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Holiday Post #9: Did You Know?

Did you know that Apia, Samoa and several other Pacific Islands have already reached 2014? Cool and amazing, right?

(NOTE: Picture taken 7 minutes ago)

Holiday Post #8: New Years Superstitions

Hi Blogger or Visitor,
As we all know,New Years 2014is just around the corner. There’s many things you can do to celebrate, like see the fireworks display in Auckland City, and if you’re in New York, you could welcome the New Year in Times Square. There are also some things people do, and they are called “superstitions”. Here some of them:
Crying: According to superstition, it says that you shouldn’t cry on New Years Day. Why? It is because if you do, you could bring unhappiness throughout the new year.
Laundry: Don’t try to do your laundry on the New Year. It is told that if you do, it “washes away” an important relative in the family, that means, someone important will pass away. I learnt that the hard way. This one time, in January 1st this year, we did the laundry, then later on in the year, some of the most important family relatives passed away. Strangest thing though, not many people know how this superstition came.
New Clothing: People believe that if you wear different/new clothing, …

Holiday Post #7: Christmas


Holiday Post #6: Addition Building

Here is my "Building" version of the "Addition Triangle".

Holiday Post #5: Addition Christmas Tree

Here is my Christmas version of the "Addition Triangle".

Holiday Post #4: Santa Tracker

Hi there people,

It's Christmas! For me, that means going to the site, Google Santa Tracker! You get to play games, and there's one addictive game, ooh, and, you get to track Santa, too. A lot of people like this for lots of reasons, like, it is good for the child, because some kids do love Ol' Saint Nick, so, why not use the Santa Tracker! It's already reached 5 billion and going.

I also had a funny joke while it was on,
it went like this...

"Yay! Twenty-two million, eight hundred....Oh, too late....".

Holiday Post #3: Sister's Birthday

Hi people. Wow, new font. Cool. Here's a e-mail I made to my friend, Briant, on my sister's birthday. Please note: E-mail is for blogging, thanks to the power of paint.

(Click the picture to read e-mail)

Holiday Post #2: New Years Day Countdown

Can't wait for the News Years, but don't know how long before it even comes, except for days? Don't worry about that situation, you can just go to this website in just a click.

Just click here for the countdown...

Holiday Post #1: A Great Last Day

Here is my first holiday post on the first day of the holidays.

Christmas Find It! Quiz

Here is my presentation of a "Christmas Find It! Quiz". I have learnt how to use
animations in this presentation. Answer the question, and then press space for the answers.

Fact Finder

Here is my "Fact Finder". I had to use multiplication and division to answer fill the missing slots.

Reading Progress for 2013

This is my reading progress for this year. In term one, I was 11 years old for reading. In term 2, I was still 11 years old. Term 3, still 11 years old. For this term, I'm 11 and a half!


Today I played a bit of Sumdog, and this time, I played another different game. It was called "Basketball". I played it against another person from the world. The other player didn't do anything, but, I did win at the end, winning with 14 points.

Thanksgiving Acrostic Poem

Thankful Happiness America Nationality Kindness Selfless Great food Invitations Vacations Inspiring Natives Giving thanks

Philippines Fundraiser

Jet Ski Rescue

Today I played another game on Sumdog. The maths game was "Jet Ski Rescue". I had to answer maths equations to get boats from the sinking boat. I won in the end. This maths game was teaching me some of my basic facts, and some hard fractions, like in the picture above.

Hungry Synonym

Here is my brainstorm of the synonyms of "Hungry".

My 300th Blogpost!

Hello. This is my 300th blogpost. It has been a while since my 200th blogpost.It feels like it was a term ago, which it was!I hope you visitors all come onto my blog and check out all of my learning.It has been very fun blogging over the year. Thank you. ;)

100th Blogpost... I did not realise I had to write the blogpost  like this, instead...
200th Blogpost... This was the first time I wrote something like this

How I Quit Sucking My Thumb!

By Bruce Lansky

My mother says it’s childish and
my father says it’s dumb—
whenever they discover that
I’m sucking on my thumb.
It’s such a silly thing to do,
as everybody knows.
So now instead of sucking it
I stick it in my nose.

My Normal Family

By Kathy Kenny-Marshall

My daddy snores and sucks his toes.
My brother likes to lick his nose.
My doggy meows, my kitten barks.
My goldfish chases sticks in parks.
My sister walks while upside down.
My mother hops all over town.
Her skin is purple, don’t you know.
And I am green from head to toe.
My dad is red, my sister’s blue.
My brother’s yellow; yes, it’s true.
We all wear raincoats in the sun
And gobble lima beans for fun.
We’re very special, can’t you see?
We’re just a normal family!

Basic Facts

Basic Facts Day!25.11.13

Activity #1 WALT quickly recall our times tables from 1-12.

4x10=40√ 10x5=50√ 3x11=33√ 7x7=49√ 6x4=24√ 12x3=36√ 5x3=15√ 4x9=36√ 8x5=40√ 5x7=35√ 10x7=70√ 8x3=24√ 3x2=6√ 0x2=0√ 11x12=132√ 2x2=4√ 6x6=36√