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Homework - Writing - Antonyms and Synonyms

Here are one of my Homework Tasks for Term One, Week Ten. It was to use a t-chart to find words that relate to the word, "Pretty".

General Knowledge - Russia

Here is my General Knowledge presentation for Term One, Week Nine.

Dad's Birthday

Today is my Dad's birthday. He is now 41.

Last year, when he turned 40, he had a big party. It had cakes, and all his friends were there, and it continued through the night. I couldn't sleep at all on his party, so I had no choice but to join them. Now this year will be simple, a cake, few friends, all his favourite song on the radio...Oh, wait, radio songs playing going to be played loudly? Wish me luck...

Word Shapes

Today I did a Spelling Activity for spelling. It was Word Shapes. I did only three words, conference, question, and develop.

Shrinking Teacher

I found a poem I found online...

I saw my last year's teacher.
Had she shrunk an inch or two?
It took me time to figure out,
She was no shorter...I grew.

For more poems, go to this site.

Labels Word Cloud

Tonight, yes, tonight I decided that since i'm nearly at the big number, I should blog something about my labels. Yes, my labels. They have helped me through, somehow. I've heard that labels could get people onto your blog, so for example, if someone were to search up "Tamaki Primary", they will find a student's blog. I have made a word cloud of all my labels. As of the 27th of March, these are my labels...

They also share moments while I had this blog, like "Buddy". I am talking about my buddy I had last year, who was Kanye, and also that talks about the book Room 5 read last year, Buddy. Another label that stunned me was, "Movie", it was fun filming, and it was also fun editing movies back in 2012. I also remember my Mum watching the movies, and also my sister. "Holiday" is a good one, as I usually do posts during the holidays, whether its the short, two-week one, or the long, Christmas and New Years ones. Just to point out somethi…

Weigh The Wangdoodles

Yes! Yes! Yes! I beat the Wangdoodles once again this week! I think my algebra is getting good, for now.

Homework for T1W9 - Thursday

Writing was shared on blog earlier this week.

Reading Log: 27/03/14

The chapter talks about Paula starting a fire to get someone's attention so they can find her. As the fire goes on, she starts to doze off and dream. She pushes her head through a hole and appears at a school playground, and a small group of kids are near a bike shed, and her Dad's there also. "No smoking!" he shouts at them. She gets her head back in, and no one notices. She puts her head in again and finds out she's in Pop's garden. "Stop! smoking!" her Dad says more, and he throws a cigar Pop had been smoking. When Pop asks her to get the cigar fast, Paula declines and tries to say she has a mouthful of dirt.

Target Number: 299

0 + 299 = 299
200 + 99 = 299
100 + 100 + 99 = 299
290 + 9 = 299
298 + 1 = 299
295 + 4 = 299
297 + 2 = 299

300 - 1 = 299
299 - 0 = 299
400 - 100 - 1 = 299
1000 - 701 = 299
301 - 2 = 299
400 - 101 = 299
305 - 5 - = 299
309 - 10 = 299

Fruit Shoot

Today I played a Maths Game called Fruit Shoot. Fruit Shoot is a game based on Place Value. My high score is 294! Isn't that great?

Homework for T1W9 - Wednesday

Writing: Current Events

Homeless Man Fatally Assaulted

Who: 49 year old Maqbool Hussain, Detective Inspector Chris Cahill.

What: A homeless man was found dead behind a disused grocery store. Police have said it was homicide, and has called it Operation Gridley. They have also talked to others who have seen Mr Hussain alive before his death.

When: The event happened between the 22nd March and the 24th of March. The article was made on March 26th.

Where: Balmoral, Auckland.

Reading Log: 26/03/14

Trapped: Chapter Nine:

This chapter talks about how Paula tries to help herself and Zak, and stands up, but sadly, an avalanche of rubble falls down on the two. Paula sleeps, and dreams of her trying to catch up with her sister, but when her sister starts chanting "Slowcoach" she falls down into darkness, with scrabble letters raining. She wakes up, and Zak has found a tunnel. Paula starts to think if something good might happen there, or something bad. She also thinks that if she remo…

Homework T1W9 - Tuesday

Writing Activity has been blogged

Reading Log: 25/03/14


Chapter Eight:
Paula wakes up. Nope. Still in the mine shaft. As the sky turned grey and started to rain, Paula tries to gather the rain by using a ice-cream container. Too small, so she gives it to a hurtful Zak. At home, searchers still couldn't find her and Zak, and Paula's mother to be exact is starting to get frustrated and impatient.

Maths: Target Number


1.30 + 8 = 38
2.37 + 1 = 38
3.19 + 19 = 38
4.36 + 2 = 38
5.0 + 38 = 38

1.76 - 38 = 38
2.100 - 62 = 38
3.200 - 162 = 38
4.40 - 2 = 38
5.50 - 12 = 38
6.38 - 0 = 30

1.19 X 2 = 38
2.38 X 1 = 38
3.1 X 38 = 38

1.114 ÷ 3 = 38
2.456 ÷ 12 = 38
3.228 ÷ 6 = 38
4.76 ÷ 2 = 38
5.418 ÷ 11 = 38
6.266 ÷ 7 = 38

Homework Task: Writing Prompt

Today for Homework I had to use a site that makes a writing prompt. My one was to make a holiday postcard to a honourable man who escapes from a dragon's lair.

IKAN Knowledge - Place Value

This is my IKAN Knowledge Place Value.

Homework for T1W9 - Monday

Writing: Synonyms and Antonyms
Homework Task has been blogged

Reading Log: 24/03/14


Chapter Seven:
Paula and Zak are in the old mine shaft at night. Searchers back at the home have searched all the mine shafts, but little did they know the mine shaft Paula and Zak fell into was a secret one, which no one knew about. Seven lifesavers left. Zak doesn't want one, but he does want water, so he got excited when Paula got the water from the bag. It gets dark, and Zak gets cold. Paula notices and bring him closer to her, wrapping themselves with the jacket. Zak stares into the dark and Paula closes her eyes

Maths Task has been blogged

Homework: Maths: The Next Three Shapes

Here is my homework maths task. I had to draw the next three shapes.

Homework Task: Writing: Synonyms and Antonyms for Funny

Here is my Homework Task: Use a T-Chart to list all the synonyms and antonyms for the word ‘funny’.

Addition Triangle T1W9

Here is my Addition Triangle for T1W9. Took me a short while to do it.


Less than 20 blog posts to go until the big 400!

Thinkboard T1W9

This is my Thinkboard for T1W9.

F.O.D Photo's

These were the photo's I was talking about! ;-D

General Knowledge - T1W8

Here is my General Knowledge presentation for this week. This week's country is: Egypt

Sunday Writing: Flashmob + Softball Tournament

Hi Blog!

Just got bored so I came here. I went online and watched some movies from my school. One of them were "Flash Mob". The title says it all. It's so exhilarating watching it, like you're actually there in a person's view, but how do I know that? Because I've been there. Except I wasn't filming, nor dancing, but watching the students dancing. You can see me in the video...

Yeah, even years ago I had ^awkward moments. Still, the flashmob was great, everyone moving and dancing, the song loud, and did I mention that the song choice was really good? Now I did. The video is below. Sad everything went back to normal as soon as it ended.

Other things on my mind, oh yes, the Softball Championships. 
Last time, the Year 7 Boys Team went to the Intermediate Softball Champions, and I came too, because I was part of the team. At the end of the tournament, we came 1st! Where the Year 8 Boys came 2nd to last, but they did try their best. 
Now since the win, the Ye…

Word Webs T1W8 - Give

Here is my Word Web for the word, "Give".

Festival of Education

Today I am at the Festival of Education in the Viaduct Events Centre in Auckland. I came with  Ms Kyla, Mrs Kelly, Mavis, Alison, Cypress, Darwin, and Jayden.  In the two cars were me, Cypress, Darwin, and Jayden were in Mrs Kelly's Car, and Alison and Mavis in Ms Kyla's Car. a long drive to the city, after a lunch at a pizza restaurant, Sal's Authentic New York Pizza. It was a big pizza with Coke Cola, and let me be honest, I took too much, so much, I had the longest "go" I ever had. I also watched a basketball game on a big screen there. 
After lunch, we went inside the Viaduct Event Centre. I saw lots of different people from other schools, and also, the public. Up the second floor and here we are. The time we went was approximately 11:20AM - 11:30AM, and the time we came into the Manaiakalani Stall was approximately 1:20PM - 1:30PM. Talk about traffic!
The events happened after the photo above was taken. 
In the stall, I saw…

Wangdoodles T1W8

Yay! Today I played the hard game and won!

Multiplication Wheels T1W8

Here are my Multiplication Wheels for this week.

Letter Writing for Homework

Here is my writing for Homework. I used a site that makes a writing idea, and I had to write about it.

Homework for Term One, Week Eight - Thursday

Thursday 20th March 2014
Writing: Sharing
Writing shared on blog.
Reading Log: 20/03/14
Title: Mum racing to get dying baby home
Joleen Pirini is desperate to get back home to New Zealand after doctors say her one-year-old baby, Noah Pirini-Stowers, could die any day due to being born premature and having his heart on the wrong side of his body. Noah was born in Auckland, where doctors said his heart had problems but never said about the severity, such as lung defects. The family, which included 3 other older boys emigrated to Australia for a new and better life.
Target Number: 1001
Plus: 1.0 + 1001 = 1001 2.1000 + 1 = 1001 3.901 + 100 = 1001 4.999 + 1 + 1 = 1001 5.1001 + 0 = 1001
Minus: 1.2000 - 99 = 1001 2.1050 - 49 = 1001 3.1002 - 1 = 1001 4.3000 - 1000 - 99 = 1001

Homework for Term One, Week Eight - Wednesday

Wednesday 19th March 2014
Writing: Current Events
Title: Stop Kids Drinking
Who Josephine Bartley, resident and local board member, Lonny Levi, Senior Sergant Ross Endicott Davies.
What This article was about children aged 14-15 buying hard liquor, and a Ms Bartley is saying that they are putting themselves at risk, and says that they think they feel invincible when they think of drinking at a young age, but anything could happen.
Where Glen Innes
When I read this article on Wednesday 19th March.
Reading Log: 19/03/14
Chapter 6:
This chapter of Trapped is talking about what happened later that night, what the family of Paula did, what problems could have started, and a tragic call saying that Pop, who is who I think is Paula's grandfather, has had a recent heart attack, and everyone knew because doctors said an attack could happen at any day. Paula and Maxx are still struggling down in the old mine shaft, having problems with food and shelter, as a weather forecast announces heavy rain …

Spelling Activity - Hangman

Today, me and my partner Sau played hangman, online, which is weird because usually I play hangman on paper, so I was quite new at the game. I tried hard what the word was, and that word was just SO hard! Luckily, I got the word, "Category". Took me 5 letters and a short time to figure out the word.

Spelling Activity: Alphabetical Order

A: Achieve
C: Category Conference
D: Develop
G: Goal
I: Investigate
O: Order
Q: Question
R: Reject
S: Select

Spelling Activity: Syllabification

Question = Quest-tion
Investigate = In-vest-i-gate
Select = Se-lect
Reject = Re-ject
Category = Cat-e-gor-y
Order = Or-der
Goal = Goal
Achieve = Ach-ieve
Develop = De-vel-op
Conference = Con-fer-ence

Homework for Term One, Week Eight - Tuesday

Tuesday 18th March 2014
Writing: Work was delayed and made on Wednesday.
Reading Log: 18/03/14
Title: KOMO News helicopter crashes in Seattle; 2 dead
Pages Read: 1
This article was about a helicopter that crashed near the Space Needle in Seattle. The helicopter was supposed to land on a building, but instead hit the road, crashing into some cars.
Target Number: 15
Add: 1.0 + 15 = 15 2.14 + 1 = 15 3.13 + 2 = 15 4.10 + 5 = 15 5.12 + 3 = 15 6.15 + 0 = 15 7.4 + 10 + 1 = 15 8.9 + 6 = 15
Subtract: 1.20 - 5 = 15 2.16 - 1 = 15 3.22 - 7 = 15

Homework for Term One, Week Eight - Monday

Monday 17th March 2014

Writing: Whanau Conferences

Education and Whanau Conferences are an important part on the teacher, child, and family. The child makes their goals, the teacher helps the child with their goals, and the child presents their finished goals to their family, who then helps them achieve the goal.

Whanau Conferences are also a great oppurtunity to start on making a good impression on yourself if you're a Year 8, because it's their last year at school, so it's important for them to make sure they boost up their levels, and achieve their goals.

Reading Log: 17/03/14

Title of Book: Trapped

Chapter: 4-5

This time, Paula (main character) and her pet dog Maxx are still stuck in the old mine shaft. They do find some useful stuff, such as small rope, a jacket, lifesavers, biscuits, oranges and a safety kit, but sadly, the safety kit doesn't help. This book is starting to become really good for me since it keeps me on edge, asking me questions like What will happen ne…

Word Web T1W7

This is my word web for term one, week seven. The word for this week is "Grateful".

General Knowledge T1W7

This is my General Knowledge presentation. This week's country is Japan.

Spelling Activity - What's Hiding Inside?

North Head - north, head, eat, death, net, heat, tea, ate, hate, nor, dear.
Reserve - serve, see.

Historic - his, this.

Maungauika - maui, nag, kai, man.

Waitemata - wait, mat, tame, met, mitt, eat, ate.

Harbour - hour, our, boar, oh, ho, ab.

Pattern - pat, tar, rat, tap, eat, ate, nap, pan, ran.

Sequence - que, see.

Author - or, to, oh, ho, tour, out.

Purpose - pose, our, sour, rose, sore, pore.

Weigh the Wangdoodles

Today I played the hard and easy game called 'Weigh the Wangdoodles'. I had my first try and won!

Multiplication Wheels

Here is my Multiplication Wheels for T1W7.

Cyber Footprint Word Cloud

Here is a word cloud from our Smart Footprint activity. My partner was Stanley. 

Spelling Activity: Hangman

Today me and my buddy Danisha played one Spelling Activity. It was hangman. When we played, I got 3 letters wrong, but at the end I got the word, "Pattern".