Thursday, 20 April 2017

Isaac Jack and The Two Pirates

Here's a piece of writing that I never got to post. Written in either 2012 or 2013, I'm not so sure...

Back in the old times, there was a teenage boy named Isaac Jack. He lived in a cold, bare cottage with his mother and father. His family was poor and they had no money. His father would spend his days hunting for wild animals for his dying family, while his mother was trying to find some spare stuff to decorate their inactive home. Isaac was feeling sad every time he looked at his soft parents, so he demanded himself, “I need to help my family!” so he went down to a stranded beach, which he had never seen before, because it was his first time ever that he was outside, and he kept on searching, and searching, until he could find something that looked like something he could spend for himself and his poor family. “Here, money, money, money, here...” called Isaac, but then he tripped over something shiny, and golden. “Wow! That looks cool.” exclaimed Isaac.

But! That’s not the end of this story...just about a quarter of a mile away, two abnormal English pirates were staring at Isaac, as he was amazed at the polished golden item like an eagle staring at a fish. “Hey, Mingi, that brat has got our circular gold!” exclaimed the pirate whose name was Singhji, the intelligent pirate, while Mingi was the dumb one. Just before Isaac would get out of the weird place, he heard a noise from the two alienating pirates.
“Oi! Get back here you or else!” exclaimed Singhji, as he strolled to him,
“Nah! I don’t even know ya!” replied Isaac in a bad mood, although, he was scared of Singhji’’s features.
When Singhji was upset, he yelled, “You wait until I get my hands on you!!” Then the three ran from the abandoned place, to the town hall and the village.
“You’ll never catch me, I’m flexible enough to go to-” said Isaac, but as he was finishing his words, he bumped into a police officer.

“Pardon me, but have you lost your manners!” questioned the officer,
“Sorry, sir.” replied Isaac, “These two men have been following me from this weird place to here, and I found this.” said Isaac more as he handed him the gold.
“Oh my goodness! It’s the stolen gold that we have been finding for years!” exclaimed the officer, “Now I’ll be taking these two twits to gaol. Here is your reward for finding this masterpiece...” the officer mouthed more. Two years later, his family was rich, so rich, that they lived in a two storey house that was made out of straw. Isaac was thanked for his act, and although not official, was named by many as Sir Issac Jack.

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