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Sustainability Wordle

Here is my wordle of the word 'Sustainability'.

Current Events Term 3 Week 5

Photosynthesis Popplet

Here is my popplet of the word 'Photosynthesis'.

Popplet of Fractions

Here is my popplet of the word 'Fractions'

Fraction Presentation.

Fraction Wordle.

Here is my wordle about the word 'Fractions'.

The Fruity Story.

Once, on a blazing, clarion day, in the villages of the Cook Islands, there lived three, free fruity friends called Bob Banana, Anne Apple, and George Grape. Bob, with a reason, acts cool all the time, trying to get the ladies. Anne, who is an Apple, is very nosy and gets in the way sometimes, and last but not least, it’s George the Great Grape. George always has a straight face all the time, but, he does like an adventure.

They lived on a beach called ‘Fruity Resort’. They saw the calm, nice sea bathing in the sunlight, other fruits relaxing on the blistering sand, and the drinks were so delicious for them. Bob, Anne, and George were having the time of their lives. They would go outside every day and chill out, and see the palm trees moving to the breeze of the wind.
The three fruits of the village would hate it if humans ate them, and of course, they wouldn’t care about the fruit around the world. They played sports like volleyball, indoor hockey, basketball, handball, and many more.…

Popplet of Compost

Here is my popplet of the word 'Compost'.

Four Seasons in Te Reo

This is my presentation of the seasons in Maori.

Energy Wordle

This is my wordle about this terms topic  'Energy: The Balance of Life'.

Photosynthesis Wordle

Here is my wordle about the word 'Photosynthesis'.