw Stanley. With Sau.

After a quick reunion with me, we all went to the hall. Well, Mavis, LJ and Aunty went inside and went the other way, while me, Stanley, and Sau stayed outside and walked to the hall entrance. After getting inside, we quickly discovered there was no Breakfast Club, but at least we came early.

Okay, movi…

2 Weekly Post, on track. Week One!


This is the first week of the two weeks of the 2 Weekly Post. This week was the last week of the holidays. It was sad. I just got used to sleeping in everyday and having very vivid dreams. I once had one where Simon, friend of mine, was walking towards the entrance of the school with his family, and I was at the door. It was all too blurry, but the characteristics were right. The hair gave it away.

But first, let me start off with this. The first day of the holidays, the 27th of September, maybe. I was at the Church Donation Car Wash again, but this time it was amazing, the best time of my life. Me and my friends telling jokes in front of the elders, and then telling funny stories and then joking about that story, and then up to the point where I had enough, I just blew out the liquid that was in my mouth due to how funny the joke was.

" was quite disgusting. She wanted me to do it." one friend said.
"Let me cried." the other friend said, who w…

Technology Session #1!

On Thursday 16th, it was the senior syndicate's first technology session for Term 4. My group, which was in Food Technology last term, was now in Design Technology. We learnt a lot in the first hours of the session. We were talking about "Design" and what is was about. From the opportunity to the money, the cycle was interesting.

Then we started on our maps of Panmure. It was interesting.

Finding the Purpose of Technology

Here is another task made easily with the collaboration with a friend. Stanley helped me to finish this task, which was to find different purposes of different technology. I learned that technology is not just all computers and phones, but bigger than that. Inventions that has changed our lives throughout the centuries.

Age Restricted or Not?

Here is a Cyber Smarts task the whole class did. It was to go onto a site such as the ones in the drawing, find the Terms and Conditions, and see the age restriction. Websites on the left had no age restriction, and the websites on the right had an age restriction, or something else that would affect the privacy of the user.

Let's Face It - 3D Task!

Here is a maths task me and another friend, Viliamu. He was a great help with solving these problems, and figuring out what to write. Thanks, mate!
So, enjoy this drawing!

6 Hats Current Events

Good day to you, person! Here is my a Current Events presentation I did with Sau and Simon, friends of mine. Enjoy this presentation!


Today is Sunday and also, the last day of the school holidays. Sad, as I was getting used to the routine. :(

It was pretty busier than I expected. Like last year. Earlier today I went to church for a White Sunday service. I had fun. Everyone had fun. It was so great to be performing in front of church, and Manu Vatuvei. Yes, him. And I've got the picture to prove it.

Okay, it's on my Mum's phone. But I do have footage of me dancing in one of the skits we were doing...on my Mum's phone, also.

I'll upload it when I get the time. Or the bluetooth. Or the phone.

Anyway, school is tomorrow, marking the start of the last term of the year. Yay...but still, most of my friends are Year 8's, and they're going at the end of the year, so, get my tissues, it's gonna get emotional in 11 weeks time. Including this week, the last week of the holidays.

Manu Vatuvei is taller than me. Gotta admit that. He was at the White Sunday Service. He's married to the daughter …

Current Events: Holiday Edition

Here is another Current Events: Holiday Edition. This one is about the Auckland Power Outage. For the article, visit here.

For the document version, click here.

Enjoy the two versions of the Current Event!

Current Events: Holiday Edition!

Hello, Blog. Wow, the font for blogging changed from future to past. This font is like a "New Times Roman" or something. I don't really know my fonts, you know. Moving on to the point, below is my Current Events in Holiday Edition. Some slides may be hard to read, so thankfully, and I liked doing this, you can click here for the document version.

This was completely made by myself. A friend offered to help, but thinking that this was a different story to what I usually do, I chose to do it by myself. So, here you go. Also, when I finished this presentation, I decided to have a little fun with the first slide, which is the "De Bono's Thinking Hats" thing. It's animated, with a little surprise....hehe...

This Weekly Post!

Hello, Blog.

It's been nice in Auckland for a couple days into the school holidays. Been to the practise for White Sunday. Had to learn a speech that was in Samoan for the day (White Sunday, of course), and some other stuff happened.

Okay. Other than that, nothing happened. Only played on my netbook. But I need a reason to be on this, so, here I am. Typing this post about my thoughts on what's happening at the moment in my life. While trying to beat a level of Gravity Guy.

No one's online, so I'll just keep talking. How's your day going, Mr or Mrs or Miss or Ms Reader? Ha, thought I'd just babble on without asking a question, did ya?

I thought so.

Dad's outside doing something. Painting from a can. Onto these benches he built last year or so. Both (yes, he made two, which was pretty good thinking because of the quantity of people we sometimes get, like my uncle's 21st, which you can find on a post I did earlier this year) benches were made in under a da…