Monday, 25 January 2016

Summer Learning Journey - Day 14 (Last Day) Landmarks in New Zealand

Hi, reader. Just a note, the posts are all scheduled. This is the POWER OF SCHEDULING, PEOPLE!! It’s so great, reader, so great…

The second activity is:

List five major landmarks in New Zealand. An example of a landmark in New Zealand would be the Sky Tower in downtown Auckland. On your blog, list the five landmarks that you have come up with. Put a star beside the ones that you have personally seen.

1. Sky Tower, Auckland - tallest tower in New Zealand. ☆

2. Lake Taupo, Taupo - biggest lake in New Zealand.

3. Te Papa - Museum of New Zealand located in Wellington.

4. Auckland Art Gallery - Art Gallery with interesting artworks from various artists across the pacific and the world. ☆

5. Rainbow’s End - amusement park in Auckland. ☆

6. Auckland Zoo - Zoo with different types of animals and creatures to explore. ☆
7. Hamilton Gardens - public garden park, owned and managed by the Hamilton City Council.

8. Huku Falls - set of waterfalls on the Waikato River, that drains Lake Taupo.

9. Abel Tasman National Park - Protected area with coastal hiking track.

10. Tongariro National Park - Volcanic park with important Maori sites.

NOTE: Uhhh, I did ten because I wanted to include some sights of where I have been to personally, but that's alright, right?


Rachel Williamson said...

Yes, it is absolutely all right! I think that you have chosen 10 very interesting and important landmarks for people to visit, whether they be tourists or residents, here in New Zealand. I particularly like that you included both physical sights such as Huku Falls, Abel Tasman National Park and Tongariro along with places like museums, galleries and Rainbow's End. This is a great combination of landmarks and it is inspiring me to get out and see more of New Zealand. I have yet to do the Tongariro crossing and have thought about making the trek for years. I think that it's time to get out there and do it!

Have you done the Tongariro crossing by any chance?



Stevenson said...

Hi Willy,

Great to see you complete the Summer Learning Journey. I have been to most of the landmarks that you have posted except for Huku falls and Abel Tasman. Do you think that it would be worth visiting those places?

Keep up the great work.

From Stevenson

Rachel Williamson said...

Hi Willy!

Congratulations! You were the most active blogger from Tamaki Primary School for the Summer Learning Journey programme this year. Way to go! You won the gold medal. What an awesome achievement!

Given your incredible involvement with the programme, I would love to find some time to chat a bit about what you liked/didn’t like about the programme. I am hoping to improve the current design and launch it across all 12 Manaiakalani cluster schools next summer (including Tamaki College). Would you be willing to chat at some point in the next month? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Finally, I have a prize for you to acknowledge your awesome work this summer. I know that you are no longer a student at Tamaki Primary School. Where is the most convenient place for me to drop off your prize? I’m happy to bring it to your house, to bring it by your school or anywhere else that suits you best!



Willy I said...

Hi Rachel,

Yaaayy!! That's pretty cool and awesome and WOW!! Yay!

Sure, I'll be happy to chat. But maybe online, though. The whole thing was cool and REALLY kept me blogging through the holidays!

And yeah, I don't attend T.P.S anymore. Just visits from now on. I prefer that the prize be dropped off at my house, I think I've shared my address when I was registering for the Summer Learning Journey.


Rachel Williamson said...

Hi Willy,

That's great! I will drop your prize off at your house on Friday 12 February. I'm heading over to Tamaki Primary and Panmure Bridge schools to drop off certificates so I'll be in the neighbourhood. Is it possible to leave your prize with a family member? If no one is home, I'll pop it in the letter box.

I'd love to tee up a time to chat online about the programme. Essentially, I am keen to know what you think worked well with the programme and what you think could be improved for next summer. Any ideas/suggestions/advice would be warmly welcomed. If it's easier, please feel free to drop me an email: if that's easier than finding a time to chat online.

Hope that your year goes really well!


Rachel Williamson said...

P.S. As part of this project I am hoping to take a look at some writing and reading test scores from the students at Tamaki Primary School. In order to do that I need to have permission from your parents. I will drop off the consent form and an envelope that already has a stamp and my address on it. All that your parents have to do is sign it and pop it on the mailbox. If they have any questions they can email me anytime. Cheers!

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