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6 Hats Current Events

Here is my Current Events presentation. This is another update to the story of a teen who travelled from California to Hawaii. His father has recently arrived in Honolulu, excited to bring him home. This story is getting really interesting, because I have been with this story since it started.

6 Hats Current Events - Holiday Edition

Here is my 6 Hats Current Events for this last week of the holidays. This is a lead up to the other Current Events about a teenage boy who travelled from California to Hawaii, despite cold temperatures and low oxygen.

Found Footage of Party (Edited)

Here is some found footage from that party 365 days ago. I edited it to be short. It includes the dancing friend that cracked us up, Dave.

One Year On Since the Party

Today marks one year since Junior's late 21st birthday party. His birthday was on ANZAC Day. It was great, the food, the drinks, the people, the lights, the food, the night sky, the food, the big tent gazebo, the candles, the small fires in the candles, the balloons, and the food! The cake tasted amazing, even the morning after it tasted so sweet and chocolate-ty.

Here are three stories of the event:

Part One - Part Two - Part Three

Although, the three parts of the story also represent "The Lost Blogpost", the blogpost that includes an event I have always wanted to blog, but never knew how to write it, nor had the time to blog it, until one day.



ANZAC Day 2014

It is ANZAC Day today. Today marks 99 years since the ANZAC's came to the Gallipoli Shores. Today we will remember the Australian and New Zealand soldiers that have fallen, fought and served for their country. Today we show respect to those brave soldiers. Today on this day, we will remember them. 

Thousands of NZers have turned up to Dawn Services. More than 3,000 people came to a Dawn Service in Auckland Domain, and hundreds ofCantabriansgathered in Cranmer Square. 

Ode of Remembrance:
They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them.
Today also marks my uncle's birthday, who turns 22 today.

Alouette (French-Canadian Song)

Last night I listened to a popular French Canadian song called, "Alouette". It's a really catchy song, in french! It made me learn the parts of a body (e.g. tĂȘte = head, beke = beak) and a name of a bird, a lark (french = alouette). To read about the song, go to this Wikipedia website

Here is a short version of the folk song from YouTube:

link: Alouette
Here is the singable version in english:
Little skylark, lovely little skylark,
Little skylark, I'll pluck your feathers off.I'll pluck the feathers off your head. x2Off your head! x2
Little lark! x2
Little skylark, lovely little skylark,
Little skylark, I'll pluck your feathers off.
I'll pluck the feathers off your beak. x2Off your beak!  x2
Off your head!  x2
Little lark!  x2
Little skylark, lovely little skylark,
Little skylark, I'll pluck your feathers off.
I'll pluck the feathers off your neck. x2Off your neck! x2
Off your beak!  x2
Off your head!  x2
Little lark!  x2
Little skylark,…

6 Hats Current Events.......for Wednesday

Here is my 6 Hats Current Events for Week one of the School Holidays Wednesday.

Disaster Writing: Part 3


Tuesday 19th August 2014


It was morning. I'm still trapped in the rubble of a hospital, or at least that was the name, I actually never knew the hospital name. The doctor is still with me, the fire is out, and I'm still feeling alright. Thank goodness I'm still alive. I haven't died from my injuries, which is weird.

I am a really lucky person. "Doctor......" I say to him. The doctor, who I know know as Dr Lambert, according to his badge-thing, woke up. "Oh! I'm in the building. Huh, thought it was dream. How are you, Willy?" Dr Lambert asks me, "Oh, good, is there food nearby?" I reply with a question. "Nope. Hard luck, I reckon." Dr Lambert replies. "I hope you don't die, Mr Lambert." I say in a sad voice, since nearly everyone I met In Wellington died. "What?! What do you mean?! How do you know my name?" he asks frantically, "Oh no, no, your badge-thing, on your coat." …

6 Hats Current Events

Here is my 6 Hats Current Events this week in the holidays.

De Bono's Thinking Hats - War

Here is my Thinking Hats presentation about war.

Disaster Writing 2 - Part Two

"Yes." I replied to Luke, asking me for an ice-cream. I was walking through the city with Luke and his parents. I was warm. I feel light-headed. I feel like great, better than ever. It's almost like the earthquake and tsunami never happened......
No, wait, I was dreaming.
A small quake occured. My eyes flew open. I was in so much pain. My body was aching, as if I was dead. I started thinking to myself, Am I dead? Is this what death feels like? I didn't know the answer to those questions. Wait.......where are the others?I thought to myself. I couldn't move. Was I paralysed? Ouch. Even blinking hurt. 
I went back to sleep.
Another quake. Stronger than the last one. I wake up again, feeling a little better. I attempt to stand up. "Aargh!" I scream. I push through the pain and finally, I was standing up. My vision was fuzzy. I couldn't think straight. I try to point out where I am. Looked up. Sky. Looked down. Red liquid. What cou…

Disaster Writing 2 - Part One

Monday, 18th August 2014. 
3:55PM said my phone.
 I had landed in Wellington, the Windy City. I got off the plane and in the Wellington Airport, and my gosh was it warm! A couple of months after the Auckland Eruption, I still had the creeps. The city is still under rebuilt, houses are getting repaired, the roads are getting made. I came to Wellington for a week to visit my first cousin, whose name is Luke. You know, it was my first time out of Auckland. So cool. Anyway, my cousin invited me to his home, and it was really near the central. 4:32PM. "So, how is it here?" I ask, "Amazing! The centrel is so great. You should check it out sometime, Willy." Luke replied. "Alright then, so, do you have any SKY Televison?" I ask some more, "Nah, we got Freeview, because it's free." he replies. "Your Mum home?" I point out, "Oh, my Mum's not here. She's at work at the moment."
5:13PM, according to my phone, 

My 2-Weekly Blogpost

Finally, we meet again,

This is another of my 2 Weekly Blog Posts.

During one of the two weeks, and also one week after my birthday, (April 10th) it was the Performing Arts Fiafia Night! So amazing, all the families coming along to watch their children perform, and also fundraise for the Year 7 and 8 Camp. We raised $1,400!

Of course, on Tuesday (April 15th), Room 8 had a Shared Lunch! There were lots of foods with drinks, with great times, like having a drinking competition of the first person drinking their drinks the fastest. It was more fun watching Shantai, a friend, play WeeWorld. Funny as, we kept on looking at this man who was a wolf, and was shirtless, and this other person who looked SO scary!

Moving along from the great night full of reunions and laughs, it was on Thursday (April 17th) Term One ended at school. Classes were packed up their classes, and then played games, but in Room 8, I couldn't describe how it was in there. We played Dead Soldiers, walked like models,…

Disaster Writing 1

Thursday 1st May. I'll never forget that day, as it was the day of the Eruption. 

It was in the early evening. About 3:10PM. Small and big earthquakes have struck the Auckland Region for more than two days now, resulting in some minor damage to buildings and houses. Police cars drove through streets, and I had absolutely no idea why. I was watching television at a friend's house, and sadly, I was left there because he went out, telling me nothing. I started to think he tricked me into watching his house. "Dang!" I say. It's worth it though. I didn't do anything in the holidays, not go on the computer, or read the newspaper, actually, I never even got the paper! Anyway, I took some of his food, went back to the sofa and ate some of his chips. Plopping down on the sofa I surfed through the channels, feeling too lazy to get up. I look at the clock. 3:30PM. My phone rings, and when I answer it, everything was distorted, especially the caller's voice. &…

IKAN Knowledge Task - Fractions

Today I did another IKAN Knowledge Task. This time I did a task about fractions. I had to put fractions in order.

Newspaper Article about Fiafia Night

Fiafia Night a Success for Camp
By Willy
On the night of April 10th, the Senior Syndicate, along with Room 4, from Tamaki Primary hosted a Fiafia Fundraiser at the old Tamaki Intermediate Hall (or new Sommerville Special School Hall) for two reasons, one was to show their items they have learned, and to raise money for the Year 7 and 8 Camp. The crowd filled the seats, with many Junior Syndicate students sitting on the ground.

The turnout of families and students at the event were astounding. Lots of cheering were spread throughout the performances, such as the Kapa Haka group, Technology Band, the School Band, Samoan group, Tongan group, Ballroom Dancing group, and the Tikana Maori Kapa Haka group. Parents also walked up the stage to place money on their children to support them, and the money put on them went towards the Camp Fundraiser.
At the time of the intermission, people lined up outside for food and drinks, and also, to go in the draw to win a new bike. People gave support to s…

IKAN Knowledge - Place Value

Here is my IKAN Knowledge Task. I had to use Place Value to figure out the numbers.

My Group's Research Poster

This is my group's presentation about our poster about the 28th Maori Battalion. This is based on our poster, but the presentation has more facts.

100 Question's

Today, or tonight, I did my 100 Question's in my maths book. This took me a long time to write all the hundred question's. I was learning a mix of maths skills, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

General Knowledge Term One, Week Eleven - Libya

Here is my General Knowledge presentation. This week's country is Libya, it was North Africa, but North Africa has different countries, and this is the country I chose, and the capital is Tripoli! Would you believe that?

Term Two Goals 2014

Here are my presentation which includes my goals for the next term, Term Two.

My 2-Weekly Blogpost

Hello Blog!

Welcome to my 2 weekly blogpost about the 2 weeks that have gone by.

Just to note that Daylight Savings has come to an end. I wonder, does this mean we get an extra hour? I was wondering that while watching tv because since we go back one hour, 3:00AM would be 2:00AM, meaning that 2:00AM would start all over again.

I also got excited, because I sent a "message" to Labour Party person, Carol Beaumont! What's even better is that...wait for it...SHE REPLIED!!! I burst out screaming in shock, the good kind of shock, like when you win the lottery and you just wanna tell the world.

I LOVE sleep. It makes me taller during the night, it makes me get crazy dreams, but then I forget them, and, most greatest of all, I relax from the day. Whether i'm in my uniform or just my home clothes, I love sleeping in them. Another thing I love is dreaming, and not just dreaming in your sleep, but there's day-dreaming, lucid dreaming, school-dreaming (dreaming of school in …

Powtoon about Cyberbullying

This is my Powtoon about Cyberbullying and what to do about it.
To watch it, click this link.

My Birthday: 2 of 2


That's what the clock said. I am still trying to figure out why the others ditched me and Chardonnay, and half of them were Student Councillors! Oh yeah, Tongan practice, and the reason that only two Student Councillors were allowed. I sat there, waiting, until Quitah's sister starts talking to me. Snot comes out of her nose, and I tell her. Guess what happened:

Was it:
A. She says "Thank you" and blushes.
B. She says nothing and tries to sniff it in.
C. She picks her nose and puts it on me.

If you answered, C. She picks her nose and puts it on me, then you are absolutely right! I chase her around the class walking, and she was running! Wow, I am that fast. Levi then gets her iPad out, and since the last time I touched her iPad was in Room 8, I wanted to have a turn. Camera was on, so some embarrassing photos were on there.

Oh! Finally, 1:40PM. I walk out, ditching Chardonnay, and run off through the rain. I saw a woman running with an orange vest. Probably t…

General Knowledge - Turkey

Here is my General Knowledge Presentation. This week's country is Turkey.

My Birthday: 1 of 2

Today was my birthday. Well, there were lots of birthdays today, mine, Kini's, Taylor's Dad, who is in the US, and another person who I forgot its name. My day started with a morning prayer, and a few hugs and kisses from my parents. After, I took a short ride to school on my bike, and a few got surprised, including Petra and Mary-Jane. At least I finally rode my bike to school.

Just as I get a water drink at a nearby tap in the courts, "Happy Birthday" was sung. Embarrassed, I ran inside, a ball nearly hitting me, and I am now chased by William and Trent.

In class, I still get the "Happy Birthday" sayings, and I also get a rare Mavis hug, and that was pretty awkward. Others coming in say "Happy Birthday" to me as they get their netbooks for the day, including Alison, who clearly makes it obvious it's my birthday. Mavis speaks from the speaker in the office, and at the end of the announcement, she says, "And........Happy Birthday Willy.&q…

Other 50 of 100 Question's

Here is the other 50 of the 100 Question's I did online.

0 + 11 =11
0 + 11 =11
4 + 0 =4
9 + 6 =15 5 + 9 =14
54 ÷ 9 =6
7 x 2 =14
12 + 11 =23 1 + 7 =8
6 + 7 =13
7 x 8 =56
6 + 6 =12 9 x 8 =72
7 - 0 =0
15 - 7 =8
2 - 2 =0 5 - 3 =2
11 + 0 =11
4 ÷ 2 =2
11 - 6 =5 10 - 1 =9
9 + 4 =13
12 - 4 =8
17 - 10 =7 9 - 3 =6
7 + 0 =7
7 + 2 =9
2 x 3 =6 15 ÷ 5 =3
15 - 7 =8
7 + 0 =0
8 ÷ 1 =8 7 - 0 =7
5 ÷ 5 =1
20 - 10 =30
9 x 0 =0 7 - 7 =0
64 ÷ 8 =8
20 ÷ 5 =4
2 x 4 =8 17 - 9 =8
14 ÷ 2 =7
3 - 0 =3
7 x 1 =7 7 x 0 =0
54 ÷ 9 =6
14 - 10 =4
4 + 11