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Perspectives on The Czechoslovakia Crisis and the Munich Agreement

First off, before I get to the actual post, the links in my "Five Years" post are fixed, so if you couldn't access the documents, you can access them now. Hopeuflly...
So, for my History class, after the Dawn Raids topic, we were focusing on the Origins of World War Two. I'll do some sort of DLO to showcase my knowledge about the subject but for now, here is my completed assignment: I had to write two diary entries for two people, Winston Churchill and Neville Chamberlain, set in 1938 related to the events that occurred during that year.

Diary Entries of Neville Chamberlain
FEBRUARY 20TH: Over my course of being the Prime Minister so far I’ve made quite the stir in Parliament, especially with the foreign secretary Anthony Eden, concerning my policy of appeasement. Just now, I’ve been informed that he has resigned from his position.
Cracks have started to show concerning my policy...
MARCH 20TH: Earlier today an MI6 agent came into Parliament and spoke about German Chanc…

GBW Coverage: Brief Introduction...

The following is fictional and is a spinoff of another fictional blogpost series: Blogging War. Characters do not resemble real life people.

April 25th...

I recently found out that there is a smaller number of people attending the Gallipoli ANZAC Dawn Service this year, the reason being probably because of the chance of a terrorist attack.
Now, I wanted to compare large crowd numbers coming to Dawn Services without the fear of terrorism, so that we stand united, to the ANZAC soldiers who strived through those gruelling eight months, yet not showing any sign of giving up or fear during the Gallipoli campaign.
But I just can't seem to get the right words....
We shall not be afraid. We shall remember them...

Social Studies: Religion Assessment - "Examining Islam"

Hello, again, reader!
This is my "completed" presentation examining the faith of Islam. Basically I was studying different areas of this religion and had to make a presentation that covered these three areas:

Social Studies Term One Trip Experience

This post is about the trip I went on during Tuesday, the 11th of April. I went along with 10E, my Social Studies teacher Mrs. Scott (she's also the Year 10 Dean) and her other class, Level One World Culture Studies. For 10E, the excursion was related to our main topic for Social Studies: Religions in Asia. So, for the first part, we bused to a Hindu temple in Papatoetoe. We took our shoes off when we got in, and I sighed in relief that I picked socks that didn't have holes in them.

What a relief. But hey, it would technically count as holy, right?

In the temple, this man talked a little bit about Hinduism and the gods that we were looking at, directing at one god after the next, and then we were able to move around a bit to look at the statues of the gods and we were also offered fruit! I got a banana and I was thinking to myself: Wow, I might as well eat it now! And so I ate it...

And halfway through eating I looked around at everyone else who had a banana and clearly saw th…

Throwback Thursday: Ghostwatch Reading Response

“Ghostwatch”, directed by Lesley Manning, is a drama film, where viewers witnessed television personalities venture into a “unique, live investigation, into the supernatural”, and end up upsetting viewers all over the United Kingdom. Two aspects that I admired and enjoyed (sort of) from this film was that it gave off the impression that it was “live” to viewers unaware that it was a drama film, accidentally fooling the viewers, and the reaction from the viewers after the programme aired.

Throwback Thursday: Ghostwatch Reading Response Introduction

So I was digging through the NZ Herald yesterday and I came upon this article:

Now, when I read the headline and looked at the picture, I smiled quite a bit.

Isaac Jack and The Two Pirates

Here's a piece of writing that I never got to post. Written in either 2012 or 2013, I'm not so sure...

Back in the old times, there was a teenage boy named Isaac Jack. He lived in a cold, bare cottage with his mother and father. His family was poor and they had no money. His father would spend his days hunting for wild animals for his dying family, while his mother was trying to find some spare stuff to decorate their inactive home. Isaac was feeling sad every time he looked at his soft parents, so he demanded himself, “I need to help my family!” so he went down to a stranded beach, which he had never seen before, because it was his first time ever that he was outside, and he kept on searching, and searching, until he could find something that looked like something he could spend for himself and his poor family. “Here, money, money, money, here...” called Isaac, but then he tripped over something shiny, and golden. “Wow! That looks cool.” exclaimed Isaac.

But! That’s not the en…

April 3rd 2017

Hi, reader.

Today was my birthday.

Information Report about Kumara

A post I never posted from 2012. Really weird, the things you dig up from the past. I just said that because this post relates to a vegetable that comes out of the ground.

It's some good writing, I gotta say. I bet in this case, I shouldn't forget where my sense of writing came from, y'know, I shouldn't forget my roots.

Oh, boy, those two puns weren't plant.

Okay, here's the piece...


A kumara is a vegetable. The english translation is sweet potato and a kumara is healthy. There is no healthier vegetable than it. A kumara is in a plant family called “Convolvulaceae”.

Kumara comes in different shapes and colours
They have smooth, unbroken skin, that could be used in varieties or salads. There are different types of kumara like black kumara, yellow kumara, orange kumara, and golden kumara. There is also another one called “Taputini” kumara, which grows on the ground and looks alot like a carrot. A taputini kumara is also the same size of a carrot.

Kumaras Habit…

New Blog Look


If you've been in and out of this blog, then you might have noticed something about. The whole blog layout has been changed. I felt as though I needed a bit of a change after five years blogging.

It's quite a bit step, since I've never done such a thing like this before. I might be a bit late, and some of you may have already gotten where things are and how things work, but this post is just to remind some other readers who may not know where things are, or...well...the major changes to the blog.

Now, this is just temporary...for a while...if you want to, you can comment some thoughts about what you think. It's quite a different, simple look. But, I mean, if there are no issues with how the blog looks, I might keep this look as it is. But I've got a copy of the old template in case there are calls for a change.

Running Day

To mark Whanau Sports Day that happened today, I decided to post this piece of narrative writing I wrote in 2013. The image is from 2015.

Walking on the greeny grass. It was as sunny as summer. All the house groups (Alamein, Tripoli, Tobruk, Benghazi) were lining up, singing their chants across the field. We all sat in our gazebos of the fields. The wind pushed my face gently. It was like a million people were cheering and screaming. I was a boiling egg, sitting outside the gazebo. 5 year olds went first. Pompoms were all over the pace, tangling peoples feet. I hear a bang. They run like cheetahs through the winds.

Screaming students were sitting in their giant gazebos. It then went on to the 8 year olds. I started to get worried. I kept hearing the clapper go “BANG!” each time people were racing. 9 year olds. My heart was pumping a million times a second, even though I haven’t ran in a race yet. 10 year olds. I started to feel a little bit sick. Then they said, “11 year old boys”.

I lin…

Wednesday 15th March - Today I Learned...


Monday 13th March - Today I Learned...


Social Studies: Clothing in Asia

WALT - research the different clothes different countries wear in Asia.
Okay, so for Social Studies (I should mention for some reason that my teacher is also the Year 10 Dean, Mrs. Scott) 10E is studying Asia in a cultural and religious perspective. One of the tasks was to make a 'Clothing in Asia' document, showcasing the different clothing people wear in different countries of Asia. I had to research these four countries: JapanRussiaIndiaPhilippines The screenshot below this blurb is final result. It's a bit rushed towards the end, but at least I finished it.
Enjoy! And if you want to, leave some feedback and feedforward so I know what to work on and improve. Thanks!

Wednesday February 22nd - Today I Learned...


The Bush

A piece of writing from 2012 that I never posted...

There was once a 20 year old named Guy. He lived in California, America, where the shining sun never went away. Guy was a little boring and ordinary. He hardly did anything besides watch TV and go shopping for food, though he was almost broke. He lived by himself in his one-storey home. He was a lazy pig, sitting around. Sometimes, when he sat on his couch, the shining sun made Guy stick to the fabric. He was jealous about nearly everyone in his family was on the news, except for him.

One day, Guy began to get hungry, like a fox, and there was no food in his kitchen, so, he went outside to go fishing at the nearest bush forest. In the lake, he heard nothing but the sounds of birds flying as fast a jet, but they looked all black, flying individual. “This is SO boring.” Guy exclaimed. He kept fishing. Hours later, he caught a bite. The bite was pulling the line, pulling it until it made the row-boat move. Faster and faster the boat went.…

Five Years Blogging

So back in January I realised that March 1st would be the five year anniversary of my first blogpost.

I really didn't know how to celebrate it, so I resorted to making a document dedicated to each year.

So here you go.

.... .... .... .... ....


.... .... .... ....


Perspectives on the Dawn Raids (Level One History Assignment #1)

Hey, reader.

Prepare yourself for a long read.

Now, I mentioned in a TIL not long ago that I had been going to Level One History as an additional class. I felt like I should've taken the opportunity of having History as an extra subject since it would give me something to wake up early for - because last year I had many days where I came late. And there's not a day gone by where I've come to school past 9:00am. I mean, it's working, reader!

Anyway, for History the class focused on the Dawn Raids that happened in New Zealand during the 1970s and part of the 1980s. Then, after reading and discussing and going through lessons about the Dawn Raids and its effects and consequences, we were introduced the first assignment of the year. The main part of the assignment was to provide two perspectives of two different people clearly showing whether they were for or against the Dawn Raid policy. Now, if you've been reading this blog during 2015, you'll find that one of the p…

.... .... ....


.... ....




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Tuesday 7th February - Today I Learned...


Waitangi Day 2017

Today is Waitangi Day. New Zealand's national day. After Australia Day, I thought I might as well do a post on Waitangi Day, knowing that if I only did Australia Day and not Waitangi Day, well, that would seem pretty weird, wouldn't it.

So, here it is! The post reflecting on Waitangi Day!

Now, I was going through memory lane (like I usually do sometimes these days) and I picked up this video from 2014. You see, reader, I was in this reading group called the Royal Pages. It was a big group, with half of the members from Room 8, and some members from Room 7. But anyway, the Royal Pages entered this competition that was about making an informative video about the Treaty of Waitangi, and how/why it is still relevant over 170 years on, and if they won that competition, they'd get a free trip to Waitangi and would go on a tour surrounding the Treaty.

 I've got to mention, reader, that this was where I met John for the first time, and I worked with him in a little group. Forg…

Thursday 2nd February - Part Three - Today I Learned...


Thursday 2nd February - Part Two - Today I Learned...


Thursday 2nd February - Part One - Today I Learned...


Wednesday 1st February - Part Three - Today I Learned...


Wednesday 1st February - Part Two - Today I Learned...


Wednesday 1st February - Part One - Today I Learned...


Australia Day 2017

So, in the days before Christmas, I went online to do some commenting, you know, since I'm a commenter for the Summer Learning Journey, and on Harry's blog (from Panmure Bridge), I commented this...

I commented the comment like that because he chose Australia as his destination for the Summer Learning Journey. And out of nowhere, an idea of making a video based off this comment based off Australia's national anthem came to mind. And so, I did it. On Boxing Day, when it was uploaded, I started to think...
Well...I did it...
Now what?
Why did I do this?
What was the point of making this video??
From that thought, I rushed to search online what Australia-related thing I could use as an excuse for making this video. Australia Day. Yes! Today is Australia Day! And to mark Australia's national day, I prepared a video dedicated to the country...

Happy Australia Day!
This is totally not an excuse for posting this video since I had no idea what to with iiiit.

Summer Learning Journey - Blog Commenting #2!

Hiii, theere, reader.

The first post of the year! Whoo!

This is the second presentation of blog comments I have left on the blogs of students who are currently participating in the Summer Learning Journey these holidays.

New Year...

Happy New Year, everyone...
Let us all hope that this year is going to be better than 2016!