Friday, 28 December 2012

Boxing Day

Boxing Day. The day following Christmas. A day where people go shopping crazy all over the place, but at our house, we have a different way of celebrating.

It all started in the morning. The first person that came was a man, who came with his wife and daughter. My sister was trying to show off in front of him, but I took her upstairs to not disturb him while my glorious dad, (whose hands can massage even broken bones), was massaging him.

Later that day, while I was sitting on my sister’s old car seat (she made me to do it), my cousins arrived! I started to think that they would come every year on Christmas, because it was sunny and kind of cloudy, but close enough. We had a barbecue and a cake, with some laughs and conversations.

An hour after they left, which was about 6:25, my uncle and aunt came to visit us. My aunt brought us biscuits and chips. During their visit, my relatives were having a conversation with my mum. Even though they were speaking Samoan, I heard some English words like, “Sneezed six times”, “Surgery”, “Brain” and, “Scared”. I was horrified, because after 2 minutes of their conversation, I could translate some of the English words and make a version of my story, and it was nearly right! I felt so sad and worried about my uncle, because he was having something very bad. I even heard him say a prayer and some kind of the speech, but the he said something that was worth it’s minute, saying that he prays for me, my sister, and mostly my brother.

Later that night, I realized something weird. Everyone that came to our house always said, “Merry Christmas!” when it’s Boxing Day. I kept on wondering for about an hour and then, my mum and sister went somewhere to pick up my dad. I had chips that were flavored “Pizza”, YUM! Then I ate all the biscuits, which were still great, but when I used it, I felt very full and thankfully, I was happy, because this Boxing Day was feeling like a Christmas. If only it was Christmas...

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Ms Aireen said...

Hi Willy,

It sounds like you had a every eventful Boxing day with your family. Hope you are enjoying the school holidays with your family :)

Ms Aireen

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