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Hello, Blog!

This is my first Movenote presentation I ever made. It shares my feelings and thoughts towards blogging. The video and the presentation are separated into different parts, so try to keep up with the presentation with the video. I hope that made sense.

Persuasive Writing - Collaboration is GOOD

Another piece from 2014.

Hi, there, blog.

Forgive me for the lack of posting lately, I've been busy and haven't made blogging a major priority.

I'm planning and working on stuff for school and getting things together to make myself the "better me" - which in this case is my alter-ego from May and still continuing in August, who I've given a name.

A combination of me (Willy) and my previous alter-ego Abraham. So that I'm not fully in character the whole time.
I've realised that Gracepath Talk 2017 wasn't finished. My bad. I can't really leave the series like that. I'll get back to it in the next holidays, yeah? It's the fact that I stop blogging during a series that's left me with the yearn to blog like I used to - I will get back to it soon, I just need time to think about how to keep blogging a blogpost series (or keep blogging in general) without abruptly leaving it - quite like the Today I Learned... blogpost series. I was doing great throughout most of February, b…

The Final Sprint...

Hi, there.
Another post from long ago in my archives in Google Drive. Sometime in 2015, Ms. Kyla approached me one day to ask if I can come up with an imaginative recount so that she could use it as an exemplar. I wrote this in a few hours and had it checked by Mehi (really great friend of mine). It wasn't in my character to end the recount the way it ended, but it was really nice to do something different once in a while.

Some teachers requested some access to the document, and I kindly did so.

Anyway, here's the piece...

The Market...

Near the high mountains in the morning, I see a market close by. Blues tents are set up as many people scramble around the market to find and buy lots of food. Caravans parked up nearly block one side of the market. I can smell the gas, even though the vans were off.

The voices in the market are calm, as many people buy tonnes of many food items. The smell some barbecue food were served to the people behind me. I see people just standing around, looking at the many choices of food. Nearly everyone waited in patience as the food are sold to others. Some got lost, not finding the tent or food they were looking for.

The fresh air coming from the trees also made me calm. Sun rays came down on me, making me thirsty. I smell others with body sweat on their heads and more people getting lost, so they went to the people who sell food for directions. I wanted to rest under a shade, like the trees or the tents. After a day in the markets, it was done, every one packed their tents and stuff. Crow…

The Scratch

I was walking through a place where it was so scary, I wanted to go back outside again, but sadly, I couldn’t. It was stormy outside today, so this was the only place. I heard scratching but couldn’t see through the darkness. Only the light guided me through the path, so I was lucky. There were spiders on the ceilings and cobwebs on the sides. I smelt the air in the abandoned place, and it was terrible, it smells like someone died in here. I feel the ground really lightly, almost feeling like I might fall. The scratching was moving further away, echoing, but I wasn’t worried. I would find that scratching noise somewhere.

Feeling a bit brave, I moved normally through a small room, but I was staying alert still, looking out for any bad stuff that would happen to me. Closer and closer, I looked up, and then CRACK!! I fell right through the floorboards. I didn’t realise that ditch when one of the lights weakened more. “Help!” I yelled, but no one was there. I was all alone. More and more,…

Gracepath Talk - Monday 17th July

A woman is in hospital after being mugged at a local park in Gracepath earlier today.

Police say that she was mugged at around 12:30 pm by who she described as a female teen wearing black clothing and obscuring her face as much as possible, wearing a hoodie and glasses.

She says she was being hassled for money and when she didn’t comply with the teen’s instructions, she was hit over the head. Her black leather handbag was taken from her.

Police are appealing to the public to come with any information regarding the mugging as soon as possible. In another effort to reduce crime rates in Gracepath, the Suburb Council have teamed up with police to track down attackers and assailants faster and quicker to increase the chances of capturing them and putting them to justice.

But they are once again too late.

That’s all for now.

Gracepath Talk - Saturday July 15th

An altercation at a construction site has left two teenagers and a man in Point Verdonda Hospital.

The Deceived Villages

A piece of writing I didn't post back in 2013.
Yeah, I'm sure this was written in 2013. Or somewhere around that, I'm not sure, my memory's fuzzy.

Gracepath Talk - Friday 14th July

Police are looking for a teenager in relation to the Wildegate superette incident that took place three days ago.

They are now reaching to the public to be on the lookout for a female possibly between 15-18, who was last seen wearing a black beanie with a black jumper and black jeans. She may have brown hair, but it’s not possible. She was last seen by police during the chase on foot two days ago, but escaped the chase by hiding in a bush, sources say.
In other news, the Gracepath Suburb Council have begun their plan of reducing robbery and burglary related crimes, beginning with the Coperteen Road dairy installing cells as a barrier between the clerk and the customer, in an attempt to reduce any chance of money or any other items being stolen or taken, and to reduce the chances of the clerk being injured in a robbery/burglary.
That’s all for now.

Behind the Talk... (14th July)

Hi, again. Heh.

Gracepath Talk - Thursday 13th July

Bad weather across the country is adding more worry to local businesses in the light of the recent robbery and assault that took place in the suburb of Wildegate.

It rained and became windy after 1 pm thanks to the wintry storm going across the country, causing traffic havoc for motorists and making an impact on people outdoors. But dairy and shop owners have had to face the cold with otherwise open doors - in order to stay open for customers.

Troy Peters (48), a clerk at a supermarket in Gracepath’s centre, doesn’t mind the cold, saying “I’m used to it, really. I laugh every time I think about how I remain collected through this cold mess.” He did comment, though, that the fear arising from the Wildegate superette incident has added a bit more paranoia to his daily routine as a supermarket clerk.

Locals of Gracepath, when questioned about the matter, agree. “It’s 2015 all over again.” said one local, reminiscing about the Coperteen Road dairy robbery.
The weather report for tomorrow …

The Magic Carpet

Another piece of writing from 2013.

It was a sunset over a dessert, and everything was calm. The moon was as skinny as a stick. There was also a quiet carpet in the sky. It was named Carl. Carl was always happy. He would always fly across the sky as fast as a jet plane at a time of a sunset. The breeze would go through him as he flew across. “Maybe I should fly again.” said Carl the carpet, so he went out into the sky, soaring like a bird for the rest of the night.

Gracepath Talk - Wednesday 13th July

The group responsible for the robbery of a superette in Wildegate and the assault of the superette clerk were caught after a short pursuit on foot by police.
An anonymous tip by a Gracepath local lead police to the group of individuals behind the Coperteen Dairy, and this lead to a chase on foot for several minutes.
It escalated when a police helicopter was called into the chase and flew above, following and monitoring the group. They were eventually caught in and dragged out of a household.
The group will appear in court in a few days’ time.
That’s all for now.