Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Wednesday 15th March - Today I Learned...

Morning Tea. First break. Whatever, it doesn’t matter anyway. Now, I’m a really big fan of David Bowie’s music, and if you’ve read that “Heroes” reading response a while ago (which I am proud of because I got an Excellence for that reading response), HOPEFULLY that gave you an idea of how “Heroes” is my favourite song. The song that introduced me to the Bowieverse. So, during an argusation (an argument and a conversation), he mentioned David Bowie…
“Oh, yeah! That’s right!” Salesi exclaimed, just realizing a previous thought,
“What?” I questioned,
“David Bowie!” he continued, “He sounds so weird, man!”
“What?!” I questioned with a hint of dread, “Wait, what song did you listen to?”

Heroes.” he replied.

My heart kinda sunk. “What?! What do you mean?! It’s-” I began, but then thought that, well, not everyone really listens to his music...because it's not "mainstream" music. I completely understood why he thought the way he thought. But I was irrationally annoyed for a bit and so the argusation came back to life, with me talking about how David Bowie made ““Heroes””, and Salesi talking about BTS, this K-pop band that I hear about from time to time. I tried making points about the song (points come from that reading response, including: “a story about an imperfect couple who exchange their love through the dangers of the Berlin Wall”, “Bowie’s voice changes through the song to get the lyrics across to the listener, let alone to his lover,” “the way the lyrics portray some sort of message”), but was drowned by his points being that the backstory to one of the members in BTS was bullying, and that a single of theirs beat this other k-pop artist’s song.

At this point, I didn’t know whether I was trying too hard or he was bad at one upping.

Then he questioned why the music video (well, I’ve read that it was just a promotional video for the album of the same name) showcases David Bowie alone in front of a spotlight singing the song. Well, if he had given me time to talk, he would’ve known that it would either be a) a video replication of the album cover, with David Bowie singing the lyrics looking into space, or b) Bowie portraying the male protagonist calling to his lover, with the light behind him a visual representation of the sound (I got that off a website).

Sorry if I’m venting out to you, reader. I was, as said before, irrationally annoyed that he criticized the song. It’s normal, trust me. It happens to everyone, right?

But, in the midst of us arguing, Royal stood nearby, gazing at yet another argusation. I noticed, realised that he was spectating another argument between me and Salesi, and backed down from the argument, as I knew that no one really wins.

I can’t get him to like David Bowie songs and he won’t get me to like k-pop songs.

I mean, yeah, I know that music taste is subjective and all that but...gosh, I just love his music, reader. Love it. And I love the song so much that I just can’t handle any criticism towards it because I just love it!

Welp, considering that I’ve talked so much about the song once again, I guess this is the “sequel” to the reading response in a way.

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