Monday, 1 June 2015

Hercules Movie Evaluation Task - Movie Questions

Hi. Below is the questions about the movie Hercules (1997 film, not 2014) that the (almost) whole syndicate watched 7 days ago on a Monday.

I did this task with TJ and Teina, and since I didn't do much of the work (and they did do most of it), I decided to go back on this task and work on the questions, even though I had only watched probably three quarters and a half of the film.

Enjoy! Some answers may be wrong, but come on, I didn't watch the WHOLE film. Thanks to a little, sore throat...

  1. Who are the singing ladies in the beginning? The singing ladies in the beginning were the singing muses.
  2. Who gave Hades his job? Zeus was the one that gave Hades his job, which was to be in charge of the underworld.
  3. Who should Hades release when the planets align? The Clash of the Titans. Or the Titans...
  4. How do you kill a god? You give them the mortal potion, and then when they drink it, then yo can kill them, because they are mortal (they can die)
  5. Phil is a . . . _?_Goatman. Phil is a goatman.
  6. How is Phil convinced to train Hercules? Hercules told Phil that he was the son of Zeus, and when Phil was about to doubt that, Zeus hit him with lightning, and so Phil believed him.
  7. What does Hercules use as a “weapon” before he realizes it is wrong? Hercules uses a fish, instead of a sword, as a weapon and almost immediately realizes it is the wrong weapon.
  8. The guy asks if Phil is the goatman who trained who? . . .  The guy asks if Phil trained Achillices.
  9. How does Hercules get out of the Hydra? Hercules used a sword to cut the Hydra open, and escape. 
  10. How does Hercules finally kill the Hydra? Hercules uses/gathers big rocks that would crush the Hydra.
  11. How did Meg come to work for Hades? They both had a deal that Meg would seduce Hercules. Although she was going to lose her freedom, she was going to work for that, too.
  12. Hercules cannot become a god because he is not a . . . ? He could not become a god because he was not a true hero.
  13. What is Hercules’s weakness? Hercules’ weakness was Megara, because of the relationship they shared, or maybe love.
  14. How does Pain and Panic get Pegasus away? Pain and Panic got Pegasus away by transforming into a female Pegasus, to get Pegasus away.
  15. What does Hercules have to do to free Meg from Hades? Hercules gives up his strength for 24 hours to Hades for Meg’s freedom.
  16. How many Titans does Hades release? Hades releases 5 titans, including a cyclops.
  17. How does Hercules get rid of the Titans? Hercules, along with some other gods, throw the Titans back into the Underworld.
  18. Why couldn’t the fates cut Hercules’s “string”? The fates couldn’t cut Hercules’ “string” because he was an immortal, he was a god, he couldn’t die.

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