Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Homework for Term One, Week Eight - Wednesday

Wednesday 19th March 2014

Writing: Current Events

Title: Stop Kids Drinking

Josephine Bartley, resident and local board member, Lonny Levi, Senior Sergant Ross Endicott Davies.

This article was about children aged 14-15 buying hard liquor, and a Ms Bartley is saying that they are putting themselves at risk, and says that they think they feel invincible when they think of drinking at a young age, but anything could happen.

Glen Innes

I read this article on Wednesday 19th March.

Reading Log: 19/03/14


Chapter 6:

This chapter of Trapped is talking about what happened later that night, what the family of Paula did, what problems could have started, and a tragic call saying that Pop, who is who I think is Paula's grandfather, has had a recent heart attack, and everyone knew because doctors said an attack could happen at any day. Paula and Maxx are still struggling down in the old mine shaft, having problems with food and shelter, as a weather forecast announces heavy rain and wind going south, which is where she and Maxx are.

Maths Note: Task Four of Maths was really hard and confusing to figure out what to do.


Anonymous said...

Hi Willy, what a cool post, thanks for reading the article in the newspaper about the kids drinking. Good on you for posting on your blog about what youre learning about, all the best to you.
Josephine Bartley

Brandon said...

Hi,willy I like how you got the article from the newspaper and put it on to your blog.
Keep it up

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