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Word Web T1W4 - Polite

Here is my Word Web for T1W4. This week's word is "Polite". It took me a long time to finish this drawing.

Addition Triangle

Here is my Fact Finder for T1W4. I started from the bottom to the top.

Fact Finder T1W4

Today I did my Fact Finder drawing, where I put numbers into the gaps of the facts. The third column shows my own fact finder, where I filled it after.

Multiplication Wheels

Here is my Multiplication Wheels presentation. I was learning to recall my multiplication facts.

Weigh the Wangdoodles

Today I played the really HARD game of 'Weigh the Wangdoodles'. I got one right at the end! It took me SO many puzzles, but I got them all wrong, and then this one came, and it was easy. The photo is proof that I won!

Maths Homework Task: Target Number

Here is my Target Number Task for Homework. The Target Number for today is 400.


200 + 200 = 400300 + 100 = 400350 + 50 = 400100 + 300 = 400370 + 30 = 400320 + 80 = 40090 + 310 = 400400 + 0 + 400Subtraction: 1000 - 600 = 400500 - 100 = 400600 - 200 = 400700 - 300 = 400800 - 400 = 400Multiplication: 80 X 5 = 400200 X 2 = 400100 X 4 = 40010 X 40 = 40050 X 8 = 40016 X 25 = 40020 X 20 = 400Division: 800 ÷ 2 = 400400 ÷ 1 = 4001,200 ÷ 3 = 40010,000 ÷ 25 = 400160,000 ÷ 400 = 400

Cause and Effect

Here is my "Cause and Effect" presentation.

Current Events T1W4

Here is my Current Events presentation for week four. The article was from the New Zealand Herald.

Blog Commenting

Here is my "Blog Commenting" presentation for this week. I had to comment on people's blogs.

General Knowledge T1W4

Here is my General Knowledge presentation. This week's country is Australia.

Current Events T1W3

Here is my Current Events for this week.

Skills for Adolescents

Today we started our learning called 'Skills for Adolescence'! We unpacked the word 'Adolescence' by thinking about what it means to us and the types of things we are going to explore further. It is a scary and exciting time in our lives. Can you think of anything we might have missed? What is one message about growing up you can share with us?


We are using a Thinkboard to help us think about maths problems in a different way. I found the "10 other similar questions" hard because I had to think about the questions answering to 5. Visit my blog again next week to see how I solve the next Thinkboard task.

Fact Finder

This is my Fact Finder. I had to fill in the gaps to finish the fact. I was using multiplication to answer the facts. In the 3rd column, I made my own facts, and answered them

Addition Triangle

This is my Addition Triangle. I had to add numbers from the bottom to the top. I was practising addition.

Waitangi Day

Happy Waitangi Day! One of the historic days in New Zealand history. Some people call this day, "New Zealand Day" because they say New Zealand was made from the Waitangi Treaty, signed in Waitangi. It is a public holiday, so, most people don't go to work, and children don't go to school.

I watched the news today and one of the celebrations I heard about were these kites floating across the wind. That was cool, with the cool flags and people. Fun fact: Today is also the day that marks 50 years since the Beatles first performance on American television, on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Cyber Smarts Acrostic Poem

You make your own decisions
Be accountable to others,
Everyone around you.
Receive and give feedback from others.
Stay aware and safe on the net,
Make sure information is true on the web.
Appropriate sites is what you should be on,
Remember, what you read on one site could be wrong.

To wrap it all up, stay smart.

A-Z List of words related to “Cyber Smarts”

A - Appropriate, accountable, account
B - Blogpost about family, blogpost, browser
C - Cyberspace, Chrome, commenting
D - Drive
E - E-mail
F - Feedback, footprint, folders
G - Google
H - Homework
I - Internet, information
L - Language
M - Media, Manaiakalani
N - Negative, netbooks
P - Passwords, positive, photos
Q - Quick thinking
R - Reload, researching, right
S - Smarts, sites, school

General Knowledge

A-Z List of words Related to "Back to School"

A - Adventures, art, assemblies
B - Blogging, bag, books
C - Comfort zone, contributing, certificates
D - Division
E - E-learning, e-asttle, education, essay
F - Friends
G - Games
H - Homework, hats
I - Inquiry, ink
J - Jokes
K - Keys
L - Literacy, learning, lunches
M - Mathematics, mental thinking, multiplication
N - Netbooks, new people
O - Open ideas
P - People, participating, park, playing, physical, pencils, pen
Q - Quick thinking, questions